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Monday, 07 May 2012 16:16

Gartner View: What’s the value of delivering the right information to the right person at the right time?

Written by  xMatters


When things go wrong, whether it is an IT outage or a disaster it is important that you stay in control of any situation and are able to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time. Your customers, colleagues, stakeholders, and even response teams don’t have time to waste on irrelevant or incorrect information. For every moment they have to spend not focused on the solution, your organization will get closer and closer to the brink of losing capital, customers or even a life. Your communications need to match your business process and mass notification today just cannot do that for you.

Personalized information at your fingertips

Personalized information is the requirement...and thanks to the latest innovations in advanced communication technologies this is what you can now get. Communities of intelligent, forward-thinking technologists have improved your technology experiences making it personalized. Now you have the ability to use this incredible technology in your professional life. To reduce risk, communicate clearly and ensure your communications match your business process. Each person on your response teams, IT teams, facilities and operations, building management and security, executives and customers will get the information they require when disaster strikes.

We know, without a doubt, that if you are depending on a person in a crisis to read a plan, alter a scenario or type a message in a “message box” of a mass notification system one of two things will happen. They will send too much or too little information. This is no longer acceptable. Your business process should guide each person through the process to capture, target and send the information to each person and receive back the information they need to their dashboard so they can manage the incident. If attachments need to be sent or maps or anything else, the system should do this for you! Each person should get exactly what they need, nothing more, and nothing less.

Mass notification is obsolete

Leading companies have proven that this is not the way to manage a crisis effectively. One definition of mass notification is: a comprehensive solution that leverages cutting-edge technology to not only warn people of danger but to guide them to safety and keep them informed. In black and white, this definition does make complete sense but when it is put into practice the utility of mass notification quickly deteriorates.

We know that people become conditioned to ignore most mass notifications after receiving one too many irrelevant or incorrect notifications that can result in creating a sense of confusion and hysteria. You can also guess that sending the wrong person the wrong message could result in serious ramifications for you and your company.

Gartner Analyst, Roberta Witty said, “…take those facts and parse it out to the right consultant group, contact group, as the situation evolves. That means you have been proactive, in the moment, event management handling around the information, so all of that goes into making sure that the right people are getting the information at the right time.”

So, maybe you have a current Emergency Notification System (ENS) and the vendor sold you on mass notification or maybe you don’t even know what you need, you just know that you need to have some way to keep your colleagues, clients and third-parties connected and informed should a threat or disaster occur. What should you do?

Start off by learning about the latest advances in personalized communications. Industry experts Gartner Analyst, Roberta Witty and xMatters CEO, Troy McAlpin, recently produced a short educational video discussing the value of establishing the right system that gets the right information to the right people in a personalized manner.

After all, this is the reason for an ENS. This video explains what is important for your communication plan. You and your team need the education and skills that allow you to build effective personalized strategies that keep your company one step ahead. The face of communication and notification is changing so quickly that relying on old-fashioned communication methodologies will only put you further behind.

The term for this personalization for the masses is called “mass personalization”. It reduces the time you spend sending notifications in an emergency, gives you an effective way to communicate, and most importantly, sends out the right messages to the right people at the right time. This can only be accomplished by using a mass notification system build using a “relevance engine” which is designed to get the relevant, unique information to thousands.

Watch the video at www.xmatters.com/gartner and be sure to check out the other resources on the website. You’ll find the information and details you need to bring this innovative and personalized approach to mass notification to your company.

By the way, while you are watching the video, keep in mind the team in charge of managing the servers at your headquarters doesn’t need to receive an email blast informing them that the photocopiers are broken or that the delivery trucks are delayed. Instead, with mass personalization, these messages are sent only to the people who care and can respond to the situation.

People want and deserve on-point, focused, and relevant messaging. With sophisticated and simple-to-use relevance engine technology and user interfaces, you can control the messages that you are sending to your colleagues and take the time to write a message that communicates effectively. When people start to receive these relevant and focused messages, they’ll learn to stop clicking ignore, delete or skip. Instead they’ll read the message and respond accordingly - eliminating the chaos and confusion.