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Monday, 20 April 2015 05:00

Standing Out In The White Noise Stream

Written by  Vicki Thomas

White-Noise-4-20-articleWe live in a highly connected society. It seems we’re never able to truly disconnect from the continuous barrage of news and updates. It would seem logical that with this continual news stream hitting our computers, smartphones, tablets, televisions and radios that we are now more informed than we’ve ever been. Or is it the opposite? Has this constant news stream actually become white noise?

This is the push/pull conundrum. Do we listen and pay attention to that which we pull? Do we ignore what is pushed onto us? Does this pull behaviour mean we may be missing the crucial and real news? What happens when we can’t keep up with the updates that fill up our devices day-after-day?

What does this mean for business continuity communication? How do you as business continuity professional ensure that your message and updates are getting out and noticed? What do you do to make sure that the people who need to know this vital information are actually paying attention and can separate your message from their constant white noise news stream?

Take a quick look at your wrist or the wrist of your colleague. Likely one or both of you are wearing one of the many smart watches that hit the market in the past couple of years. Thanks to smart watch technology, you can get your text messages, emails, alerts, weather updates, Facebook status updates, and Tweets on your wrist. You can safely leave your smartphone in your pocket or even at your desk, because now everything you need is on your wrist.

How do you as a business continuity professional harness smart watch technology? Do you wait for the apps and services that you’re using on your smart phone and tablets to update and be available on the smart watch? What happens if the vital people in your business continuity plan have stopped using their smart phones now that they’re wearing smart watches? How do you adjust your plan to keep up with the latest technology?

Yes, we’re asking a lot of questions here this week…These questions are a result of a recent discovery - so many people really don’t know what is going on! So many people really aren’t listening to the news - they’re hearing it but not listening to it. We’re reading more than ever but not really learning anything. So many of us are rushing through our RSS feed, skimming Flipboard, scanning Twitter, have overloaded inboxes, and text messages that will never be read.

So what do you do as a business continuity professional to overcome this? Do you take advantage of every technological feature that comes along? Do you stick to using the smart phone apps and other technologies that worked for you two years ago? Do you stick with what people know and are comfortable with or do you try to get your people to adopt and embrace new technologies?

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