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Volume 31, Issue 1

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Monday, 29 July 2013 13:43

Why BC Professionals Should Care About Social Media & Social Media as a Tool for Business Continuity

Written by  Ann Pickren, Jim Scatterfield



James (Jim) W. Satterfield is the president/COO of Firestorm. Satterfield has experience as president, CEO, and COO of various public and private companies.Ann Pickren serves as vice president, solutions for MIR3. Her experience spans the BC/DR, crisis management and supply chain management sectors.








 Solutions Track 6:  Why BC Professionals Should Care About Social Media
Join industry experts Ann Pickren and Jim Satterfield for a panel discussion on the intelligent use of social media in times of crisis. The panel will touch on the risks presented by social media and explore the ways that social media can be incorporated into a BC program as a tool for monitoring brand threats, to gain situational awareness and as a tool for communication.

Strategic Session 2: Social Media as a Tool for Business Continuity
Business continuity strategists can no longer afford to view social media as just another marketing medium, but must consider it as a tool for BC/DR. If used knowledgeably, social media can augment communication in your organization during a crisis by providing situational awareness for key areas of concern and can even in business continuity efforts during an event. To reap these benefits, you must develop a comprehensive social media plan before your business suffers an unexpected event. In this session, business continuity and IT disaster recovery professional Ann Pickren will share her observations and expertise in balancing the risks of social media with the benefits.

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