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Volume 31, Issue 4

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Wednesday, 20 December 2017 22:27

GS-3 & SAT-2 Editorial

Written by  Joe Easter

What are the Top-3 threats to organizations today?

From a business continuity perspective, I see the biggest threats to organizations as cyber-attacks, terrorism, and communications/network failures.


What areas of BC/DR do you think organizations should be investing in to secure their resiliency for the next 3-5 years? (Where should they put their money?)

Organizations should be investing in cloud technology because it provides higher levels of resiliency including faster switching to disaster recovery environments. Additionally, all businesses should look at their physical security and ensure employees are able to work remotely or from alternate locations.


Would you consider the influx of Millennials with the exiting of baby boomers to be a challenge to the technology changes in the resiliency industry? (i.e.: loss of knowledge Vs incoming training needs)

There are always transitions of employees as some age out of the workforce and others enter the workforce. Good leaders are continually planning for these transitions through documentation and training – with the right planning and leadership this transition shouldn’t be more challenging than any others.

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