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Volume 31, Issue 4

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Monday, 19 February 2018 19:45

ST-1 Editorial

Written by  Velvet Bradley
What are the top 3 threats to organizations today?
  • Cyber Crime
  • Speed of change. Both in the technology itself and the demand for rapid release of system enhancements to meet changing business requirements
  • Weather instability. There is no doubt storms are getting stronger and they are occurring in locations that have not experienced them before.
What areas of BC/DR do you think organizations should be investing in to secure their resiliency for the next 3-5 years? (Where should they put their money?)
  • The first spend should be for a strong program that provides solid information on the business requirement through BIAs, BC/DR plans, recovery gap analysis, and vendor risk management.
  • System changes to provide high availability across multiple sites for business critical systems that cannot be recovered in a secondary location within the time defined by the business impact analysis.
Would you consider the influx of Millennials with the exiting of baby boomers to be a challenge to the technology changes in the resiliency industry? (i.e.: loss of knowledge Vs incoming training needs)

The exit of the baby boomers is a challenge to all areas of business today. The loss of tribal knowledge and skills in legacy technologies will continue to challenge IT organizations. The influx of millennials provides a valuable resource for companies that take the time to determine the new training methods that work most effectively with a generation that is intuitively tech savvy and inpatient with traditional training methods. If anything, the influx of new workers and fresh ideas is helping to improve the resiliency of a company’s technology.

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