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Volume 31, Issue 4

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Wednesday, 20 December 2017 22:03

ST-6 Editorial

Written by  William Hord

What are the Top-3 threats to organizations today?

1. Security:

  • Intellectual property theft and corporate cyber espionage;
  • Malware attacks and
  • Partner cyber intrusions causing reputation damage.

2. Strategic Risk:

Failure to properly identify risks that impact the organization's ability to fulfill its strategic objectives.

3. Speed of Disruptive New Technologies & Innovations (FinTech as an example):

Organization’s may not have the ability to compete and/or manage the risk appropriately without making significant changes to the business model.


What areas of BC/DR do you think organizations should be investing in to secure their resiliency for the next 3-5 years? (Where should they put their money?)

1. Mobile Platform Access:

Being able to effectively access all pertinent BC/DR data via mobile platforms is and will continue to provide a critical edge to the organization when deployment is required.

2. Deeper Alignment with ERM:

Integrating both ERM and BC/DR to further enhance the organization's ability to effectively achieve it strategic objectives.

3. Operational Resiliency:

Techniques to allow people, processes and informational systems to adapt to changing patterns and ramp up or slow down operations in a way that provides a competitive edge.


Would you consider the influx of Millennials with the exiting of baby boomers to be a challenge to the technology changes in the resiliency industry? (i.e.: loss of knowledge Vs incoming training needs)

Yes, but a challenge that can and should be overcome through effective:

1. Reverse Mentoring:

Organization’s will need to employ effective reverse mentoring to allow a freer flow of information. Millennials will certainly embrace the technology being developed and deployed which can and will assist the Boomers, conversely the Boomers can and should mentor the Millennials on the resiliency process and how best to integrate what they know so it can be enhanced by the technology for maximum benefit.

2. Creation of Diverse Teams with Specific Goals:

By infusing resiliency teams with diverse talents that exist within the Millennials and Boomers, employers can create an environment conducive to learning across both demographics. Especially when coupled with strong team goals of which both Millennials and Boomers have a predilection for achievement.

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