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Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Webinar

Join Us Wednesday, December 19, 2012 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST

Right now, everyone is talking about how to prepare for a major disaster like Hurricane Sandy. And they're right. When the unthinkable happens, you need to be ready. But how do you do that? Talking in hypotheticals won't help you when your systems crash.

Find out how real organizations faced a once-in-a-lifetime disaster and got their operations back up and running when everything was in chaos around them. Learn the lessons they had to learn firsthand.

Find out what to do when you face this:

  • Your office is flooded.

  • The power goes out and your backup generators are running out of fuel.

  • Your primary and secondary data centers fail.

How do you get to your critical systems, applications, and data?

Bottom line, how do you get back in business?

Want some answers? Join EVault experts Shawn Swanson and John Margiolas for "When Disaster Strikes: Real Life Lessons From the Front Lines."

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Disaster Recovery Resilience – Sandy, A Reality Check

Join Us Wednesday, December 12, 2012 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST

With any disaster - whether a natural disaster, equipment failure, or site loss - businesses get a not-so-subtle reminder of how important it is to have resilient information technology systems that maintain near-continuous business operations, high systems availability, and guaranteed data protection. After all, your global market never sleeps.

Sandy delivered everyone a sense of reality. Incomplete Disaster Recovery (DR) thinking is a risk that can cost your organization dearly in both reputation and bottom line. When you depend on internal resources to deliver DR under the threat of a regional disaster there is a problem. People, technology and geography are critical points of failure in your decision to deliver disaster recovery internally. If you cannot guarantee the availability of your staff during a disaster, generate enough power for long-term support of your facilities critical loads, or if you have never successfully completed a test of your disaster recovery plan, than it is time to quit promising your executives and shareholders something that cannot be delivered. Your company may have plans that address equipment requirements and recovery processes but underestimates other variables that are required to successfully execute a recovery.

Re-directing your DR investment towards a managed solution that removes the uncertainty of staff availability during a regional disaster simply makes sense. Velocity delivers recovery to your business by professionals focused solely on disaster recovery. Join us to learn how organizations who plan with fingers crossed and hope that a disaster never happens, make the transition to a resilient solution.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST

If you had an unplanned outage how quickly could you recover? Planning for the unexpected, preparing for various disaster recovery scenarios, testing that plan, and recovering as quickly as possible, ensure businesses remain resilient and continuous.

Join BCDR expert, Paul Nashawaty, Director of Strategy at Unitrends as he discusses the 5 critical steps for dealing with the unexpected.

  • Document and test processes on a regular basis

  • Bring resources back online immediately

  • Kick off a backup and disaster recovery in a single process

  • Perform an integrity check to ensure you can bring your system backup in full

  • Manage an instant DR across Cloud, Physical/Virtual Devices or Multiple Locations

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Continuity Software's dashboard report provides actionable information that allows business continuity and IT managers to ensure the highest level of technology resiliency for their organization.

Delivered directly to your inbox, this report presents a comprehensive, yet easy-to-digest snapshot of business continuity and disaster recovery readiness at any given time, including

  • What business services are exposed to availability or data loss risks

  • What new risks have been uncovered since the last report

  • How your KPI's are tracking - including Replication Status, Configuration Gaps, and IT Response Time

Download a sample report and find out how you can get a similar one for your business.

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