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Volume 31, Issue 2

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DRJ's Informational Update For Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The New Corporate ISO 22301 BC Standard: What It Takes To Comply

The New Corporate ISO 22301 BC Standard: What It Takes To Comply

If your organization's business continuity program was audited, would you survive the scrutiny? Understanding the communication requirements of the new ISO 22301 standard will help you assess how prepared you really are.

As a new international standard, ISO 22301 will provide guidance for organizations on how to define, improve, and maintain their business continuity program. Businesses of any size or shape can benefit from learning how to fortify their plans to meet this new standard.

Join crisis communications expert Dr. Robert Chandler as he reviews the communication requirements in this draft international document, where it came from and what you should do about it now.

What you will learn:

  • The standards on which ISO 22301 is based

  • What this means for your current business continuity communications plan

  • How to improve your plan to withstand audit and review

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Tiered Backup and Recovery Management

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Most companies lack budget and personnel to assign top priority to every application and data resource. The recovery process typically starts with the most critical resources, especially in the early stages of incident response. Most organizations today assign different levels of priority and criticality to different types of data. These tiering decisions - ranking resources based on the business criticality - is often driven by the line-of-business and user perspectives, considering regulatory, customer, and partner requirements. However, tiering decisions must balance internal and customer needs while planning for the long term. Recall Corporation, through its own solutions and strategic partnerships, not only provides long term economical retention of data but also covers RTOs of up to a few hours. This webinar presents the concept of tiered backup and recovery management and how it could be applied to your organizations to get more out of your existing budget, while ensuring complete protection of your business continuity interests.

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