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DRJ's Informational Update For Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Primer on BC/DR Standards

A Primer on BC/DR Standards

Tuesday, August 30, 2011 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT

Join the Alphabet Soup Webinar Series! If BC/DR standards like NFPA 1600, BS25999 and ASIS SPC1 seem like just so much alphabet soup, you'll want to join this free, three-part webinar series. It's designed to give you a complete understanding of the current maze of BC/DR standards and help you determine which, if any, are the best for your organization to follow.

Webinar #1, A Primer on BC/DR Standards, takes place on August 30, at 2:00pm ET. BC/DR standards expert, Ann Pickren will focus on the three major standards: NFPA 1600, BS25999 and ASIS SPC1. She'll explain what the certifications mean and why large companies often require them of all their vendors. Joining Ann will be John Copenhaver, currently Director of Response and Recovery Services, Worley Parsons.

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Free Special Report. Download the PDF Today!

Free Special Report. Download the PDF Today!

Several weeks ago, a senior business line executive asked during a capital presentation for his area, "What is resiliency, and can you really define the benefit for my organization and the enterprise?" My answer led me to develop the subject as an impetus for this article, and prompted the question, "Can we really demonstrate the value of resiliency in our business continuity (BC) programs?"

Our industry has adopted a term utilized in many other industries, including the psychological-behavioral sciences arena. Wikipedia defines "resilience" in psycho-behavioral terms as the positive capacity of people to cope with stress and adversity. Resilience is understood as a process but often referred to as an individual's traits or one's "resiliency." The concept of resiliency is an individual's cumulative experience and protective mechanisms inherently developed to deal with many risk factors. Thus, resilience and risk are often referenced in the same context and are naturally at the root of BCP and DR terminology. This is primarily because we are an industry based in risk management.

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