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Join DRJ in Orlando For Spring World 2013!

Tips for Attending Spring World 2013

Justification Kit - Download below! Spring World 2013 is the premier business continuity conference! If you would like to join us in Orlando, but are not sure how to gain funding, DRJ can help!

Our comprehensive Justification Kit contains everything you need to convince management to send you to Spring World 2013. Included in the kit are a return on investment letter and a customized letter to management.

It is important that you let management know the valuable education you will receive at Spring World 2013. Stress the classes, workshops and courses you will attend. Our agenda will be released soon, so you can target the sessions that will mean the most to you and your management team.

The Justification Kit also includes advice on creating a trip report, as well as helpful lists of benefits you will receive at Spring World 2013.

DRJ designs our conference to be the best educational investment – at the lowest industry fee. We build in numerous budget-saving features, including transportation from the airport, meals, an exhibition hall and admission to hospitalities and receptions.

Dowload your Justification Kit now and get started on the approval process. You will gain hundreds of hours of training for a very low fee! Register now while prices are at their lowest.