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Volume 31, Issue 2

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Informational Update For February 2, 2012

Webinar: A View from the Trenches: A Look at Security and BCM Best Practices

2011, a year which brought the Occupy movement, an unprecedented number of cyber attacks, new security threats, and a record breaking number of natural disasters, tested the resiliency of many organizations. As industry professionals look forward to 2012, we encourage them to think about lessons learned and to review and revise their preparedness plans to reduce vulnerabilities. Learn how a top institution successfully manages security and operational risks and what take aways you should keep in mind when building your security plan.

Join Send Word Now and our featured speaker, Patrick Hawk, Sr. Director of Corporate Security for Discovery Communications, to learn about:

  • Best practices on corporate security and building operations

  • How communication plays an important role in Discovery's risk management, security, and safety protocols

  • Tips on building a successful crisis management program

  • Case studies highlighting past incidents and lessons learned

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Online Exclusive

10 Tips on How to Be a More Effective Business Continuity Planner

Written by MIKE MINZES

In business continuity, it is essential to be an effective communicator in order to effectively convey your plans and strategies to others. If you can't get your message across to those who need it, often times your planning efforts will not be taken as seriously as they should be.

To be an effective communicator, you need an approach that will help you be successful in getting the involvement, support and buy-in that you need.

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