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Volume 31, Issue 2

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Informational Update For January 19, 2012

Reducing Corporate Risk in Remote/Branch Offices

The risk of losing critical data is daunting-and dangerous-for banks, credit unions, insurance companies, health care providers, retailers, and other businesses with remote office/branch office (ROBO) locations.

Yet decentralization can wreak havoc on a data protection plan.

Remote locations are one of your competitive differentiators, but they are also uniquely vulnerable when faced by system failure or employee malfeasance.

In this live webcast, Matthew Seeley, EVault Systems Engineer, will lead a discussion focusing on:

-specific data protection challenges for ROBOs
-key elements of a data protection and recovery plan
-how to choose a backup and recovery strategy for servers and laptops

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Online Exclusive

Big Data Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Written by Chad Thibodeau

It should come as no surprise, the explosion of digital information is real and continuing to grow at a much faster pace than our ability to capture, preserve and use it effectively. Analyst firm IDC predicts that by 2015, the world will generate and store 8,000 exabytes of digital information (see Figure 1). Growing at a rate of 10 times every five years, this figure will reach 80,000 exabytes by the end of the decade...

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DRJ Winter 2012 - Volume 25, Issue 1

Do You Have A Question or Concern for a CEO, CFO or Other Executive?

DRJ is actively seeking input of questions to be used in our General Session 3, Monday, March 26 at Spring World 2012. This session will feature experts from our Senior Advanced Track in a panel discussion. Attendees of the Senior Advanced Track and those in other tracks will be attending this session together.

Now is the chance to get your voice heard and present the issues that matter the most to you or your organization.

We are seeking questions that encompass more than just basic business continuity information. We want the challenging inquiries - the ones that will make a C-level executive consider new methodologies and forge new ways into how we think about business continuity planning.

Examples of the types of questions we are seeking include:

  • How do I get management to support or champion the business continuity program?

  • Continual improvements are necessary for the BC program. How can we continue to get resources needed for the BC program?

  • How can our risk management program become an integral part of the BC lifecyle?

Questions should be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Acceptable questions will be forward to the general session panel. Thank you for your assistance in helping us further the business continuity education process.