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Informational Update For June 12, 2012

Check out the Speakers at MIT's Crisis Management & Business Continuity course!

Check out the Speakers at MIT's Crisis Management & Business Continuity course!

POP QUIZ: What do Business Continuity, the Department of Homeland Security, ABC News, current IT/DRP trends, and the Intel Corporation have in common?

ANSWER: Experts in these topics/organizations and many others will be speaking at MIT’s Crisis Management & Business Continuity course this July! Guest lecturers scheduled include:

Rick Welch

Director, Advanced Cyber Security Center

Rick Reed

Issue and Crisis Management, Intel Corporation

Howard Price

News Editor and Director, Business Continuity, ABC News, New York

Dr. Barry Dorn

National Preparedness Leadership Initiative, Harvard University

“Nooch” Minafo

Field Intelligence Group, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Heather Read

Program Manager, Social Media - Issues & Crisis, DuPont

We also have a BCP lawyer; a BCP standards expert; current and former BCP program managers; pandemic expert; federal, state, and local government emergency response officials; as well as newspaper and radio news editors. Actual practitioners, not consultants! Where else can you have access to all this BCP/DR expertise in one course?

Networking time and events are built into this experience. Students will also practice what they learn: the course concludes with a crisis exercise in which students take active roles in a simulated disaster, including a realistic news/social media briefing.

Join us at the MIT campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts on July 23 - 27, 2012. Apply by June 30 and use Promotion Code DRJ10 to save 10%. For more information, click the banner or click here >>.

Free Webinar on April 25

Cloud Security and Compliance - People, Process, and Technology

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT (REGISTER NOW!)

When it comes to cloud-based data protection, there are many concerns and misconceptions about security, data privacy, and compliance.

In this live webcast, Felix Santos, Director of Information Security and Compliance at EVault, will discuss:

  • Misconceptions about cloud security and recent cloud compliance initiatives

  • What you need to know about cloud compliance and information security

  • How to select a cloud service provider

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A Practical Guide to Cost-effective Disaster Recovery Planning

Sponsored by Novell

The global recession, increased competition requiring just-in-time processes, squeezed information technology (IT) budgets, explosive data growth, and new regulatory requirements have all increased the importance of disaster recovery (DR). As a result, organizations are now under pressure to create, re-evaluate and update their disaster recovery plans. Looking across the DR industry today, there are hundreds of solutions whose value should be measured in three ways: cost, performance and risk.


What do I plan for?

Posted by: Kelly Hudson

Most company's Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) plans are focused around Information Technology. Because of this thought process, following a crisis, most of these companies would cease to provide their goods or services outside of essential technology recovery.

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