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Volume 31, Issue 1

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Major Disaster or Minor Glitch? You Decide

Live Webcast May 23: High-Performance Disaster Recovery -- Beat your RPO/RTO targets for less!

If you're struggling to meet RPO and RTO targets of under 4 hours for your business-critical workloads, you're not alone. Gartner estimates that a full 70% of enterprises have RPO/RTO requirements of less than 4 hours for these critical workloads, and that's not even counting zero-downtime mission critical workloads. Join NetIQ IT experts for this complimentary live webcast on May 23rd to learn how PlateSpin disaster recovery solutions from NetIQ provide companies with or without VMware infrastructures with less than 4 hour RPO/RTO and with affordable high-performance DR for both physical and virtual workloads.

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Business Case for BC Management Systems

There is considerable pressure for large and distributed organizations to improve Business Continuity programs. Audit demands, risk factors, new ISO standards, and good business sense all point toward the use of a Management System. Despite this logic, what are the key drivers in the business case for such an investment? The webinar explains ten major factors to consider.

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Just How Long is Down? Why Your Company should Consider a Guaranteed Service Level Agreement for Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is about anticipating the worst: how, and how quickly, can your company get back to work should a natural or man-made disaster strike. It starts with an honest risk assessment that focuses on the likelihood of a disaster, the industry DR regulations your company faces and the length of downtime you can tolerate. From that assessment, the action plan emerges.

Join EVault experts Aaron Wiley and Matthew Seeley, as they present ways your company can address these issues and describes a real-world example. The Situs Companies (Situs) created a systematic plan for keeping critical operations up and running in the event of a disaster, which included setting the maximum downtime with a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

In this live webcast, you will learn:

  • The importance of a guaranteed SLA for disaster recovery

  • Why Situs re-evaluated its DR situation and took action

  • What changes Situs made and the results it achieved

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Online Exclusive

Gartner View: What's the value of delivering the right information to the right person at the right time?

When things go wrong, whether it is an IT outage or a disaster it is important that you stay in control of any situation and are able to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time. Your customers, colleagues, stakeholders, and even response teams don't have time to waste on irrelevant or incorrect information.

White Papers

Testing Made Easy for Financial Institutions

Sponsored by Agility Recovery

A time of crisis is not the time to be asking yourself critical questions such as, 'How long would it take to get our systems back up and running if they went down in a disaster?' Testing and preparedness are the keys to survival. Agility's whitepaper summarizes how to plan for the testing process by building a team and then challenging all aspects of your recovery operation. It also discusses the top 10 lessons learned from real disaster recovery processes.

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Spring 2012 - Volume 25, Issue 2

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Disaster Recovery Journal has an exciting FREE educational opportunity for you! DRJ's Virtual World '12, is a virtual tradeshow that will highlight product and educational offerings from Disaster Recovery Journal's Spring World 2012 and Fall World 2012 show.

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