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Volume 31, Issue 2

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Reputation Repair: How To Restore Your Image After a Crisis

Reputation Repair Brief: Learn what, when and how to communicate in a crisis to protect your organization's reputation.

An organization's reputation is both invaluable and inherently vulnerable, especially in an age of social media and instant communication. With the increasingly public nature of almost any crisis, image and brand management have become the decisive factor in mitigating the negative financial and political impact when one hits.

When something does happen that can damage your organization's reputation, it is critical to say the right things at the right times, deliver the right messages to the right people, and respond with both the right amount of candor and sincerity.
Download this brief to learn:

  • How to protect your reputation in a crisis

  • Ways to leverage Image Restoration Strategies to say the right things

  • The importance of message mapping for reputation management

  • How to ensure you communicate effectively to quickly repair a damaged reputation.

Despite the potential loss of millions in shareholder value and the public's trust, many organizations lack adequate advance planning and preparedness to communicate effectively when a crisis hits. Are you ready?

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Interacting with Your Stakeholders Using Social Media

Dont miss this webinar with Regina Phelps, EMS Solutions and xMattersJoin us on Wednesday, November 9, 2011 at 12:00 PM ET

In our last webinar, we explored the issue of a social media strategy. In this webinar we will begin to peel back the concept of interaction. A major premise of social media is that it refers to the use of web-based and mobile technologies that specifically turn communication into an interactive dialogue. Those two words are key to your understanding of social media. This communication is very unique and quite different that the more traditional communication strategies ...it requires that we actively engage our audience in a mobile and interactive fashion.

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