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Volume 31, Issue 2

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Informational Update For November 10, 2011

Can Your Workforce Weather Any Business Disruption?

Natural disasters, storms, fires, utility outages, even the seasonal flu: These are just some of the disruptions that can have an impact on business. With desktop virtualization from Citrix, your organization can maintain operational continuity by keeping your workforce connected, from any location, on any device. Connect your workforce to secure virtual desktops and provide on-demand access to the business applications and data they need to weather any kind of storm.

That's the power of workshifting.

How can you ensure seamless business continuity? Read the Citrix white paper, Achieve Workforce Continuity and Keep Your Business Running—No Matter What, to learn more.

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Three Upcoming BC/DR Webinars

Interacting with Your Stakeholders Using Social Media (Wed, Nov 9, 2011)

How do you interact with your audience? What does it really mean to have a dialogue versus our old standard of using one-way communication? We will focus on communication guidelines in the world of social media and basic steps to avoid getting into trouble in this brave and bold new universe.

Cloud-based Dynamic Disaster Recovery (Thurs, Dec 1, 2011)

Cloud-based remote disaster recovery services is not only becoming the new de-facto standard, dynamic DR will soon lead the pack with new capabilities that can auto-adjust in accordance with your DR plan. Set it and leave it. It just doesn't get any more simplified than that.

Severe Winter Weather & Your Business Continuity Plans (Wed, Dec 7, 2011)

How do you deal with a lack of electric power when an ice storm brought down power lines to your building? Can one of your other facilities handle production, while your facility is dealing with a major winter storm? A BCP can help us plan to deal with these types of issues that can be caused from severe weather.

How's it working? Measuring Your Social Media Success (Thurs, Dec 15, 2011)

In our last of the Social Media series, we will explore your Social Media successes and failures. What is your measure of success? How will you know when you "have arrived?" How do you know if what you are doing is delivering the type of results that you want? And that assumes of course that you know the answer to that question!