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Volume 31, Issue 1

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ISO 22301: Will Your Communications Plan Meet The New 2012 Standard?

November 30, 2011 | 1:00PM (EST)/ 10:00AM (PST)

Join ISO 22301 Project Team Leader Dave Austin as he briefs business continuity professionals about key elements of the upcoming 2012 standard, and how businesses can prepare in advance for accredited certification for the international community's very first business continuity ISO standard.

Attendees will also receive priority download access to Everbridge's new whitepaper on ISO 22301, prepared by Dave Austin, during the presentation.

Regulators and governments increasingly recognize how important business continuity is to the success of key business sectors, and society as a whole. While the UK's business continuity standard, BS 25999, has been widely translated and adopted by organizations around the world, there has never been a single ISO standard globally. The goal of ISO 22301 is to have a single standard internationally to avoid conflicting and competing requirements, and to enable the introduction of recognized best practices into countries with no existing standards of their own.

Join Dave Austin, the Director of Operational Resilience (OPREL), Ltd. and the Project Team Leader for the ISO 22301 steering committee, as he discusses how the new standard will impact organizations crisis communications programs.

What you will learn:

  • Key requirements of ISO 22301 for your crisis communications plans

  • How to prepare your organization for this new business continuity management standard

  • Business benefits from accredited certification

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Online Exclusive

An Update on TC 223 and ISO 22301 (Updated November 11, 2011)

Written by Brian Zawada (MBCI, MBCP)

There are numerous articles and conversations currently taking place regarding ISO 22301 and ISO Technical Committee (TC) 223 in general – some based on fact, but many based on assumption and rumor. So, what's the real story on ISO 22301 and the work being performed related to societal security?

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