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Informational Update For November 25, 2011

Cloud-based Dynamic Disaster Recovery

Cloud-based Dynamic Disaster Recovery

Sponsored by EVaultThursday, December 1, 2011 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST

Disaster recovery (DR) is a key driver for cloud-based data protection services. Traditional DR methods have fallen behind in technology, costs, and rapid recovery time.

Cloud-based remote disaster recovery services is not only becoming the new de-facto standard, dynamic DR will soon lead the pack with new capabilities that can auto-adjust in accordance with your DR plan. Set it and leave it. It just doesn't get any more simplified than that.

In this live webcast, Janson Hoambrecker, EVault® Director of WW Cloud Incubation Services, will discuss next generation DR capabilities. Here are some benefits reserved for attendees:

  • Gain insight about the benefits of cloud-based remote disaster recovery

  • Learn about dynamic DR in the cloud and how it will help simplify management

  • Participate in the discussion about cloud-based dynamic DR-the new must-have capability

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Cloud-based Dynamic Disaster Recovery

EVault Disaster Recovery

EVault® delivers cost-effective disaster recovery. Off-site replication means data recovery, and regulatory compliance, are easily assured. Whether you backup to the EVault cloud or utilize off-site replication, you can easily monitor and manage everything from a web browser. When you need to restore data, it's as easy as point and click.

EVault Remote Disaster Recovery Services
You'll be able to remotely access a virtual network of your key servers-hosted at a secure EVault data center staffed by professionals-within hours following a site-wide or regional disaster. Before disaster strikes, we'll provide a documented Data Recovery Plan and Data Recovery Testing to ensure things go smoothly. Learn more

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Cloud-Connected Disaster Recovery Services:

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