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Informational Update For October 16, 2012

Looking to transform BCM productivity?

Discover BCM automation without intimidation. Even if you are evaluating an automated BCM solution for the first time, you can still be in control of the process—as long as you are prepared to assess the options on your own terms!

All software providers will certainly present their solutions in the best light. So in addition to asking "What can this software do for me?", be sure to ask "What is involved?" in achieving that outcome, and "How much will it cost?". Here are several examples of issues that might be important to you:

  • Bottom-line Cost: What's included—a "total solution" or hidden "add-ons"?

  • Configuration: Does this solution include getting "up to speed", or is that "up to me"?

  • Compliance: Does this software address my industry standards/regulations?

  • Reporting: How much reporting flexibility do I have, and at what cost?

Click below to access 14 key points that can help you build a better checklist to guide your BCM software evaluation process. Whatever your ultimate decision, you'll be better informed and better prepared.

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How to Handle a Data Disaster Without Anyone Noticing

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT (REGISTER NOW)

In today's data-intensive business environment, organizations can't afford to have their systems down for 24 hours or more. Sometimes, even four hours is too long. Recovery time objectives (RTOs) are shortening and service level agreements (SLAs) are keeping pace.

Can your organization accept angry customers, unproductive employees, and interrupted operations?

What are your RTOs? What solutions can you implement that will ensure you're back up and running fast if disaster strikes?

Find out how you can keep your operations going even when the unthinkable happens. You'll hear about real businesses that faced data disaster and kept running without a hitch.

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Windstream's Position on Security Compliance

Sponsored by Windstream

Since Windstream's role is central to customer network security, we as an ISP and Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) must be “ahead of the curve" to maintain our position within the confines of the popular compliance standards because the overwhelming buying triggers for our services surround these standards.

Is Your Network Safe Behind Just A Firewall?

Sponsored by Windstream

Malicious software or "malware" is the biggest network security threat facing organizations today. Cybercriminals target enterprises that hold a great deal of money or conduct a high volume of transactions on a daily basis.

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The GAP in DR/BCP/EM Technology

Posted by: Dr Tom Phelan

Recently I attended a concert at my grandchildren's school in a small, rural community in Upstate New York. A small child in the row behind me was using what appeared to me to be a tablet computer. Amazed by the use of technology, even by very young children, I had thoughts of how widespread the use of sophisticated technology had become, even in remote areas.

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