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Jon Seals

Jon Seals

The new ExpressRoute locations provides customers with direct, private and flexible access to Microsoft Azure

DALLAS – CyrusOne (NASDAQ:CONE), a premier global data center REIT, announced today that its San Antonio and Phoenix data center campuses now offers connectivity through Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, giving enterprise customers direct, private and flexible access to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, including Azure, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365. CyrusOne’s Phoenix data center campus will also be equipped with capabilities to access Microsoft Azure Government.

“As infrastructure continues to converge into combinations of colocation and cloud, we are committed to providing our customers with these hybrid service offerings to meet their unique needs.”

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“Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute brings our global Fortune 1000 customers another layer of direct connectivity offerings to the cloud,” said John Gould, Executive Vice President of Global Sales at CyrusOne. “As infrastructure continues to converge into combinations of colocation and cloud, we are committed to providing our customers with these hybrid service offerings to meet their unique needs.”

Ross Ortega, partner program manager, Azure Networking, Microsoft Corp. said, “The cloud is driving transformation through new business models, global expansion and accelerated innovation, along with an enhanced customer experience. Collaborating with CyrusOne to bring ExpressRoute to customers is a core part of these attributes and values.”

Azure ExpressRoute is available through CyrusOne’s National Internet Exchange (IX) and via MegaPort, at 12 data center locations, including Sterling, Chicago, Totowa, San Antonio, Chandler, Norwalk, Houston West, Galleria, Carrollton, Cincinatti, Lewisville and Austin. CyrusOne is dedicated to offering a wide selection of cloud connection offerings to meet all facets of a Fortune 1000 company’s needs.

CyrusOne operates 39 carrier-neutral data center facilities across the United States, Europe, and Asia to provide customers with the flexibility and scale to match their specific IT growth needs. CyrusOne facilities are engineered to include the power-density infrastructure required to deliver excellent availability, including an architecture with the highest available power redundancy (2N).

Renowned for exceptional service, building enduring customer relationships, and high customer satisfaction levels, CyrusOne serves 190 of the Fortune 1000 among its nearly 1000 customers.

For more information about CyrusOne, call 1-855-908-3662 or visit www.cyrusone.com. Connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

About CyrusOne

CyrusOne (NASDAQ:CONE) is a high-growth real estate investment trust (REIT) specializing in highly reliable enterprise-class, carrier-neutral data center properties. The company provides mission-critical data center facilities that protect and ensure the continued operation of IT infrastructure for more than 970 customers, including 190 of the Fortune 1000 or equivalent-sized companies.

CyrusOne’s data center offerings provide the flexibility, reliability, and security that enterprise and cloud customers require, and are delivered through a tailored, customer-service-focused platform designed to foster long-term relationships. CyrusOne’s National IX platform provides robust connectivity options to drive revenue, reduce expenses, and improve service quality for enterprises, content, and telecommunications companies. CyrusOne is committed to full transparency in communication, management, and service delivery throughout its 39 data centers worldwide. Additional information about CyrusOne can be found at www.CyrusOne.com.

Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Systems Significantly Improve Collaboration, Business Agility and Flexibility

TEMPE, Ariz. – Cloud computing is no longer a decision made solely for tactical reasons like cost savings or ease of implementation. Key strategic business demands—the need for greater business agility, data capabilities, and better customer and user experiences—are compelling companies to embrace cloud systems, according to the Insight-sponsored report by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services.

Respondents are nearly split when it comes to hybrid and private cloud adoption, while total public cloud usage captures only a fraction of the market:

  • Hybrid approach with systems hosted in both the public and private clouds (42 percent)
  • Host most of their systems in a private cloud (40 percent)
  • Host most in the public cloud (13 percent)

The types of systems most likely to reside in the cloud, include:

  • Email and communication tools (54 percent)
  • Billing and invoicing (29 percent)
  • Business intelligence (29 percent)
  • Payroll (26 percent)
  • Customer service (24 percent)
  • Project management (24 percent)

Cloud improves company performance

“A company’s IT environment should work for them by enabling them to both run and innovate. Large and small to mid-sized companies need to focus on managing and modernizing their IT infrastructure, so that it becomes a transformative part of their business that can directly improve results,” said David Lewerke, Director, Hybrid Cloud Consulting Practice at Insight. “While we knew there were a number of benefits, we wanted to better understand from respondents exactly how cloud systems were impacting their business outcomes.”

The benefits of cloud adoption are even more pronounced among small to mid-sized companies:

 Large companiesSmall to mid-sized companies
Time to market15 percent47 percent
Business/revenue/profit growth17 percent38 percent
End customer experience32 percent48 percent
Ability to manage security26 percent39 percent
Ability to mitigate risk28 percent39 percent

For all respondents, nearly half (49 percent) say cloud or hybrid cloud systems have significantly improved collaboration, followed by business agility and flexibility (45 percent), their ability to manage, analyze, act on and share data (43 percent) and their ability to empower employees and create a better user experience (42 percent).


A total of 347 respondents were drawn from the Harvard Business Review audience of readers

(magazine/ enewsletter readers, customers, HBR.org users). Twenty-nine percent of respondents were executive management or board members, 28 percent were senior management; 31 percent were middle management; 12 percent came from other grades.

For more information on Insight, visit http://www.insight.com/ or call 1.800.INSIGHT.


About Insight

From business and government organizations to healthcare and educational institutions, Insight empowers clients with Intelligent Technology Solutions™ to realize their goals. As a Fortune 500-ranked global provider of hardware, software, cloud and service solutions, our 6,000 teammates provide clients the guidance and expertise needed to select, implement and manage complex technology solutions to drive business outcomes. Through our world-class people, partnerships, services and delivery solutions, we help businesses run smarter. Discover more at insight.com.

KEMP, Texas – Larson Electronics LLC, a leading industrial lighting company, announced the release of a new intrinsically safe right angle LED flashlight to be added to its expanding catalog of products this week. This mining flashlight has been designed for use in hazardous locations where compact, but powerful lighting is needed.

This intrinsically safe LED flashlight (EXPRA-07-LED) offers bright illumination in hazardous locations like mining sites and gas processing facilities. In low beam mode, this luminary emits 135 lumens of white light reaching 590' with a runtime of 13 hours. In high beam mode, this flashlight emits 279 lumens of light reaching 820' with a runtime of 6.5 hours. Features on this LED flashlight include an air-free heat sink design that helps to improve heat dissipation during operation, while simultaneously reducing the possibility of malfunction from overheating. A valve design prevents the buildup of hydrogen gas (Group B).

This compact, portable luminary has been designed for Class I, Divisions 1 and 2 and Class II, Divisions 1 and 2 hazardous environments and is ATEX/IECEx approved. This right-angle light also carries an IP54 rating with a T4 temperature code. It is battery-powered and runs on 4 AA batteries for 6.5-13 hours of runtime (depending on mode). Applications for this intrinsically safe LED include, but are not limited to: hazardous locations, chemical processing plants, refineries, oil and gas, mining, construction, gas facilities, agricultural sites, fire fighting, task lighting, confined spaces, portable light, temporary lighting, and emergency lighting.

"Not every job is the same, some call for large, heavy-duty equipment and lighting while others only need a small, compact lighting solution," said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics LLC." These intrinsically safe right-angle LED flashlights offer operators a smaller, yet just as powerful, lighting solution that they can bring with them into confined spaces, or even clip to their belt for the ultimate convenience."

About Larson Electronics LLC:

Larson Electronics LLC is a manufacturer of industrial lighting equipment and accessories. The company offers an extensive catalog of industry-grade lighting and power distribution products for the following sectors: manufacturing, construction, food processing, oil and gas, military, marine and automobile. Customers can benefit from the company’s hands-on, customized approach to lighting solutions. Larson Electronics provides expedited service for quotes, customer support and shipments.

Case studies show method effective across industries

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Today, most technical development projects go through a phase-gate process, with each gate serving as a decision point to either proceed to the next phase of the project or cancel it. These are opportunities for managers to assess whether the product or system under development meets expectations and warrants additional investment. Yet, the reality is that many projects require more options at these decision points, like implementing a back-up plan or delay. In a recent study on gate review decisions, MIT Sloan School of Management Prof. Steven Eppinger and his colleagues present a new decision model to better represent the reality of project gate options. Using decision tree analysis, they show how organizations can estimate risk and the probability of success beyond “go” and “no go” options to make better gate decisions.

Eppinger says, “The current literature doesn’t talk about these additional options, however it is very common to switch to a back-up plan, delay, or grant a waiver for a project when work is incomplete or there are still issues to be resolved at the time of the gate decision. Our model provides a tool for managers to analyze and assess risk with these options rather than relying on gut instinct.”

In their study, the researchers show how this gate decision analysis method works with a case study at BP in Houston. The decision involved whether to move forward with building a new pipeline inspection tool, which had not completed a required operational environment test at a preliminary engineering gate review. The options were to put the project on hold until the tool could pass the gate review, grant a waiver to continue working on the new design, or switch to the back-up plan of using existing tools.

“We used our model to consider the costs and probability of success with each option. This analysis method clearly showed that the company stood to gain the highest payoff with the waiver decision,” says Eppinger.

He points out that this model has also been applied in other industries. In healthcare, the researchers worked with a medical device company to analyze a decision about a new auto-injector product that wasn’t working in its current design. Using the researchers’ analysis method, the company found that the development costs to implement any of several back-up plans were minimal compared to the potential payoff. Considering each plan’s probability of success, the company pivoted to an alternate design plan.

In the automotive world, they worked with a U.S. auto manufacturer on a decision about implementing a wireless device charging system in a new vehicle model. At gate review, the project didn’t meet performance expectations so the company needed to decide whether to delay the vehicle launch to allow for the time needed to rework the wireless charging design, or launch the vehicle without the wireless charger. Looking at the probabilities of success as well as the costs, the company decided to launch the vehicle without the charger, and use the project learning for future vehicles.

“Ultimately, what is least understood in these decisions is the probability of success,” notes Eppinger. “This method gives managers a straightforward way to analyze and assess their confidence that a project will move forward in multiple scenarios and make important decisions for their organizations.”

Eppinger is coauthor of the paper “Assessment of Back-up Plan, Delay, and Waiver Options at Project Gate Reviews,” which will be published this summer in the 21st International Conference on Engineering Design. His coauthors include MIT Engineering PhD candidate Alison Olechowski and Boston University Prof. Nitin Joglekar.

The MIT Sloan School of Management is where smart, independent leaders come together to solve problems, create new organizations, and improve the world. Learn more at mitsloan.mit.edu.

dinCloud‘s New Hosted Workspace Eliminates Need for 3rd Party Connectors

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – dinCloud, a cloud platform for hosted workspaces and cloud infrastructure, today introduced dinWorkspace, the company’s new breed of hosted workspaces, which allows users to connect natively to a Microsoft Windows Desktop without the need for connection brokers or other third-party components. This eliminates the need for third party applications or “clutter” and reduces both cost and complexity. Furthermore, bug related and compatibility issues are additionally reduced, offering an improved and more efficient user experience (UX).

Rethinking the Virtual Desktop Experience

“For years, people have been lured by the attraction of the big software companies, overlooking the layers of complexity that comes with implementing traditional VDI in-house. VDI users were forced to go to a third party, who not only added their proprietary software, but other layers of technology just to connect to a virtual desktop,” said Ali Din, general manager and CMO at dinCloud. “Our new hosted workspace removes these extra pieces by connecting natively to Microsoft, without third party components or third-party concocted protocols.”

Benefits of The Modern Workspace

Eliminating ‘technology clutter’ reduces cost and complexity for an organization. It makes life easier on IT and operations by embracing a turn-key cloud service. For users, the native approach simplifies their workflow and greatly enhances the user experience.

Continuing the Legacy of Hosted Workspace Innovation

Since its founding in 2011, dinCloud constantly spends time on research and development to bring a virtual desktop experience that is unparalleled. The dinWorkspace product introduction continues in that vein.

From a technology standpoint, dinWorkspace provides a high-performance virtual desktop platform with dense compute, fast networking and storage (Intel SSDs), and, as a core tenant, multiple layers of security (including network and host-based security with total isolation for each customer).

The in-house development, in coordination with outside consultants, continues to bring ease-of-use to its self-management platform. This allows customers to enjoy automation, orchestration, and reporting via its dinManage portal.

As always, dinCloud includes free features and functionality that other companies charge for – like bandwidth and data transfers.

What is dinWorkspace?

dinWorkspace is part of dinCloud’s cloud platform. The company offers monthly subscriptions for desktop as a service (DaaS) and application publishing. The broad hosted workspaces portfolio offers flexible deployment options, easy installation (no client to install for Windows devices), enhanced performance, and built-in security. 

Benefits include:

  • Multi-device access: safely enable users to access their Windows desktops from any mobile device including PCs, Macs, Android, and iPads;
  • Agility: scale-up/down on-demand; rollout Windows desktops and applications quickly; run Windows applications on non-Windows devices
  • Security: multiple layers of security protection; dinCloud ensures security and compliance can be enforced at the desktop level
  • Productivity: increase user productivity with any device; anytime secure remote access
  • Lower Costs: no upfront capital with pay-as-you-go monthly subscription pricing; extend your PC refresh cycles to conserve capital; extend the life of existing endpoints or replace endpoints with lower cost devices
  • Control: centrally control sensitive data; streamline desktop and application deployment

Din concluded, “This introduction is just the beginning. We removed the clutter from the hosted virtual desktop, disrupting the VDI marketplace, and will continue rolling out products that ensure we remain the #1 brand in DaaS.”

Pricing and Availability

dinWorkspace is now available as a self-managed, turn-key service in multiple configurations. The service is available through many MSPs (managed service providers) and VARs (value added resellers). The self-managed, Gold Package is $70 per user, per month. For more information, visit: https://www.dincloud.com/hosted-virtual-desktop.

About dinCloud
dinCloud is a Cloud Services Provider (CSP) that helps organizations rapidly migrate to the cloud via its cloud platform through a strong network of Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Each customer’s hosted private cloud offers hosted workspaces and cloud infrastructure that the customer controls. dinCloud’s subscription-based services are tailored to fit a range of business models resulting in reduced cost, enhanced security, control, and productivity. Visit www.dinCloud.com, www.linkedin.com/company/dincloud, or follow @dinCloud on Twitter.

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