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Jon Seals

Jon Seals

Automatically keeps up with the latest drivers & game components to fix system & device errors caused by old, broken drivers, reduce PC freezing & crashing and speed up gaming & browsing

SAN FRANCISCOIObit, a leading system utilities and security software provider, today announced the launch of Driver Booster 4 which delivers an automatic, worry-free solution to keep all devices running well and improve system performance, especially gaming performance with the up-to-date drivers and game components in online driver database.

Driver Booster 4 has expanded its driver database to 400,000 drivers covering over 5,000 driver manufacturers including Nvidia, Realtek, Intel, AMD and etc, which makes it easier to fetch the latest and best compatible drivers and even rare ones for devices such as Graphics, Audio, Net, Printer, Chipset ensuring the top computing performance. For gamers, the most common and latest game components including newly added VC Runtime 2013 X64/X86 give a better graphic and audio performance. What’s more, the new Driver Compression Technology can reduce up to 90% of the driver package enabling a faster and smoother updating. To avoid downloading duplicated driver packages caused by the unexpected disconnection or interruption, break-point resume technology and automatic retry mechanism ensure a break-point resume after reconnection which can greatly save time and system space.

Even though there’s a chance of system errors or crashes after updating a driver, Driver Booster 4, in particular can find a remedy to the mistaken update by rolling back to a system restore point or restoring the backed up drivers. Moreover, Driver Booster 4 also provides useful and powerful tools to help users fix computer common but headache problems, such as system crash, BSOD, device connection error, audio crackling, no sound issues, no network issues and etc. It offers a quick and easy access to check all system information.

“Old drivers degrade the PC performance and disrupt the system stability. Especially for gamers, bad graphics, poor audio, slow browsing or even freezing & crashing make them annoyed and frustrated,” said Antonio Zhang, the Marketing director at IObit, “All they need are the new, secure and best compatible drivers. So we’re working hard to carefully filter the drivers. Therefore, all drivers & game components, even rare ones in our online database should have passed WHQL and our driver authorization process to make sure user’s computer can run safely at its top performance.”

Driver Booster 4 is now available on CNET Download.com. It provides full support for Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP and Vista.

About Driver Booster 4

Driver Booster 4 is an easy-to-use and comprehensive driver updater which offers a one-click solution to easily and securely update outdated & faulty drivers, install missing drivers & game components and fix computer common but headache problems & device errors. With newly expanded online database, even rare drivers and game components can be accurately discovered to maximally optimize system and gaming performance.

About IObit

Founded in 2004, IObit provides consumers with innovative system utilities for Windows, Mac, and Android OS to greatly enhance operational performance and protect their computers and mobile devices from security threats. IObit is a well-recognized industry leader with more than 100 awards, 500 million downloads and 10 million active users worldwide.


New Company Focused on Accelerating the DevOps Journey and Empowering Collaboration And Efficiency Across Product & Software Development and IT Operations


ATLANTAForty8Fifty Labs, the new DevOps and software development division of VeriStor Systems, has launched today as a new company focused on accelerating the DevOps journey and empowering collaboration across Product & Software Development and IT Operations teams.


The new organization has brought together a robust portfolio of ready-built add-on products, third-party partner solutions and custom integrations between today’s market leading development, operations and collaboration tools. It combines these solutions with decades of field-proven experience in designing, implementing and managing the software that fuels business productivity. The result is a new category of company focused entirely on helping businesses streamline and speed the transition to highly efficient, highly collaborative development and operations environments.


“We created Forty8Fifty Labs to help our customers harness today’s most innovative software to increase the collaboration and efficiencies of their development and operations teams,” said Steve Bishop, Executive Director, Forty8Fifty Labs and CTO, VeriStor. “We’ve paired a team of experts that has decades of field-proven experience, with innovative products, customized services, expert training and superior support. The result is an organization that is highly focused on accelerating the velocity of business for our customers.’”


“At Forty8Fifty Labs we want to fully empower dev and ops teams with the latest tools and practices to accelerate the DevOps journey,” said Rashad Neloms, Vice President Technology & Strategy, Forty8Fifty Labs. “We know the secrets to bringing business tools and people together to solve the toughest IT challenges. With the deep insight, experience and custom software development capabilities we have, we can help companies unlock the full potential of their development processes and their business.”


Forty8Fifty Labs delivers products, services and solutions to support CIO, Dev Teams and Ops Teams. Solutions are designed to power DevOps productivity, realize operational agility, speed product time to delivery, increase team innovation and improve application uptime while simplifying maintenance. The company offers:

  • Innovative Products – The company provides a complete suite of software products from the world's leading vendors in development and operations enablement. Then it adds ready-built add-on products and provides custom integrations to help businesses achieve new levels of visibility, collaboration and connection.
  • Customized DevOps Services – The company’s DevOps experts have decades of experience and a wealth of practical knowledge that can help businesses quickly reach their objectives. It helps organizations avoid the common pitfalls that often slow down DevOps enablement, ensures that DevOps becomes ingrained in their company culture, and provides additional manpower to accelerate the DevOps deployment.
  • Expert Training – Certified instructors deliver a full line-up of high quality courses that enable business teams to quickly unleash the full potential of their Atlassian tools. Forty8Fifty Labs instructors can also share the real-world knowledge and practical guidance they've accumulated throughout decades on the front lines of deployment.
  • Superior Support Services – Forty8Fifty Labs' expert technical and functional support experts are available 24x7 to help keep customers’ environments up and running, while ensuring they get the most out of their Atlassian tools. Its support offerings include Level 2 support, proactive maintenance and cloud-based hosting.

Registration for Forty8Fifty Labs’ upcoming Atlassian Authorized training courses is open now. For more information visit: http://www.forty8fiftylabs.com/training.


About Forty8Fifty Labs

Forty8Fifty Labs is the DevOps and Agile Consulting, Services and Software Development subsidiary of VeriStor Systems. With decades of field-proven experience in solving the toughest challenges for today’s CIOs and the Development/Operations teams they lead, the Forty8Fifty Labs team unlocks the secrets to bringing your IT tools and your people together; accelerating your DevOps journey, improving collaboration, streamlining development, and reducing time to revenue. Let us help you supercharge your business with our team’s unparalleled expertise, extensive partnerships, and custom tools and integrations. Learn more at www.forty8fiftylabs.com.

Communication technology leaders join forces to improve notification delivery

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Regroup Mass Notification, the award-winning provider of emergency and day-to- day communication solutions, and Singlewire Software, a leading mass notification technology developer, announces a partnership to provide mutual clients with an integrated notification solution powered by Regroup and Singlewire’s InformaCast system.

Through an advanced API Integration, Regroup and InformaCast notifications — as well as groups and other settings — can now be managed from a single system, facilitating real-time, advanced alerting.

“We [at Regroup] want our clients to have the most reliable, easy-to-use and robust mass notification system on the market,” said Joe DiPasquale, CEO of Regroup. “This new partnership will allow our respective companies to offer an integrated solution that will take their mass notification experience to a higher level, giving them even more ways to deliver a message.”

Mutual clients will benefit from the ability to send and receive high-quality audio and text alerts to an unlimited number of speakers, Cisco IP phones and other devices directly connected with the InformaCast platform, including text and pre-recorded messages.

“By adding Regroup to our partner ecosystem, mutual customers will benefit from using one system to reach mobile and on-premises devices, making their emergency communications even more effective,” said Pat Scheckel, SVP of Marketing at Singlewire.

As the choice of services continues to grow in the notification market, innovative integrations, like those from Regroup and Singlewire, become critical to successful implementations and execution for customers.

To learn more about Regroup and InformaCast, visit http://www.regroup.com and http://www.singlewire.com

About Regroup:

Regroup, the leading provider of Emergency and Mass Notification solutions and DRI 2015 Notification System of the Year, offers easy one-click messaging to mobile phones (text/voice), landlines, email, social media, websites and more. Regroup stands apart from other mass communication systems with its ease of use, automated messaging capabilities, seamless integration with client databases and other third-party systems, unparalleled 24/7 customer support and unlimited text/voice/email messaging.

About Singlewire

Singlewire Software, based in Madison, Wis., is the developer of InformaCast, a leading platform for fast and reliable emergency notifications. More than 6,000 organizations in over 50 countries use InformaCast. Whether it’s an active shooter, severe weather, or another crisis situation, InformaCast helps reach the right people, with the right information, to increase awareness, safety and security. To learn more, visit http://www.singlewire.com/informacast.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016 00:00

Bad Data Costing Companies A Fortune

The cost of poor data quality is tremendous. Estimated by IBM to be roughly $3 billion a year in the US alone, it costs organizations between 10-30% of their revenue a year. Subsequently, despite the promise of big data, just 25% of businesses are successfully using it to optimize revenue, while the rest are losing out on millions.

The sum of money IBM believes is being thrown away may seem unbelievable, but it makes sense when you consider how often data is used in everyday working practices, and the impact that wrong data could have a result. The primary cause of bad data is simple - data decay. Data decay is estimated to be as much as 70% in B2Bs. Using out of date data is like filling a competitive egg eater’s bowl up 70% with rotten eggs - while they might look right, if they don’t stay down then the outcome isn’t going to be pretty for anybody.



Tuesday, 27 September 2016 00:00

IT Risk Management and Technical Debt

When you shove things higgledy-piggledy into your desk drawer, just to clear space in your workspace, you have a quick solution. You also have a dirty solution, because trying to find the key to your filing cabinet will take you ages afterwards, unless you’re prepared to empty out your drawer onto your workspace – and start all over again. Yes, you’ve just experienced technical debt, first hand!