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Jon Seals

Jon Seals

4C Strategies

4C Strategies has been chosen to be part of the delivery of the new Unit Based Virtual Trainer (UBVT) to the British Army. UBVT will enable units to collectively practice fire and manoeuvre, command and control, and tactics, techniques and procedures in a realistic synthetic environment.

Realistic synthetic training environment

4C Strategies will be an integral part of the NSC solution that has been chosen to deliver a Unit Based Virtual Trainer (UBVT) to the British Army. UBVT will manage and provide a diverse range of exercises designed to prepare Regular and Reserve personnel for future operations. Complementing rather than replacing field exercises, UBVT will enable units to collectively practice fire and manoeuvre, command and control, and tactics, techniques and procedures in a realistic synthetic environment and consequently get greater benefit from live training opportunities.

Enhancing effectiveness on the battlefield

Training employing Virtual simulation provides a realistic environment in which soldiers can hone the vital skills needed to deal with unpredictable and hostile situations. UBVT exploits the MOD’s Defence Virtual Simulation, a state-of-the-art, game-based military simulation run on a network of laptop computers.

4C Strategies will support NSC with the provision of Exonaut™, a comprehensive training progression and exercise management tool. The planning and programming tool, already in use in NATO, will be used to book and modify UBVT events. This will be complemented by 4C Strategies’ unique Training Progression and Exercise Management toolsets, which will manage and track collective training achievements.

“UBVT will deliver a training event to a unit that will focus and challenge all levels of personnel. Activity can be conducted or a mission rehearsed in any environment without constraints such as a shortage of vehicles, training estate or ammunition. Innovative systems like UBVT will raise exercise start standards, enable more challenging training, ultimately enhancing a soldier’s effectiveness on the battlefield. The Exonaut™ suite, already utilised at the higher collective training levels, will provide a sophisticated booking and allocation capability and enable units to better track training progress through low level collective training to ensure they are better prepared subsequent training and the Chain of Command (CoC) is able to better focus that training to the unit’s needs”, says Major Simon Roberts who works in Simulation, Training and Development for the British Army.

“The outputs will help enable the CoC to plan subsequent collective training events more effectively, understand where risk lies and determine where scarce resource is best allocated. It will also provide an ever-growing data base of exploitable information to support the Army’s experimentation, development and learning requirements”, says Brig (Retd) David Paterson OBE, Director of Military Business Development at 4C Strategies.

"The inclusion of Exonaut within UBVT, provides an enabler for coherence within the Army Training progression. We are delighted to be working with 4C Strategies, an organisation with a similar delivery-centric mindset to our own, in order to deliver this capability” said Jeremy Spurr, NSC Chief Executive.

About 4C Strategies

4C Strategies is a leading international provider of risk management solutions. We provide our public and private sector clients with the skills, tools and End to End solutions they require to "Build, Verify & Track" their Readiness capabilities across the risk, business continuity and crisis management spectrum.





TEL AVIV, IsraelAtidot announces the launch of the first SaaS (software as a service)-based predictive analytics platform specifically designed to address the needs of the life insurance sector. Atidot’s innovative Big Data modelling and decision making tools will accelerate the pace at which senior life insurance executives can confidently and efficiently utilize big data intelligence in their decision making. Companies that take advantage of the Atidot platform will no longer need to make key decisions based on legacy systems and traditional analytic methods, and data cleansing will be dramatically reduced. Existing company data is securely loaded to the proprietary Atidot platform where it will be automatically cleaned and sorted.

“Our goal is to build a platform so life insurers can leverage their data and become data-driven organizations. We use AI and machine learning to help our customers gain actionable business insights,” said Dror Katzav, CEO. “With our deep experience, both in life insurance and data science, this means that we can assist our customers in their strategic planning, including client development, client retention, underwriting and pricing. As an example, the system can create profile groupings of policyholders by analyzing an unlimited number of categories such as their age, occupation, gender, payment method, average salary for their geographic location and more. This profiling gives the client an insight into the predicted behavior of their policyholders and the client can then adjust their strategy accordingly, whether this is upselling to more receptive clients or client retention efforts to those deemed at risk of lapsing.”

Atidot was founded in 2016 by Dror Katzav and Barak Bercovitz, both of whom served in the technological unit of the Intelligence Corp in the Israeli Army, and Assaf Mizan, former Chief Actuary at the Israel Ministry of Finance. The Advisory Board includes the former Supervisor of Insurance and Capital Markets in Israel and a former executive of a Tier 1 insurance company in the US. The Company raised capital from The D.E. Shaw Group and other fintech VCs. With expertise in both technology and life insurance, Atidot was founded to provide a tool for Life Insurers that allows them to more accurately predict behavior patterns therefore assisting with company strategies. The Atidot platform makes loading and analysis of all data extremely fast; one million policies takes less than an hour. Data can be uploaded in house or in the cloud, depending on country-specific regulations. Designed as a living tool, the platform is sustainable and can adapt to new situations. With Atidot’s team’s extensive background in cyber security, the company ensures that data is held securely on the platform and protected from cyber-attacks.

About Atidot

Atidot is an insurtech company with a cloud-based predictive analytics platform for all areas of the life insurance market. Creating the Life Insurance Data Cloud, Atidot’s solutions enable data driven decision-making for insurance carriers. Atidot suggests unique ways to view data and models and creates actionable business insights so companies can retain policyholders and maximize profits. For more information, visit www.atidot.com.

Strategic BCP’s software innovators, enterprise consultants, customers, and partners will soon be heading to sunny Orlando for DRJ Spring World 2017 at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. We are proud sponsors of the conference.

At DRJ Spring World, we will be showcasing several new software enhancements in ResilienceONE including the integration of Everbridge—the industry’s top Emergency Management Notification System (EMNS). The integration adds powerful capability to Business Continuity and Crisis Management and does not require customization or configuration.

Strategic BCP and Everbridge will demonstrate its integrated capabilities in the “Coronado F” suite at the following times:

  • Sunday, March 26 at 5:30-7:00 pm
  • Monday, March 27 at 11:45 am-1:30 pm
  • Tuesday, March 28 at 11:45 am-1:30 pm

Private demos will also be available. Visit Booth 510/512.

See firsthand ResilienceONE’s extensive automation of manual work, powerful risk analytics, and its real-time enterprise command center. It provides a comprehensive, cost effective way manage business continuity, operational risk, vendor risk, and IT risk within one cloud-based solution.

Members of Strategic BCP’s world-class Professional Services organization will also be on-hand.

Not attending DRJ Spring World? Learn more or schedule a demo.

We hope to see you there!


(TNS) - York and Cumberland counties are under a blizzard warning as a massive nor’easter arrives in Maine with blustery winds and snow.

Snow started falling before dawn Tuesday in York County, part of a potentially crippling storm stretching from Washington, D.C., to Maine that will affect tens of millions of people by the time it moves out of the Northeast on Wednesday.

The National Weather Service placed all of coastal New Hampshire, York County and Cumberland County under a blizzard warning for Tuesday, meaning severe winter weather could create whiteout conditions that make travel extremely dangerous.



Can you describe the differences and benefits of the BIA and Risk Assessment? Today’s short blog may help you provide answers when the questions arise.

You just spent time completing a Business Impact Analysis (BIA), taking 2 to 3 hours per department. Now you are asking for another hour or more to interview the same team for a risk assessment. “We just did this, why are we doing it again?” is the response from department leaders. Even BC program stakeholders ask why time and resources are being spent on the same activities. The Risk Assessment and BIA are both risk-based assessments, but have different purposes. BIAs are the “what” is impacted and Risk Assessments are the “how” impacts occur.

BIAs are the “what” is impacted and Risk Assessments are the “how” impacts occur.