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Have you ever considered how a disaster might affect your communications? Is your communications sufficiently recoverable or is it like most companies. There is an alarming amount of corporations without functional communications backup, even though they have a plan and some even have a backup recovery site. The industry norm is to use dial-backup for recovering from lease line failure. This is sometimes functional but not very reliable. In the following paragraphs we will go into detail as to the services available that are alternatives to dial-backup, and how to recover using these services.

AT&T ACCUNET Digital Services
Service/Applications Overview

Today, the use of high-performance communications systems to link computers in intra- and interorganizational corporate configurations is delivering on the promise inherent in information systems technology.

Advanced communications capabilities integrated with information systems are producing new opportunities for business...to enhance the value of goods and services...to take advantage of expanded markets...to reduce overall operating costs...in all, to gain a competitive advantage.


A major aerospace manufacturer requires parts suppliers to link to its design and manufacturing system — drastically reducing the total cost of design changes and parts.

A distributor establishes an online communications network including key customers. An automated electronic order exchange system increases flexibility and provides a way to cut costs. The arrangement strengthens ties between distributor and customers.

A major publisher of business information finds new business among small companies and individuals accessing its data bases.

An auto manufacturer establishes automated “just in time” parts delivery systems to achieve inventory reductions and huge cost savings.

A travel agency ties its reservations computer terminals to several databases, thus offering customers a wider range of choices.

A leading distributor of metals and electronic products installs an online inventory and order handling system to provide faster, more accurate shipments to customers. In four years, customer inquiries increase tenfold as a result of expanding business.

Few of these interorganizational arrangements could work if it were not for high performance communications systems capable of supporting today’s high performance computer systems — networks such as those offered by AT&T. With a full range of transmission services, we are in a unique position to help
business make the most of the competitive advantages information transfer applications have to offer.

AT&T has originated and developed many of the advanced technologies that today are the state-of-the-art throughout the communications industry.

These technologies are continually evolving, and we have used them to develop a growing family of all-digital communications services that provide unmatched performance and reliability to support these systems and applications. The family of ACCUNET Digital Services includes a full range of reliable, high-quality services designed to meet the existing and emerging communications needs of business.

Digital signals consist essentially of electronic pulses that represent data.

The digital signal is inherently clear, readily recognized, and it is easily regenerated at points along the transmission path.

The digital signal can be readily multiplexed, that is, separated into lower speed channels. This results in economical use of facilities, which provides user benefits.

High technology digital equipment is inherently reliable. Digital components form building blocks that are mutually compatible, and therefore easy to integrate into flexible networks that are responsive to emerging communications needs.

Customers can simply add new digital building blocks to those already in place — without requiring complete changes in hardware and software. Upgrading is easier; overall costs are lower.


ACCUNET T1.5 Service derives its name from the dedicated terrestrial facilities used to transmission of large volumes of information at speeds of 1.544 megabits per second over fiber optics, digital radio, and T1 carriers. It serves simultaneous voice, image and data transmission needs at higher speeds and higher volumes.

ACCUNET T1.5 Service provides cost-effective private line communications with high reliability and availability.

ACCUNET T1.5 Service is designed to meet current and future communications needs of large corporations.

Additionally, ACCUNET T1.5 Service provides economical alternatives for multiple voice-grade and lower speed digital services.

Another feature of ACCUNET T1.5 Service is customer controlled reconfiguration, or CCR. CCR enables users to electronically rearrange their transmission channels without AT&T involvement. Through a terminal connected to the service, a customer can issue instructions for reconfigurations based on time- of-day/day-of-week data criteria.

Thus, CCR can be used to reconfigure the network to accommodate peak traffic periods, equipment failures or load balancing.

The channel capacity of ACCUNET T1.5 circuits can now be almost doubled by means of another feature known as M-44 multiplexing.

M-44 uses bit compression techniques to compress the normal 64 kilobit per second data stream into two 32 kilobit per second voice channel streams. Customers can transmit voice and voice-band data up to 4.8 kilobits per second. To take advantage of this cost-effective service, customers will need a compatible low-bit-rate voice unit at their locations. AT&T offers two configurations for M-44 multiplexing service: between two AT&T central offices... or between the AT&T central office and customer location.

ACCUNET T1.5 Service is also the access facility for ACCUNET Reserved 1.5 Service.


This all-digital service offers point-to-point or broadcast transmissions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on a reservation basis. ACCUNET Reserve 1.5 Service supports both video teleconferencing and data and voice transmissions. It is a shared network using terrestrial and satellite resources for high reliability and availability.

It is international, currently serving Canada, France, England, Sweden, Italy and Switzerland. It is usage sensitive, and distance sensitive.

Customers can call our national reservations number to reserve time on the ACCUNET Reserve 1.5 network for data applications or video teleconferences.

Video teleconferencing, through ACCUNET Reserve 1.5 Service, offers full motion color, with sound and graphics support. The reservations center will coordinate all necessary facilities and services.

Customers can use video teleconferencing to improve meetings — to get the right people to the meeting. Customers can install dedicated facilities on their own property...or they can use public video teleconferencing rooms, now becoming more widely available among hotels and other organizations.

For data applications, your customers can use ACCUNET Reserve 1.5 Service as an excellent initial step toward ACCUNET T1.5 Service and SKYNET Digital Service — high capacity dedicated services — in cases where volume is high but transmissions are too sporadic to justify dedicated services.


For bursty interactive and batch transmission needs, ACCUNET Packet Service can provide a cost-effective solution.

ACCUNET Packet Service is software-controlled, and basically works like this:

vendor equipment packetizes the data. From there the data is sent over access lines to the ACCUNET Packet Service network. ACCUNET Packet Service sends the data to its destination over transmission paths which are shared with other user.

The receiving equipment then depacketizes the data and, based on the address, distributes it to the proper location.

The fact that ACCUNET Packet Service is software controlled provides maximum flexibility to fit your particular customer’s needs.

ACCUNET Packet Service is ideal for interactive and batch applications requiring minimum response time, such as point of sale... credit checks... reservations... displaying forms for editing... information retrieval... and electronic mail.

ACCUNET Packet Service is also ideal for electronic order exchange applications such as purchase order transmittals...item availability requests...and order and delivery status inquiries.

ACCUNET Packet Service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


ACCUNET Switched 56 Service takes advantage of advanced digital switches already in place, and an all new public switched network to offer flexible, high transmission of low-to-medium volume data on demand.
Operating at 56 kilobits per second, Switched 56 is a usage-sensitive, significant price/performance, all digital service that is planned to be ubiquitous throughout the country before the end of the decade.

ACCUNET Switched 56 Service offers a low cost way to expand 56 kilobit per second service to locations lacking enough traffic to justify a dedicated private line. It supports existing and emerging applications such as word processing and encryption... bulk data transfer, replacing physical transport of computer tapes, disaster recovery and overflow capabilities... computer graphics or computer aided design and manufacturing...enables use of Group 4 facsimile machines that permit sending a page of text in just 6 seconds...and teleconferencing, with slow scan and full color motion video. ACCUNET Switched 56 Service is helping lead the way to the office of tomorrow, and it’s ideal for applications where efficient, reliable, high-speed data transmission at low cost are primary concerns.


ACCUNET DATAPHONE Digital Service, another member of the ACCUNET Digital Services family, offers a wide array of transmission speeds and configurations to serve medium-to-high speed and volume data transmission needs.

The service operates at 2.4, 4.8, 9.6 and 56 kilobits per second, and provides two-way, point-to-point, full-duplex and half-duplex, dedicated, terrestrial private line service.

ACCUNET DATAPHONE Digital Service significantly improves data transmission throughput, accuracy and reliability by eliminating costly retransmissions due to errors and delays.

It is essentially error-free, and it is cost-effective when evaluated in the context of the overall system.

ACCUNET DATAPHONE Digital Service is accessible through 104 “hubs” which reach most major metropolitan areas across the United States.

Through one of our crossing points, it also serves 70 or more major metropolitan areas in Canada via the TransCanada telephone system’s dataroute service.

ACCUNET DATAPHONE Digital Service has many applications in the information industry.

  • In banking and finance
  • In wholesale and retail operations
  • In engineering and manufacturing
  • Applications where accuracy, efficiency and reliability are essential requirements.

These are the ACCUNET Digital Services:

  • ACCUNET T1.5 Service
  • ACCUNET Reserve 1.5 Service
  • ACCUNET Packet Service
  • ACCUNET Switched 56 Service
  • ACCUNET DATAPHONE Digital Service

Your equipment is connected to a widely available and reliable network. We support our all-digital network services with maintenance, monitoring and fault isolation and repair provisions that are unparalleled in the industry.

This article adapted from Vol. 1 No. 1, p. 15.