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Monday, 29 October 2007 02:45

Underground Flood Hits Chicagos Loop, Shutting Down Businesses For Weeks

Written by  Richard Arnold, Editor-in-Chief
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The underground flood of Chicago on Monday, April 13, 1992 is proving to be one of the worst business disasters ever. It is exactly the kind of event that disaster recovery planners prepare for, but hope they never have to experience.

When the disaster struck, I went to Chicago to report on the damage and take photos. The other articles in this special report come from members of the disaster recovery industry who experienced the flood's impacts first-hand.

Although this issue of Disaster Recovery Journal had already been printed, mailing was halted so that we could bring you this special report on this major event.

This disaster will have a far-reaching impact on disaster recovery. Many companies in Chicago were forced to implement their disaster recovery plans. 230 buildings lost power because water threatened their underground power sources.

For many disaster recovery planners, this was the first real test of their work. Hopefully we can learn from their experiences.

This article adapted from Vol. 5 #2.

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