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Backup & Disaster Recovery: Necessary for the Enterprise

In the pursuit of efficiency and optimization, enterprises transcended the paper era and entered the digital era. The workspace is no longer the same anymore. Instead of a ton of office equipment, a single desktop computer and/or a laptop is more than enough. Utilization of digital equipment led to the generation and continuous growth of digital data; which in turn led to the requirements and innovation of data storage: on-premises at first and then enterprise cloud storage later.

Enterprise Cloud Storage: Empowering Productivity & Work Efficiency

By using cloud based storage, enterprises considerably improved productivity and increased work efficiency. Instead of a sequential workflow, the cloud facilitates parallel workflows. And with the cloud, accessibility is made simpler and faster. Instead of working from a single workstation, staff can operate without geographic limitations or time restrictions. This has enhanced the ways enterprises function and operate.

Continuous utilization of cloud environments has generated data lakes for enterprises. Due to the block level storage of the cloud, scalability is simplified and accommodating to the big data generated by industries. However, with the large amount of data and the enterprise reliance on this data; it becomes equally important to acquire capable and reliable means of backing up and recovering this data.

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