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Volume 30, Issue 3

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Breakout Session Track 2 is schedule for Monday 2:45pm - 3:45pm.

goodman.jpgStrategic Session 2
Robert Goodman, CBCP, Florida Hospital

Understanding the Keys to 21st Century DR: Where Does Your Program Stand?

Today, most businesses are totally dependent on their on-line, real-time information systems for work flow, productivity and day to day operations.  When these systems are down, the business is broken.  As you enhance your DR program, do you understand the principles which should be applied to advance your recovery program?  This session will examine twelve critical factors in developing a DR program which fully exploits 21st century methods and technology.  Learn where the exposures are in your current DR program and how to transition to the proactive recovery model today’s businesses demand.

Robert Goodman, CBCP, is an information systems and business continuity professional whose career spans 32 years.

phelps-adamis.jpgManagerial Session 2

Regina Phelps, EMSS & Donald Adamis, Northern Trust 

The Global Solution to Incident Management: Implementing The Incident Command System Worldwide

The Incident Command System (ICS) is now being used in the private sector. With the implementation of Homeland Security (HS) Presidential Directive #5 and the National Response Plan requiring ICS in all federal departments, many professionals see it only as a matter of time before ICS becomes a requirement in other arenas. This session will give an overview of ICS, show practical applications and detail how companies have effectively implemented it throughout their organization.  The Northern Trust has embraced ICS at their corporate headquarters and has successfully rolled it out in other locations. Learn how ICS can solve the problem of departmental silos and program fragmentation that often occurs in a large company plan.

Regina Phelps has more than 26 years of experience. She is founder of Emergency Management & Safety Solutions, a consulting and training firm.

Donald J. Adamis is a senior vice president in global business continuity and recovery services group at The Northern Trust Company, Chicago, Illinois.  

bweinberger.jpgTechnical Session 2
Ben Weinberger, Ruden McClosky

New Strategies for Remote Backup, Replication, and Disaster Recovery

With offices and project teams dispersed across the country and around the globe, IT departments are moving more aggressively to protect data and improve the efficiency of back up and recovery processes.  Natural disasters in recent years have prompted a renewed sense of urgency; many firms have experienced the crippling effects of no data access for days or weeks, and painfully slow recovery windows and tape back up over the wide area network. In this session, learn how Ruden McClosky, one of the largest full service law firms in Florida, with 200 attorneys and more than 550 employees practicing in 10 offices throughout Florida and Venezuela, improved and streamlined its backup and replication processes after four hurricanes hit Florida in 2004.

Ben Weinberger, information technology director for Ruden McClosky, is responsible for all project management, security auditing, BCP, network administration and management, support, and training for the firm’s 10 offices and 520 end users.

lisa-fryc-pic-for-drj.jpgEmergency Response Session 2
Lisa Fryc, CBCP, Starbucks Coffee Co.

Building A Sustainable Business Recovery Program

This session will focus on the need for a structured program to ensure accurate, consistent, and viable business recovery plans. Learn the process Starbucks went through in 2007 to create their sustainable program, which ensures Starbucks is focused on the most critical plans. Discussion will include the tools created to support this program and the benefits of creating this structure. Discover how it impacts not just the operational business units, but also provides IT with better information to improve their disaster recovery efforts.

Lisa Fryc, CBCP, is senior manager, business continuity for Starbucks Coffee Company. She oversees the business recovery and IT recovery teams.

sarabacha-zammit.jpgAdvanced Session 2
David Sarabacha, Deloitte & Joe Zammit, Nestle 

Risk Assessment: A Closer Look at a Standards-Based Approach Using Qualitative and Quantitative Techniques to Compliment your BIA

For many organizations, the BIA has become the end all for determining what processes should be protected and how quickly you should bring them back up.  The associated risk assessment for BCM seems to have become a lost art.  Done appropriately, a detailed risk assessment can be the ideal companion to your BIA information, providing insights to single points of failures, upstream and downstream threats as well as views into system component vulnerabilities.  Methodologies discussed will include qualitative methods, tree-based techniques and techniques for dynamic systems.  Do not mistake IT for a Sarbanes-Oxley, internal audit or property insurance based risk assessment, but rather view it as a risk profile that can add value to all of your risk management decisions.  

David Sarabacha, MBCP, is a leader in Deloitte’s Business Continuity Management (BCM) services function, serving clients throughout the country.

Joe Zammit leads Nestlé USA’s Business Continuity Management group out of Glendale, CA.  He has served Nestlé in several financial positions.

zawada-whitehouse.jpgInformation Session 2

Brian Zawada, MBCP, Avalutio & Laura Whitehouse

The First One Certified: How We Got There and What BS 25999 Certification Means to Us

Considerable dialogue is taking place regarding BS 25999, as well as the accompanying organization certification offered by the British Standards Institution (BSI).  What is BS 25999 all about, how does it compare to other standards, why get certified and what does it take to be certified?  These are all being asked by BC practitioners and their program sponsors – and the answers are energizing companies all around the world.  Explore the process that led the company to make the decision to pursue BS 25999 certification, the business case for rallying around the initiative, key factors influencing success, and what  recognition as the first company in North America to achieve this milestone means to key stakeholder.

Brian Zawada, MBCP, PMP, is the director of consulting services for Avalution Consulting.  

Laura Whitehouse is vice president of market development.