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Volume 30, Issue 3

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Breakout Session Track 4 is schedule for Tuesday 1:30 - 2:30pm.

dr-avram-nemetz.jpgStrategic Session 4
Avram Nemetz, Affiliated Physician

Incorporating Antivirals into Corporate Pandemic Plans

As pandemic planning becomes more robust within the business continuity field, more and more companies are looking to provide antiviral medications to their employees and families.  This session will discuss the various issues surrounding antiviral use including how they work, the competitive advantages of implementing a program and addresses some of the issues surrounding their use.  These issues include, legal/ ethical, employee eligibility (critical vs. non-critical), financial constraints, and senior management engagement.  Also to be addressed will be some of the different ways a company of any size can implement an antiviral program, including case studies of large and small firms, and the current industry best practices.

Avram L. Nemetz, M.D. has been medical director at Affiliated Physicians for 16 years.  A graduate of Cornell University and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, he has long experience managing corporate medical emergencies.  

peter-osilaja.jpgManagerial Session 4
Peter Osiliaja, KidSafety of America

Diversity Issues In Crisis Management Planning: Survey Results

Having an integrated concept of planning cannot be overstated.  Understanding that at the end of the day, you will be dealing with people and cultures, is a fact.  Learn what disaster management planners like yourself think about the presence, inclusion and importance of diversity in disaster management planning for increasingly multicultural communities.  The purpose of this session is to inform about diversity variables, namely, flexibility, inclusion, trust, risk perception, equity and adaptability.  How planners factor these variables into their work helps to shape overall disaster management ‘success’ perception.  This session will present the outcomes of the survey conducted at the DRJ Spring ’08 conference in Orlando, Florida on this topic.

Peter Osilaja is the CEO/founder of KidSafety of America.  For 17 years, KidSafety of America has created and marketed health and safety education concepts, products and services to the public sector.

holdburg.jpgTechnical Session 4
Greg Holdburg, BMC Software

Challenges of Global Business Continuity Planning

As we are becoming a global economy, many business continuity planners face the challenges of planning for events that are very different from those we face in the U.S. This case study will focus on the many obstacles that must be overcome with continuity planning for remote offices in countries like Israel and India. As “off-shoring” grows, many companies are able to become more competitive in the global market place, however the dependencies and risks grow as more and more processes are taken over by these remote locations and the recovery options that we are able to engage in the U.S. are unavailable or very limited in the region.

Greg Holdburg is senior manager global continuity services for BMC Software. He has been in the IT industry for more than 30 years and involved in disaster recovery/business continuity since 1989.

bennajma-jean.jpgEmergency Response Session 4
Jean Bennajma, CBCP, World Bank Group

Emergency Notification:  The Building Blocks of a Successful Business Continuity Strategy

Communication is the single most important factor in a business continuity strategy. Without fast and accurate communication, a business is defenseless. Explore an in-depth look at emergency notification technology and discuss the impact it can have on an organization in crisis situations and on a daily basis. Learn how a robust business continuity program can be built around emergency notification technology by sharing her global perspective and experiences with conference attendees.  

Jean Bennajma, MBCI, CBCP is global BCP manager for World Bank Group. She has provided BC consulting services to a wide range of industries over the last 16 years.

williams-skip.jpgAdvanced Session 4

Jeff Williams, Binomial Intl. & Skip Williams, Kingsbridge

An Examination of ROI for BCP

Usually, all projects must compete for scarce funds. This is especially true for business continuity planning. There does not appear to be an obvious correlation between money spent and money gained. As a BCP practitioner, you know that this isn’t fundamentally true. However, you must be able to justify the expenditure of funds in this area or the project will be delayed or under funded or shelved indefinitely. In this presentation, we will explore how to make that justification using ROI.
Jeffrey Williams is the chief technical officer for DisasterRecovery.com Inc. and president and chief strategist for Binomial International Inc.

Skip Williams is the president of Kingsbridge Systems Inc.

till.jpgFinancial Session 4 - NEW!
Randall Till, CBCP, MasterCard Worldwide

BC Challenges and Opportunities for Partnerships – Information Sharing Forum For Financial Services Part I

Join moderator Randall Till, CBCP as he leads a new track geared towards the financial services industry with expert speakers sharing information and strategies shaping the future of business continuity.  This session will be combined with other important topics facing the business continuity industry to provide a full afternoon session geared towards information exchange and active dialog giving the audience a valuable learning experience. While this session is being hosted by the financial industry, all conference attendees are welcome and will benefit from attending this session or the entire track. The first session will have leading experts from the field of government oversight and infrastructure protection to discuss the latest trends, regulations and expectations guiding the financial industry.

Randall Till has more than 20 years of experience in all aspects of business continuity planning. He serves on the DRJ Executive Council and is the financial Co-chair for the Business Continuity Standing Committee for the Financial Services Technology Consortium (FSTC).