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Fall Journal

Volume 30, Issue 3

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MONDAY 4:15 - 5:15 p.m.


Strategic Session 3

Effective Business Continuity Program Frameworks

Peter Laz, MBCP, Forsythe Solutions
Lewis Cox, CBCP, Forysthe Solutions

laz-cox.jpgIn today’s challenging economic times, protecting corporate assets and business viability is more important than ever. Strong and effective business continuity programs must include proper accountability and governance mechanisms. Learn information on the critical elements needed to maintain high-value BC/DR programs. Clear and actionable guidance will be given on how to structure a program for maximum success and sustainability. Attendees will leave with tangible illustrations of critical BC/DR program elements they can customize for their organizations.

Peter R. Laz, MBCP, is a senior consultant with Forsythe Solutions Group. He is a member of the DRJ Editorial Advisory Board and a Board of Director of PPBI.

Lewis Cox, CBCP, is a managing consultant with Forsythe Solutions Group. He was instrumental in establishing the methodologies and best practices for Forsythe’s BC/DR Practice.


Managerial Session 3

House of Cards: Visualizing and Documenting Business Process and IT Infrastructure

Daniel Evenson, Pathway Systems

daniel_evenson_pathwaysystems.jpgMany organizations have business processes and IT infrastructures that resemble a “house of cards” that become increasingly complicated and vulnerable as additional components are added. As the “house of cards” gets taller, understanding and documenting this tangled web of complexity becomes nearly impossible. What are the odds of being able to quickly and successfully recover from a crisis without a set of blueprints to rebuild from? Large complex systems often hide dangerous dynamic behaviors. Utilizing real world examples and case studies, we’ll discuss approaches to understanding and visualizing these complex systems, and incorporating such understanding into BC/DR plans.

Daniel Evenson, CTO of Pathway Systems, has been in the IT industry for more than 15 years and has a very broad knowledge base. He is an expert in the modeling and simulation of complex IT environments.


Technical Session 3

Deduplication: Shrinking Your Backup Footprint And Backup Window

Dan Bailey, MBCP, Hitachi Data Systems

dan-bailey.jpgData deduplication is one of the latest and greatest backup technologies on the market today. While it has many benefits to both production and restore/recovery environments, there is still much that is unknown about the technology; What is in-line versus post-processing? What are the real differences? How do you really measure performance factors? What are the scalability capabilities? We will discover the answers to these question and more.

Dan Bailey, Americas data protection lead for Hitachi Data Systems, has served on DRI International’s Certification Commission, and most recently served as the Chairman of DRI International’s Education Commission.


Emergency Response Session 3

What To Do With Your BIA Results?

Robert Giffin, Avalution Consulting

giffin-robert---avalution.jpgWhat to do with your BIA results? Does your management team question the usefulness of the BIA? Have you conducted a BIA questionnaire and done little with the results? Are you stuck in autopilot when it comes to doing the same BIA over and over again? If so, please join us to look at how leading business continuity programs utilize the BIA as the catalyst to drive business continuity decision-making and value. We will re-examine every aspect of the BIA, from scope to summarized results, and provide a blueprint to connect executives to the business continuity program and increase your level of support.

Robert Giffin, CBCP, CISA, is a director and co-founder of Avalution Consulting, a firm specializing in business continuity solution design, development, implementation and long-term maintenance.


Advanced Session 3

Exercise Options

Sam Stahl, CBCP EMC

samuel-stahl.jpgThere are many ways to exercise the disaster recovery, business continuity, crisis management, emergency response, and evacuation plans within your organization. This presentation will give you a comprehensive view of the many options on exercising these recovery plans. Tests can be conducted in simple to complex and from inexpensive to costly ways. This presentation will show you how to get the most out of your recovery exercises within limited budget. The presentation will include the examples and details for developing, promoting, scheduling, and delivering a professional recovery exercise.

Sam Stahl’s experiences include business continuity, disaster recovery, and emergency response planning for a number of large and small organizations.


Information Session 3

The Value of Testing Print-to-Mail Recovery Solutions

Lee Yeaton, Pitney Bowes

yeatonlee-pitney-bowes.jpgMost businesses know that a well-designed BCP is critical to maintaining business operations at the same level pre-crisis. What many don’t know is that conducting regular tests of your plan can optimally benefit business operations. Why is regular testing so important? Statistics show that the frequent changing of technology and various applications can have a negative impact on even the most well-designed BC plans. After all, what good is backing up operations if the technology and applications supporting these operations are out-of-date? The importance of keeping equipment and applications up-to-date will be discussed, Several case studies will be presented as well as industry statistics. The importance of testing in order for businesses to know what has changed will be discussed, and how testing technology and applications can be achieved.

As vice president, global account executive for Pitney Bowes Management Services (PBMS), Lee Yeaton has accountability for developing and growing the PBMS Business Recovery and Transaction Mailing operations.