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Volume 30, Issue 3

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TUESDAY 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.

Strategic Session 4

Business Continuity Awareness: A Humorous Approach

Gerry Printz, CBCP, AMSADOR, Ltd., Brandon, MS

printz-gerry-amsador.jpgAt its core, Business Continuity Planning is not a funny topic, Presenting awareness sessions usually involves telling horror stories of disasters that have occurred, the resulting statistics of business failures & why everyone needs to take Business Continuity seriously. Those in attendance are not nearly as enthused about BCP as we are. So how do you wake them up & get them to understand the importance of your BC program? With Humor!!

This session will cover the elements of an awareness session that Mr. Printz frequently uses & how humor is tastefully integrated into the material. The result is an awareness session that you're sure to remember!

Gerry Printz has over 25 years of experience in information systems. He has designed & prepared information systems assessments, business continuity plans & security programs for a wide variety of firms including hospitals, major regional health & life insurance companies, financial services companies, telecommunications,manufacturing & distribution firms, including state government agencies.


Managerial Session 4

Crisis Management: Making It Work – Studies From Hurricanes, Wildfires, and Other Major Events

Ira Messer, Verizon Wireless

messer-ira.jpgIn this session, hear a case study describing how the crisis management teams responded to major events, such as hurricanes, flooding and wildfires over the past several years. The discussion will highlight the roles and responsibilities of the team, their interactions with other regional and HQ teams. Specific examples of team responses during recent events will also be highlighted. The study will describe how the teams were developed and trained to provide a coordinated response to assure network functionality, provide services to local and national government agencies, customers, and assist employees in need.

Ira Messer is involved with developing and managing recovery strategies for Verizon Wireless. His responsibilities include standard BC/DR disciplines of BIA and recovery plan development along with playing a major role in crisis management.


Technical Session 4

Delivering Communications Out of Chaos

George D. Ragsdale

coat.jpg In the wake of a natural or man-made disaster, the lack of an operable terrestrial communications structure becomes a severe problem. Satellite solutions are ideally suited to help bring order out of chaos by quickly restoring the communications capabilities that are so necessary for first responders to do their jobs. Satellite technologies can efficiently establish voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone and data service via portable satellite terminals. Learn best practices in deploying an emergency network that allows disaster victims to contact their families and helps contractors and aid workers do their jobs with the aid of phone service, email, and Web access.

George D. Ragsdale serves as director of engineering for Proactive Communications, Inc. in Killeen, Texas. He is responsible for business process analysis & high level systems architectural re-design to support changes.


Emergency Response Session 4

Insurance: Are You Covered? What’s the Process? Should You Care?

Donald Long, Jr., MBCP, Kingsway America, Inc

don_long_photo2_111606.jpgThe insurance process can be confusing. Different policies and coverage lead to questions. Is building a continuity plan enough? Does the company carry enough coverage on the buildings? What costs would be incurred during a recovery? Learn the answers to these questions and more as we do a complete review of coverage of your insurance plan and identify specific areas. We’ll walk through a claim process. You’ll gain more understanding of how insurance can aid or wreck your business recovery plans.

Don Long has worked in the business continuity and disaster recovery area for more than 20 years. Since 2001, Long has primarily focused on business continuity and disaster recovery preparation, plan development, and testing within industry and state government.


Advanced Session 4

Leading Your People Through an Event

Kathryn McKee, Human Resources Consortia

mckee-kathy-hrc.jpgWhen disaster strikes and your plan becomes operational, how well will your workforce cope with the chaos and confusion as you move from the event into recovery? How will your managers deal with employees who cannot function due to fear, stress or concern for their families? How have employees prepared their families to deal with the disruption in their lives? By attending this session you will gain insight into the competencies required in planning for and then leading people through an event and how your leadership style fits the model. You’ll also learn about a training program developed to help managers manage employees in trying times which kept worker’s compensation claims to a minimum. Discuss the role of human resources on your planning teams and what contingent policies and programs should be considered; Consider the importance of personal preparedness and walk away with tools to take back to your HR colleagues

Kathryn McKee, SPHR, is president of Human Resources Consortia and previously served as SVP HR for Standard Chartered Bank and First Interstate Bank Limited. She speaks frequently to HR groups on their roles in disaster preparedness/planning.


Information Session 4

The DRII Certification Process

DRI International

driigood1.jpgYou’ve taken a few DRII courses, even sat for the certification exam – now what? You’ve heard the stories of how intense the application process is – where do you start? This session will be chaired by members of the DRII Certification Commission and the DRII Certification Manager, and will focus on the application process to successfully become certified. The session is targeted to those individuals who have either begun or wish to begin this process, and will feature a “how-to” approach to this topic. Participants are encouraged to bring specific questions concerning their applications.

Disaster Recovery Institute Intl. is a recognized leader in providing education, standards, and professional certification.