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DRJ Announces "Fall World 2009 On Demand"

Sign up Today and Save! Sessions will be available for viewing on September 22.

DRJ is presenting an exciting new option for Fall World 2009! While everyone knows that face-to-face meetings offer the most value, sometimes it is impossible to arrange. If your budget does not allow you to attend our conference, we have a plan that can help. We are bringing Fall World 2009 to you in a convenient, affordable option!

Fall World ON DEMAND offers the conference experience without actually being onsite! That’s right - an on demand, web event is debuting in September. This exciting new option brings to life all you would experience at Fall World 2009 and presents it to you wherever you are with just a click of a mouse.

For the first time, you can see and hear the speakers, get session material, view the exhibit hall and much more without being onsite at the conference. Gain cutting-edge information and have access to expert speakers for one low fee!

This exciting new option is available for only $149 and will debut on Sept. 22 and 23. Participants will have on demand access up to one year after the event. And, FALL WORLD 2009 ON DEMAND is eligible for Continuing Education units up to 59 points.

By purchasing FALL WORLD 2009 ON DEMAND you can watch session broadcasts from the conference, view the exhibit hall and experience much more from the conference.

You can enjoy Fall World 2009 without leaving your office! Register for Fall World 2009 ON DEMAND today! As an added bonus, you will also have access to a live broadcast from industry expert Regina Phelps.


Bonus Recorded Webinar

pricing.gif Title: H1N1 – What you need to do now to get ready for the pandemic flu season
Speaker: Regina Phelps, RN, CEN, BSN, MPA

While all eyes were gazing to Asia watching with increasing disinterest at the meandering of the H5N1 (avian flu) virus, everyone was completely caught off guard when the H1N1 (swine flu) swooped into America “officially” on April 24. On hindsight, departments of public health in many parts of the US had already started to see an increase in “flu-like” cases in emergency departments as in early April.

On July 16, the WHO issued the following prophetic statement, “Further spread of the pandemic is considered inevitable…“The 2009 influenza pandemic has spread internationally with unprecedented speed. In past pandemics, influenza viruses have needed more than six months to spread as widely as the new H1N1 virus has spread in less than six weeks.”

Companies have a limited time to get ready before the fall flu season begins. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told government leaders at a swine flu preparedness summit in early July, to plan for the worst-case scenario of the virus reappearing with renewed strength this fall. She advised "What we need to assume is that it will come back in a much more severe form.”

The goal of this webinar is to look at three things:

  • The current status of the threat (understanding that this changes daily).
  • Why you should care about this.
  • What you can do when you don’t have much time left to plan.

Upon Purchasing the Full Conference Pass, a link will be provided to sign up for this live webinar.



Features of the Online Presentations

  • All General Sessions will include Video/Audio along with the Presentations to follow along
  • Any/All documents provided at the sessions/workshops will also be provided
  • All Session/Workshop will include Audio and Slides.
  • Access will be granted for 1 Year after the Event Launch