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Volume 30, Issue 4

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DRJ’s conferences have been valuable to thousands of contingency planners from around the world. In the 20 years that we have hosted conferences, more than 10,000 business continuity professionals have received a stellar education through our sessions, workshops, courses and more.

DRJ conferences offer the lowest attendance cost of any in the industry, providing a highly cost-effective method for gaining education, certification, networking and awareness training.

At a typical DRJ conference, attendees participate in more than 25 hours of educational sessions, as well as more than 15 hours of direct networking events. Industry professionals who can impart their years of experience onto attendees lead sessions. Many of these speakers are employed as consultants and educators in the industry, often charging more than the conference fee for a single visit with a client.

Most DRJ speakers are accessible to conference attendees both before and after each session, allowing attendees to gain unprecedented one-on-one time.

In addition, Fall World 2009 features a concurrent exhibition hall, filled with many of the industry’s top companies and their personnel. Attendees are given free access to the exhibit hall, allowing networking, research and discussion opportunities.

To calculate a Return on Investment, calculate the cost-savings you will gain by attending Fall World 2009. Also make a list of costs incurred from attendance. Third, note the savings.

An example is below to get you started. Fill in the appropriate dollar amounts for your situation. Customize to provide all the gains/expenses you will incur.

Costs Avoided by Attending the Conference

  • 25 hours of training = $2500 (25 x $100 –cost of in-house training per hour)
  • Training materials =  $200 (average cost of educational books, papers and CD in your field)
  • Access to vendors = $1000 (10 x $100 – hours spent researching x hourly wage)
  • 3 meals, breakfasts and snacks = $350 (average cost of hotel meal, snacks and beverages x 3 days)
  • Networking with peers = $500 (cost of monthly local group meetings x hourly work rate)
  • Admission to hospitalities, receptions = $300 (entrance fee, food beverage x number of events)

Total = $4850

Expenses incurred by attending the conference

  • DRJ conference registration fee = (insert your cost depending on discounts/time of registration)
  • Travel/lodging costs = $210 x 3 (average hotel fee x average time of stay)
  • Meal costs = (include costs incurred outside of conference hours for meals)
  • Time away from office = (insert cost of being away from the office)

Total = $

Savings: < subtract total expenses from savings to calculate your total)

 By receiving education and training at DRJ’s Fall World 2009, the attendee will realize a savings of ____________________ and make invaluable contacts for future savings potential.