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Spring World 2010 offers the second opportunity for attendees to go ‘paperless’ in all sessions. In an effort to be more environmentally conscious, we will not be printing the large conference books for this show.

Print your session material before arriving onsite. Attendees will also receive a CD with session content at the conference, with the option to work from your laptop in sessions (battery power only). Limited printing kiosks will be available at Spring World 2010 for any changes or last-minute printing needs.

Below you will find all of the Presentation Files for Spring World 2010. To download the .PDF, click right on the Title of the Session and click "Save Target As."

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Sunday Workshop Sessions
Title / Download PDFSpeaker
SWS1: Business Impact Analysis Beginning to EndBarney Pelant, MBCP, Barney F. Pelant & Assc.
SWS2: Violence a Preventable Disaster - Understanding and Reducing the RiskDavid Smith, Prof. Workplace Interaction, Inc.
SWS3: Pandemic Planning: Lessons LearnedElizabeth Alexander, Capgemini – New Horizon System Solutions Kurt Sohn, Capgemini
SWS4: How to Build a Remote Work Program for a Business Continuity Plan Brandon Dempsey, Suite Commute Jill Adams Suite, Commute
SW5: The Intersection of BCM and ERM:Risk Identification, Assessement, and MitigationMatthew Gardner, CBCP, Armodis Consulting
SWS6: Mock Disaster ExerciseSponsored By MailGard
General Sessions
Title / Download PDFSpeaker
GS1: Enjoy the RideSteve Gilliland
GS2: How To Design An Effective Disaster Recovery Strategy Without Breaking The BankMarc Langer, Recovery Point Stephanie Balaouras, Forrester Research
GS3: What Has Emergency Management Learned From The Pandemic? Findings From The Second WaveRegina Phelps, EMSS
GS4: Managing Risks for Corporate Integrity: How to Survive an Ethical Misconduct DisasterRobert Chandler, Ph.D., Univ. of Central FL
GS5: Do you Tweet? Corporate Implications of SocialNetworkingJoe McMenamin, McGuire Woods, LLP
GS6: How Will PS-Prep Affect You? Don Grant, FEMA
GS7: “Cloud” Computing And The Lure Of Hosted Solutions Ben Weinberger, Lathrop & Gage,LLC
GS8: A Model Process for Regional Emergency PlanningDr. Laura Myers, Western Carolina Univ.
GS9: Negotiate Strategic (and Global) Resiliency Barry Pruitt, Pinnacle Business Concepts
Breakout Track 1 - Monday , March 22 - 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Title / Download PDFSpeaker
SS1: Enhancing Resiliency: Create A More Robust Facility Risk AssessmentBrian Durand, RBSCitizens, N.A., Mark Norton, RBSCitizens, N.A.
MS1: Pfizer Inc: Managing BCfrom a Global Perspective Charles Geraci, Pfizer Inc., Todd Frechette, Pfizer Inc.
TS1: Migrating from Tape to Disk-based Backup and Replication: Best Practices and Potential Pitfalls Wes Owen, HNTB
ES1: The Intersection of IT, Emergency Management and Humanitarian AgenciesTom Phelan, STA
AS1: The Resiliency Equation Linda Hanwacker, The LSH Group LLC
IS1: Integrating Emergency Notification into Your Everyday Communications Strategy Michal Ferber, McLeod Health
Breakout Track 2 - Monday, March 22 - 2:45 pm - 3:45 pm
Title / Download PDFSpeaker
SS2: BIA: A New Approach in Service Oriented Industry Shankar Swaroop, Navy Exchange Service Command
MS2: Mission Assurance: Cyber Risks and the Impact On Your Organization Jerry Vevon, BAH, Jonathon Allen, BAH
TS2: Adapting Private Sector BCMS Methods to Government Requirements Glen Bricker, CBCP, Avalution Consulting
ES2: Rapid Response: One Global Company’s Reaction to H1N1 Erica Agiewich, Cisco
AS2: How To Create Great Recovery Exercises Sam Stahl, CBCP, EMC
IS2: What If You Gave A Disaster And Nobody Showed Up? Gerry Printz, CBCP, AMSADOR, Ltd
Breakout Track 3 - Monday, March 22 - 4:15pm - 5:15pm
Title / Download PDFSpeaker
SS3: Using Smarter Business Resilience For Dynamic Risk ManagementRichard Cocchiara, IBM BCRS
MS3: Elevate your DR Program from the Backroom to the Board Room David Halford, Forsythe Solutions
TS3: Seeing is Believing: Supporting BC/DR with Visual Blueprints Daniel Evenson, Pathway Systems
ES3: Daniel Evenson, Pathway Systems Gale Nordling, Emprimus, Jim Danburg, Emprimus
AS3: BETH3 - An Approach to Practical Resiliency and Recovery StrategiesDavid Sarabacha, Deloitte & Touche LLP
IS3: The DRII Certification Process DRII
Breakout Track 4 - Tuesday, March 23 - 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Title / Download PDFSpeaker
SS4: Current State AssessmentMichael Herrera, MHA Consulting
MS4: A Well-Designed Work From Home Program: The Key To Your Recovery Regina Phelps, EMSS, Donald Adamis, The Northern Trust Co.
TS4: Best Practices for Keeping Your Business’ Computer Systems Up and Running 7x24 Ken Hertzler, NEC Corp of America
ES4: BC/DR Solutions in a Wireless World Tom Serio, Verizon Wireless
AS4: Exercise Your Processes, Not Your Applications Thomas Lee, Trinity Consulting Solutions
IS4: The State Of BC, Crisis Communication And Risk Management Stephanie Balaouras, Forrester Research
Tuesday Workshops - March 23 - 3:00 - 5:30 p.m.
Title / Download PDFSpeaker
WS1: Incident Command System: Best Practices in Emergency ManagementRegina Phelps, EMS Solutions, Lessly Field, Pacific Gas and Electric.
WS2: H1N1 Lessons Learned and Pandemic Exercise Harlan Dolgin, Dolgin Consulting, Brandon Dempsey, Suite Commute


WS3: Comprehensive Healthcare in BC Planning Stuart Weiss, CBCP, MedPrep Consulting, Angela Devlen, Wakefield Brunswick
WS4: Incident Management Plan MaturityPeter Laz, MBCP, Deidrich Towne, CBCP, Forsythe Solutions, David Ziev, MBCP, Business Continuity Professionals
WS5: Developing the Recovery Strategy: The Next Step Pelant, MBCP, Barney F. Pelant & Assc.
WS6: Ready, Set, Exercise! How to Develop and Conducta Successful BCP/DRP DrillDr. Steven Goldman Goldman, Mgmt. Consultants

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