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Volume 30, Issue 3

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1:30 - 4:30 P.M.

Sessions are rated: novice for those in the industry less than two years; intermediate for those in the industry for two to five years; and advanced for those in the industry for more than five years.


Sunday Workshop Session 1

Dorothy, It’s Time, To Grab Toto!

Barbara Citarella, RBC Ltd.

citarella-barbara--rbc-10-231.jpgWhat happens if a disaster comes in the middle of the night without warning? What about your family? Your employees? Your business? This workshop will focus on immediate response and conclude with a tabletop exercise. In a world with an economic recession and just in time supplies, this session will focus on immediate response in areas such as:

  • medical attention
  • mental health needs
  • employee needs
  • communication issues and business rescue and recovery

During this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to use slow paced problem solving methods to identify gaps in training and education. Attendees will discuss the requirements for long term business sustainability Participants will be broken down into work groups and given very specific challenges. At the end each group will give a brief description of their solutions and decisions. Barbara Citarella is the founder of the award-winning company RBC Limited, a healthcare and management consulting business.


Sunday Workshop Session 2

Strategic Business Continuity Management

Matthew Gardner, CBCP, Armodis Consulting

matt-gardner.jpgStrategic management is considered the highest level of managerial function and comprised of a combination of three main activities: strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and strategy evaluation.

This workshop will introduce a ten-step strategic management system based on a best practice strategic and systems thinking framework. This strategic business continuity management system can be utilized by virtually any type/size of organization, regardless of industry. Furthermore, this approach can successfully support any of the business continuity industry standards, guidelines, best practices, and regulations. You will find the strategic business continuity management system to be a common-sense, practical approach and one that can provide significant value whether you are in the early phase of business continuity program development or trying to sustain a mature program in an uncertain business environment faced with significant change.

Matt Gardner is a leading strategic management consultant and president of Armodis Consulting LLC where he offers clients practical solutions to improve performance and attain desired results.


Sunday Workshop Session 3

Business Impact Analysis Beginning to End

Barney Pelant, MBCP, Barney F. Pelant & Assc.

bpelant1.jpgThe Business Impact Analysis (BIA) project is the logical first step in the development of a business continuity program.

The project provides the business rationale for disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

A BIA can help an organization to learn their current capability to recover from a disastrous event.

Also, the BIA can help validate that the plan in place is really meeting the organization’s business needs.

During this workshop we will examine the successful methods for achieving timely desired results.

This workshop will be interactive, so bring your questions and come share your experiences! This speaker will also present a detailed workshop on Tuesday.

Barney Pelant is owner and director of Barney F. Pelant & Associates. He has held the certification of Master Business Continuity Professional (MBCP) from DRI International since 1997. His experience ranges from the design and development of domestic and international business centers, to the development of contingency plans to ensure their ongoing viability.


Sunday Workshop Session 4

Incident Management Plan Maturity

Peter Laz, MBCP, Forsythe Solutions
Deidrich Towne, CBCP, Forsythe Solutions
David Ziev, MBCP, Business Continuity Professionals

laz-towne-ziev.jpgLearn to use the BCP Audit checklist and the Incident Management Plan Maturity Model developed by PPBI from recognized standards and industry best practices. PPBI has condensed the one and one-half day course into a workshop to share the effectiveness this process can have on your plans. Exposure to the practical experience of the instructors in addition to recognized industry standards in measuring the maturity of your plans benefits both the public and private sectors. You will use the checklist to assess your capability to assemble, coordinate, collect and channel the resources required for critical incident management. The tools are free, the simulation authentic, and the class is practical, immediately useful, and fun!

Peter Laz, MBCP, is a senior business continuity consultant with Forsythe Solutions Group.

Deidrich E. Towne, Jr. CBCP is senior technical consultant for Forsythe Solutions Group.

David Ziev, MBCP, MBCI is the principal of Business Continuity Professionals.


Sunday Workshop Session 5

How to Build a Remote Work Program for a Business Continuity Plan

Brandon Dempsey, Suite Commute

bdempsey08-colorprint.jpgIn June of 2006 the I.R.S.’s headquarters in Washington D.C. was flooded with 24 feet of water. Subsequently 2200 employees were instantly without a place to work.

Issues were quickly addressed, and the majority of employees were able to work productively at home or other remote work location.

The I.R.S’s Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) was put to the test and proved effective. Since then Senate Bill 1000, “The Telework Enhancement Act of 2007” has been introduced to the Senate, which will mandate that all Federal employees are eligible for remote work unless proven otherwise.

Learn why remote work is an emerging solution to BC planners everywhere, and what you must do in order to make it successful. Learn how to build a remote work program that limits corporate liabilities, while increasing employees’ and the company’s ability to respond to an emergency.

Brandon Dempsey is vice president of SuiteCommute. He actively develops formal customized Remote Work programs, trains clients, incorporates virtual work options into BCP, and conducts speaking engagements on the benefits of Remote Work. Dempsey serves as the co-chair of PandemicPrep.org.


Sunday Workshop Session 6

Mock Disaster Exercise

Sponsored by Sydion, Limited to 200 registrants.

sydionlogo.jpgIn 2009 we have been impacted by the ever changing volatile economic challenges facing our nation. H1N1 has been a widespread wake up call to evaluate plans, response strategies and sound practices.

This exercise will put your skills to the test even further. An explosion has just occurred at one of your locations. Information is sketchy. What do you do first? How do you determine the impact of the explosion? Have there been any employees injured or killed?

This exercise will evaluate life safety issues; investigate employee accountability issues, recovery team response and short and long term impact to the business. Is your team ready to respond? Participants will be challenged to deal with life safety decisions, fiscal impact control, crisis media intervention, interfacing with fire and law enforcement.

As you learn more about the explosion you will be tasked to deal with media issues, stock fluctuation, public image, death of employees and family outreach issues.

Sydion, LLC is joining with JS Training Institute to conduct 2009 mock exercise. Sydion is a technology-based company specializing in mobile data collection and information dissemination during a disaster, pandemic or large-scale emergency.