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Volume 30, Issue 3

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Workshop Session 1

How To Maintain The Readiness Of Your Business Continuity Program During A Difficult Economic Climate

Randall Till, CBCP, Master-Card

till1.jpgBuilding and maintaining a strong BCP is a difficult challenge in the best of times. With today’s focus on making the highest return on investment, business continuity is an area most often at the bottom of a company’s priority list. However, it is imperative that we look at how we can refocus our planning efforts and strategies to maintain the highest level of readiness as possible.

Learn how to focus on the highest risk areas, and concentrate planning efforts on the components that are mission-critical.

This session will challenge the audience to share experience from other organizations, while engaging participants in an interactive dialog to answer questions and gain industry insights.

Pandemic Update: During the workshop a portion of the session will be dedicated to looking at the recent Influenza A (H1N1) event and discussing the best practices and strategies for preparing your organization for a global pandemic event

Randall Till, CBCP, is a leading industry expert in the business continuity field and has worked as a BCP practice leader for several large corporations.


Workshop Session 2

Incident Command System – Best Practices in Emergency Management


Regina Phelps, EMS Solutions

Lessly Field, Pacific Gas And Electric

phelps-field.jpgHow does a major company go about implementing a significant change to its emergency management structure? Pacific Gas & Electric embarked on a journey to convert its old system to the Incident Command System (ICS) over an 18-month period. This workshop will share how PG&E went about it, their challenges and opportunities and real life lessons you can take back to your business. The session will conclude with an orientation exercise to give you a chance to “test-drive” the Incident Action Planning process in real time. Attend this hands-on workshop to learn how to implement ICS in your company and walk out with can-do tools under your arm!

Regina Phelps is an internationally recognized expert in the field of emergency management and contingency planning. She is founder of Emergency Management & Safety Solutions, a consulting and training firm.

Lessly Field is the director of business continuity management and emergency planning at Pacific Gas and Electric Company. She has provided field-level emergency response, run large-scale regulatory projects, implemented various governance improvements, and managed capital spending policy and programs.


Workshop Session 3

Exercising a Pandemic Plan

Harlan Dolgin, Dolgin Consulting. Brandon Dempsey, Suite Commute

dolgan-dempsey.jpgYou’re in management at XYZ Company. You know a pandemic is coming, and suddenly, it’s here! The World Health Organization has just raised the alert level from Level 3 to a Level 4. Now you sit at the planning table with your peers and have to make decisions.

This workshop will challenge participants with scenarios and injects that develop along a timeline of a pandemic outbreak. Groups will deal in-depth with company-related issues such as work from home, HR issues, legal issues, social distancing, and other pandemic-related topics. For communities, the session will identify working partners that also want to prepare for a pandemic and strategies for gathering those partners together.

Harlan Dolgin is president of Dolgin Consulting, which opened its doors in February, 2009. He was founder and co-chair of PandemicPrep.Org. He became executive director of the organization in April 2009.

Brandon Dempsey is vice-president of SuiteCommute, LLC. His professional background is in telecommuting and remote work options.


Workshop Session 4

Comprehensive Healthcare BC Planning: Let’s Get Down To The Nitty-Gritty

Stuart Weiss, CBCP, MedPrep Consulting
Angela Devlen, Wakefield Brunswick

weiss-devlen.jpgBack by popular demand, this session will get down into the details of actually creating a comprehensive BC plan. Discussion will include pandemic planning and processes. Additional topics include:

  • How to do a risk assessment and develop action plans
  • How to do a BIA
  • How to capture and report data, questions to be asked, what pitfalls to avoid.
  • The Healthcare GAP for BC
  • How to integrate healthcare quality and safety, risk management and your BC program
  • How to tie everything together

This workshop will focus on tried and true best practices. You will walk away with tools and actual documents you can use in your facility. Come prepared to immerse yourself in this topic.

Dr. Stuart Weiss, FACEP, CBCP, CEO of MedPrep Consulting Group LLC, has provided BC and disaster preparedness guidance and assistance for more than 15 years.

Angela Devlen is managing partner with Wakefield Brunswick and a founding board member of the Business Continuity Planning Workgroup for Healthcare Organizations.


Workshop Session 5

Developing the Recovery Strategy: The Next Step

Barney Pelant, MBCP, Barney F. Pelant & Assc.

bpelant1.jpgOnce the business impact analysis (BIA) has been completed, the next logical step in the development of a business continuity program is the formation of the business recovery strategy.

The results of this effort provide us the infrastructure for carrying out the successful recovery of the organization in case of a disastrous event or business interruption.

This infrastructure is also the foundation for the procedures that we develop next, a.k.a. our business recovery plan.

This session is a former breakout session that has been expanded by popular request to a workshop.

During the workshop we will examine a proven methodology for taking the findings of the BIA and developing successful strategies.

Learn important and logical steps to take when structuring the business recovery strategy. You’ll take home answers and solutions that you can implement immediately.

Barney Pelant is owner and director of Barney F. Pelant & Associates. His professional background includes more than 30 years focusing on business continuity planning, disaster prevention and recovery.


Workshop Session 6

Ready, Set, Exercise! How to Develop and Conduct a Successful BCP/DRP Exercise

Steve Goldman, Goldman Mgmt. Consultants

goldman-steve-20071.jpgSuccessful crisis management and disaster recovery takes more than a plan: it requires realistic testing and validation. How do you do that properly? Do your exercises provide as-close-to-real situations as possible? How does your program compare? How can you improve?

During this hands-on workshop, learn how to set up and conduct a successful BCP/DRP exercise. Students will master the aspects of effective exercise preparation and execution, including:

  • Types of drills and exercises
  • Elements of a successful exercise
  • Scope, objectives, and extent of play
  • The scenario team
  • Scenario ideas and events
  • Resources and props
  • Scheduling and coordination
  • Goldman’s highly acclaimed Exercise
  • Planning Checklist.

Learn how to avoid common pitfalls during the development process and how to anticipate and resolve potential problems.

Steve Goldman is a leading crisis management and BCP consultant and former global BCP manager for a Fortune 500 company.