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Fall Journal

Volume 30, Issue 3

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Breakout Track 3 (Monday 4:15 - 5:15 p.m.)

Strategic Session 3

The Threat to Venues of Mass Gatherings


James McGee, The Soufan Group

speakers-061Attendees will critically examine the all hazard threat to venues of mass gatherings with an emphasis on the terrorist threat to sporting events. It will address strategic and tactical countermeasures and response to the threat pursuant to recent case studies. Preventative and protective measures as well as mitigation and response and recovery plans and procedures will be discussed.

James McGee serves as senior program manager for The Soufan Group. He has 25 combined years of law enforcement experience, 21 years as a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and a Master of Science in Criminal Justice from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia.

Managerial Session 3

Risk Management vs. Continuity Management


Marie- Helene, Primeau Premier Continuum

speakers-062Many believe business continuity to be a sub-set of risk management, a way to address a risk. This presentation will cover how risk management and business continuity management disciplines supplement one another using ISO models and practical examples. It will also discuss how to have an integrated approach and where BCM currently reports within the organization.

Marie-Helene Primeau is a chartered accountant and a member of the Business Continuity Institute (MBCI). She is the president of Premier Continuum, a consulting firm and developer of BC software ParaSolution. She is also a certified trainer of the Business Continuity Institute and has already trained dozens of professionals throughout North America and online.

Technical Session 3

Anatomy of Cloud-Based Recovery


Kelly Baig, SunGard Rec. Svcs.

speakers-063Attend a detailed walk-through of the full range of recovery levels, which are provided in cloud-based technology implementations, complete with critical trade-offs and considerations, which are important for adopting organizations to consider. Recovery levels will range from local to wide-area recovery options, including both applications and data. Critical technology components will be reviewed – including use of replication, snapshot, disk-to-disk-to-cloud protection, IaaS, PaaS and automation capabilities and their application to simple, complex, and legacy systems.

Kelly Baig is director, product marketing for SunGard Recovery Services.

Emergency Response Session 3

To 4G, or not to 4G?  What does it all mean?


Tom Serio, Verizon

speakers-064You hear about 4G everywhere when it comes to cell phone networks. What does it really mean when a network is 4G? What devices are 4G compatible? What really is the difference between the various carrier’s 4G networks, and even 3G? What features of a 4G network can the business continuity planner take advantage of for improved communications and data access? What you learn may surprise you. You have to look at the technology to understand the benefits.

Tom Serio, currently with Verizon Wireless, has more than 25 years of experience in business and Information Technology, with a focus on disaster recovery preparedness, business continuity planning and crisis management throughout his career.

Advanced Session 3

How to Survive the BC/DR Evolution


Peter Laz, Forsythe

David Halford, Forsythe

speakers-065speakers-066The BC/DR profession has come a long way since the first DR plan was developed.First it was all about recovering the big computers, then they were decentralized. Moving some technology out of the data center caused the development of business recovery efforts. Technology and business enhancements, operational cost pressures, increased customer requirements and more regulatory demands are significantly impacting the approach required by this industry. If we don’t adjust, the train will leave us behind. Traditional BC/DR takes an approach that focuses on planning for a potential risk or event. Come and learn how to add value to the business by focusing on resiliency, adaptability and operationalizing your efforts so you have a seat on the train.

Peter R. Laz, MBCP, managing consultant with Forsythe, has more than 20 years experience designing and implementing DR, BC and incident management programs.

David Halford,Forsythe’s BC/DR practice manager, helps customers plan and implement enterprise risk management initiatives focused in the DR/BC arena.

Information Session 3

Our Dirty Little Secret! Why Can’t We All Play in the Sandbox Together?


Barney Pelant, Barney F. Pelant & Assc

speakers-067Our dirty little secret is more common than we would all like to admit. Business continuity management is the proactive collaboration of three highly interdependent components: emergency response, IT and our business units. In most organizations the importance of these elements are seen in this order and as separate focuses. The success of a BC program is highly dependent upon the teamwork and cooperation of these three areas.Unfortunately, we often find these functions are being managed as separate and distinct silos. Why can’t we all work together? Is the sandbox not big enough? Come to this session to learn how you can make a difference.

Barney Pelant is owner and director of Barney F. Pelant & Associates LLC. He has more than 30 years focusing on BC planning, disaster prevention and recovery.