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Fall Journal

Volume 30, Issue 3

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Breakout Track 4 (Tuesday 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.)

Strategic Session 4

Connecting with Management and Staying Relevant


Robert Giffin, Avalution

Brian Zawada, Avalution

speakers-068speakers-074Ah, the seemingly impossible task of acquiring management's attention, support and buy-in. Unfortunately, BC professionals often fail to connect in approach and ongoing messaging. Join us to gain insights on a better approach - one focused on understanding objectives first, and then using proven techniques to connect with management and align a program. In addition, participate in our five-minute self-assessment to benchmark your management team's involvement against other programs.

Robert Giffin, CBCP, CISA, is a co-founder and director of technology for Avalution Consulting, a firm specializing in business continuity consulting.

Brian Zawada, MBCP, MBCI, is a co-founder and director of consulting for Avalution Consulting, a firm specializing in business continuity consulting.

Managerial Session 4

A Day in the Life of Today's Business Continuity Professional


Tejas Katwala, Continuity Logic

speakers-069Today, planners are faced with difficult challenges that require them to balance competing interests and requirements where the right path to establish, nurture, or expand the program is not clear. Through case studies and interactive discussion, this session explores and evaluates how integrating continuous process improvement can transform the management of your program that ultimately results in improved resiliency and operational management. The session will cover direct and practical application of the continuous integration process to support standards, regulatory guidance, and mandates issued from your board.

Tejas Katwala is the CEO and co-founder of Continuity Logic. He has more than 20 years experience with business process automation and improvement, technology management, and more specifically over the last 10 years in helping organizations establish, automate, and transform their business continuity programs.

Technical Session 4

Establishing a Sustainable Risk Management and Contingency Planning Program


David Nolan, Fusion Risk Mgmt.

speakers-020This session will provide a framework for developing a program management process to ensure all types of contingency plans and operational risk profiles can be organized and maintained continuously with less effort and better results than traditional methods can achieve. Whether your program is mature and world-class, or you are just starting out, the concepts, techniques and tips provided in this session will ensure that your program is manageable, sustainable, and relevant to your executive management team.

David Nolan is president and CEO of Fusion Risk Management where he leads the development and delivery of world-class operational risk management and contingency planning solutions for enterprise organizations.

Emergency Response Session 4



Tim Bonno

speakers-072Whether you are new to the field of business continuity or an experienced veteran, you will want to attend this session and discover the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the Incident Command System (ICS). Many companies have already adopted these philosophies and methodologies into their business continuity strategies. In this session, attendees will learn about the benefits of these two public-sector initiatives and how they can strengthen your business continuity efforts. Discover how you can leverage both NIMS and ICS to your advantage and make your command and control, response, and recovery efforts more effective.

Tim Bonno is a business continuity and emergency management counselor, specializing in the development and delivery of training and education. Prior to developing his own practice, he enjoyed a successful 30+ year career with a Fortune 50 telecommunications company.

Advanced Session 4

DRJ and Forrester BC/DR Market Study: The State of DR Preparedness


Rachel Dines, Forrester Research

speakers-075Learn the current state of enterprise disaster recovery preparedness and how much progress we've made. The results from the DRJ and Forrester's First Annual BC/DR Market Study will be reviewed in this session and compared to the results of the last time this survey was run in 2007. Coverage will include: Company practices regarding DR planning, plan maintenance and testing; The percentages of companies that have alternate recovery sites; Current recovery tiers and technology selection; Company confidence in their DR preparations and more. The conclusion will provide an overall assessment of current DR preparedness efforts and provide recommendations for improving preparedness.

Rachel Dines' research focus is on IT continuity and DR services and technologies, next-generation high availability and backup, and data center strategies.

Information Session 4

The 'Otagaisama' Strategy: A Japanese Way of Reciprocal Agreements for the Manufacturing Sector


Shinji Hosotsubo, CMPO

speakers-015Even prior to the great East Japan earthquake and tsunami of 2011, the dearth of effective BC strategies for the Japanese manufacturing sector has been obvious to practitioners willing to fully envision likely worst-case scenarios. Learn the "Otagaisama" strategy, which the speaker pioneered in 2008, and how it has become the increasing focus of interest in Japan after the supply chain disruptions of 2011. While reciprocal "gentlemen's agreements" have generally not found much favor among the worldwide BC community, the "Otagaisama" strategy takes full advantage of relatively unique cultural attributes and Japanese attitudes towards contractual obligations to provide potentially seamless "fail-over" within the supply chain.

Shinji Hosotsubo, CBCP, was one of the first proponents of business continuity in Japan. He is also chairman of Crisis Management Education & Exercise Center, a non-profit foundation to build crisis leadership skills.