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Fall Journal

Volume 30, Issue 3

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Sessions Materials

Sunday Workshop Sessions
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SWS1: Practical Event ManagementScott Lawrence, McKessonCorp.
SWS2: Incident Management Plan AssessmentKen Schroeder, Southeast Corp. Ken Deidrich Towne Hewlett Packard Ken David Ziev, Business Continuity Prof.
SWS3: Psychological First Aid: Dealing With Someone In CrisisAnn Cline, AirTran Airways
SWS4: Developing the Recovery Strategy: The Next StepBarney Pelant,, Barney F. Pelant & Assc. LLC
SWS5: Developing Continuity Plans in a Condensed TimeframeLloyd Smith, Jr., Business & Gov. Continuity Svcs.
SWS6: Mock Disaster ExerciseSponsored by MailGard
General Sessions
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GS1: The Upside of DownJoe Malarky
GS2:The Business Continuity Professional's Guide to the GalaxyTony Schmitz, SendWord Now
GS3: "Resiliency" Means Never Having To Say You're SorryCurtis Smerud, The Smerud Group
GS4: Decision Making During Disasters and Emergencies: Research Findings and Applications to Enhance PerformanceRobert Chandler, Univ. of Central FL
GS5:Risk and Resilience 2.0: A View Of The Industry Today And Headlights For The FuturePat Corcoran, IBM BCRS
GS6: The Great East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami: An Eyewitness Account and Vision for the FutureShinji Hosotsubo, CMPO
GS7: The Japan Disaster: Key Lessons You Should Incorporate Into Your PlansRegina Phelps, EMSS Liz Granger, Visa Inc.
GS8: The Art and Science of Incident Team ManagementBruce Blythe, Crisis Mgmt Intl.
GS9: Are You Making it Worse?Barry Pruitt Pinnacle, Business Concepts Inc..
Breakout Track 1
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SS1: Moving Forward in Contingencies: Toyota's Tale of Tsunami PreparednessChris Barbour, Toyota
MS1: Scorecards and Metrics for Management ReportingRay Mach, Kroger
TS1: Getting Ahead of the IT Curve With Business Resilience in the CloudRichard Cocchiara, IBM
ES1: February 22, 2011 Disaster Strikes Christchurch, New ZealandMurray Mills, NZ Ministry of Health Sam Stahl, EMC Consulting
AS1: BCM: Road to ResiliencyRamesh Warrier - eBRP
IS1: Communications During A Catastrophic EventMichael Echols, NCS
Breakout Track 2
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SS2: The Impact of Catastrophic Events on Global Supply ChainsBrian Jemelian, Yamaha America Steven Craig, Consort. BCPPI
MS2: Enterprise Backup and Disaster Recovery for the 21st CenturyRichard Dolewski, WTS
TS2: Case Study: Ensuring Business Continuity for G&T Conveyor CompanyWayne McKeever, Five Star Airport Alliance
ES2: A Well-Designed Work From Home Program: The Key To Your Recovery, Part 2Regina Phelps, EMS Solutions Don Adamis, Northern Trust
AS2: Next Generation Business Continuity Exercise ProgramSteve Heisen, BOA Mike Tracy, BOA John Linse, EMC
IS2: Belgium Case Study: Implementing a BCM Program In A Multinational EnvironmentWerner Verlinden, Ascure
Breakout Track 3
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SS3: The Threat to Venues of Mass GatheringsJames McGee, The Soufan Group
MS3: Risk Management vs. Continuity ManagementMarie- Helene, Primeau Premier Continuum
TS3: Anatomy of Cloud-Based RecoveryKelly Baig, SunGard Rec. Svcs.
ES3: To 4G, or not to 4G? What does it all mean?Tom Serio, Verizon
AS3: How to Survive the BC/DR EvolutionDavid Halford, Forsythe
IS3: Our Dirty Little Secret! Why Can't We All Play in the Sandbox Together?Barney Pelant, Barney F. Pelant & Assc
Breakout Track 4
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SS4: Connecting with Management and Staying RelevantRobert Giffin, Avalution Brian Zawada, Avalution
MS4: A Day in the Life of Today's Business Continuity ProfessionalTejas Katwala, Continuity Logic
TS4: Establishing a Sustainable Risk Management and Contingency Planning ProgramDavid Nolan, Fusion Risk Mgmt.
ES4: NIMS? ICS? BCP? OMG!Tim Bonno
AS4: DRJ and Forrester BC/DR Market Study: The State of DR PreparednessRachel Dines, Forrester Research
IS4: The 'Otagaisama' Strategy: A Japanese Way of Reciprocal Agreements for the Manufacturing SectorShinji Hosotsubo, CMPO
Tuesday Workshops
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WS1: Benchmarking for Beginners: Conducting a Business Continuity Program AssessmentRegina Phelps, EMSS Kelly David, Williams EMSS
WS2: Violence a Preventable Disaster: Understanding and Reducing the RiskDavid A. Smith, Prof. Workplace Interaction
WS3: BCP's Strategic Alliance with HR and HR Lessons Learned from Real DisastersSue Kerr, Continuity First Ralph Petti, RP Risk Advisors
WS4: Ready, Set, Exercise! How to Develop and Conduct a Successful BCP/DRP ExerciseSteve Goldman, Goldman Mgmt. Consultants
WS5: Birds of a FeatherRoundtable
WS6: BCP/EM: A Complete CurriculumKevin Schaller, American Public Univ. Thomas Phelan, American Public Univ.