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Fall Journal

Volume 30, Issue 3

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Sunday Workshop Sessions - 1:30 - 4:30 p.m.

Sessions are rated: novice for those in the industry less than two years; intermediate for those in the industry for two to five years; and advanced for those in the industry for more than five years

Sunday Workshop Session 1

Practical Event Management


Scott Lawrence, McKessonCorp.

speakers-025In an exercise or an actual recovery event, it is critical to be able to manage the event in a way that geographically separated teams can view the progress of the recovery and update tasks and report status.

McKesson has partnered with WinWire to create a SharePoint environment that is flexible, real-time, easily facilitates check-in check-out of resources, executive and drill down-dashboarding, running exercises and actual events with all the Power of SharePoint as a solution platform.

Scott Lawrence is service continuity solutions delivery manager for McKesson Corporation.He has more than 19 year’s experience in the information technology (I/T) industry.

Lawrence’s background includes a wealth of experience in a variety of technical and financial areas, including management consulting, information technology consulting, business continuity, data center operations and management, computer operations, application development, financial analysis, and financial modeling.

Lawrence specializes in management committee communication, business services development, operations analysis, program management, data center technologies and business continuity program development.

His industry experience includes banking, insurance, manufacturing, financial services, telecommunications, government, and retail.

Sunday Workshop Session 2

Incident Management Plan Assessment


Ken Schroeder, Southeast Corp.

Ken Deidrich Towne Hewlett Packard

Ken David Ziev, Business Continuity Prof.

speakers-097speakers-028speakers-029PPBI has responded to your feedback and again updated this highly interactive workshop. You will learn to use the Incident Management Plan Maturity Model and the BCP Audit Checklist developed by PPBI from recognized standards and industry best practices.

Due to your evaluations and response DRJ has requested PPBI facilitate this workshop which has been condensed from the one and one-half day course to share the effectiveness this process can have on your plans.

Exposure to the practical experience of the instructors in addition to recognized industry standards in measuring the maturity of your plans benefits both the public and private sectors.  You will use the checklist to assess your capability to assemble, coordinate, collect and channel the resources required for critical incident management.

The tools are free, the simulation authentic and the class is practical, immediately useful and fun!

Ken Schroeder, CBCP is vice president for business continuity at Southeast Corporate.

Deidrich E. Towne, Jr. MBCP is senior technical consultant for Hewlett Packard.

David Ziev, MBCP, MBCI is the principal of Business Continuity Professionals.

Sunday Workshop Session 3

Psychological First Aid: Dealing With Someone In Crisis


Ann Cline, AirTran Airways

speakers-026What do you say to someone who just lost a loved one? How do you break the news to co-workers that an employee was in a serious accident? How about the angry customer your company mishandled?

All these situations require crisis management. This workshop teaches what to do and what not to do when dealing with someone in crisis.

Students will learn: an introduction to psychological first aid, understanding people in crisis, crisis communication, non-verbal communication skills, and ideas you can take back to your company.

Airlines have been teaching psychological first aid to everyday co-workers called Care Teams since 1996. Join us to learn one of life’s most valuable skills; psychological first aid.

This will be applied through interactive presentation, training games, and applicable role playing where students will actually practice dealing with someone having a crisis.
Join us to learn one of life’s most valuable skills; psychological first aid.

Ann Cline is the manager of emergency response for AirTran Airways where she is responsible to prepare for aviation, man-made, and natural disasters. She teaches care teams how to handle those affected by an air disaster and other crisis.

Sunday Workshop Session 4

Developing the Recovery Strategy: The Next Step


Barney Pelant,, Barney F. Pelant & Assc. LLC

speakers-032Once the business impact analysis (BIA) has been completed, the next logical step in the development of a business continuity program is the formation of the business recovery strategy.

The results of this effort provide us the infrastructure for carrying out the successful recovery of the organization in case of a disastrous event or business interruption.

This infrastructure is also the foundation for the procedures that we develop next, a.k.a. our business recovery plan.

This session is a former breakout session that has been expanded by popular request to a workshop.

During the workshop we will examine a proven methodology for taking the findings of the BIA and developing successful strategies.

Learn important and logical steps to take when structuring the business recovery strategy. You’ll take home answers and solutions that you can implement immediately.

Barney Pelant, MBCP, is owner and director of Barney F. Pelant & Associates LLC. His professional background includes more than 30 years focusing on business continuity planning, disaster prevention and recovery. Pelant’s technical experience ranges from the design and development of domestic and international business centers, to the development of contingency plans to ensure their ongoing viability.

Sunday Workshop Session 5

Developing Continuity Plans in a Condensed Timeframe


Lloyd Smith, Jr., Business & Gov. Continuity Svcs.

speakers-031You may have a requirement to develop or improve a business/government continuity plan in a short period of time or to progress from an IT disaster recovery plan to a continuity plan. If so this workshop is your ”silver bullet.”

Topics include:

  • Developing Disaster Scenarios
  • Commitment and Getting Started
  • Progressing from IT DR to Continuity Plans
  • Basic Recovery Requirements
  • Team Selection
  • Improved Emergency Response
  • Condensed Risk Assessments
  • Determining and Securing Data/Vital Records Offsite
  • Doing a Condensed BIA
  • Determining Recovery Strategies
  • Developing Basic Recovery Procedures
  • Exercising/Testing Plans

Disasters may not wait for you. Catch up or advance your continuity planning to get ready for the threats of the future.

Lloyd R. Smith, Jr., MBCP, an internationally recognized speaker and instructor with 22 years disaster recovery experience, has been active in developing business continuity policies and standards.

He has been a certified instructor for 18 years and served as an adjunct professor teaching business and government continuity.

Smith founded Business & Government Continuity Services, which provides business and government disaster recovery training and consulting services to include risk assessments, business impact analyses, emergency response and disaster recovery plan development, testing, personnel/team training, recovery plan mentoring/coaching and auditing.

Smith is an active member of InfraGard working with the FBI to protect America’s critical infrastructure and key resources.

Sunday Workshop Session 6

Mock Disaster Exercise


Sponsored by MailGard

Session limited to 200 participants.

New-MailGard-logo-2-color-Sept-04In the business continuity industry, quick thinking is a must. What would you do when faced with an instant crises in your organization? Is your team well trained and able to respond seamlessly?

In this innovative mock disaster exercise, we will use the scenario of an explosion at your company headquarters.  Learn to spring into action and put your continuity plans to the test. Are they as resilient and comprehensive as they need to be?

During the exercise you will be able to not only test your knowledge, but also your company’s own recovery plans.

Join Mail-Gard and Ed Devlin, in one of his last conference sessions, for an informative and exciting exercise designed to test your proficiency, and expose some of the weak points in your recovery plans.

This interactive workshop allows you to collaborate with fellow attendees and respond to emerging events while focusing on the recovery goals.  Attendees can expect to deal with surprising scenarios and twists in the recovery process. Challenge your continuity knowledge in this hands-on workshop.

Additional complications will arise when the nature of the explosion is learned. Dealing with unforeseen areas of a business disruption can strengthen even the most comprehensive continuity plan.

Sign up for this informative session.  We promise you’ll have fun and learn a few things in the process.

As the nation’s leading provider of critical communications recovery services, we operate the only two geographically distant, dedicated recovery centers in the industry. Mail-Gard: Not just print recovery, not just mail recovery ... but now serving all your critical communications requirements.