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Winter Journal

Volume 30, Issue 4

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Tuesday Workshops (3:00 - 5:30 p.m.)

Workshop Session 1

Benchmarking for Beginners: Conducting a Business Continuity Program Assessment


Regina Phelps, EMSS

Kelly David, Williams EMSS

speakers-016speakers-078Whether you’re starting a BCP from scratch or fine-tuning one that has been in place for several years, demonstrating with certainty that all the elements of a “full spectrum” program are in place can be difficult. The bottom line question that you hear from senior management, auditors, and other key stakeholders is simple: does the program have any gaps that put us at risk? This workshop is designed to help you create an authoritative response to the question of program comprehensiveness and how it stacks up when measured against a benchmark.

The workshop consists of three major components:

  • An introduction to the major auditable business continuity standards currently in use.
  • The identification of all major components of a complete business continuity program, as identified in the four standards.
  • The mechanics of conducting an examination of your business continuity program.

Workshop sessions will give participants a chance to bring their own questions and concerns to roundtable discussions and problem-solving exercises.

Regina Phelps, CEM, RN, BSN, MPA is founder of Emergency Management & Safety Solutions, a consulting and training firm.

Kelly David Williams MBA, JD is a senior consultant for Emergency Management & Safety Solutions.

Workshop Session 2

Violence a Preventable Disaster: Understanding and Reducing the Risk


David A. Smith, Prof. Workplace Interaction

speakers-081Far too often, there is misunderstanding about what organizations can or should do to reduce and manage the risk of violence in the workplace.

The good news is that much can be done to reduce the risk.

Research on workplace violence has shown that warning signs and detectable inappropriate behaviors usually precede acts of violence.

This workshop will prepare participants to recognize the basic danger signals, enabling them to provide intervention or seek assistance before problems escalate.

Participants will receive proven methods to combat the rising tide of workplace violence and proactive steps that can dramatically reduce the risk of litigation and future legal claims.

David A. Smith, founder of Professional Workplace Interaction, Inc., (PWI) is an author and highly experienced dynamic speaker.

Smith has extensive experience in executive management, field operations, product launch and financial management at the corporate and small business levels.

He has conducted extensive leadership, behavioral risk management, business continuity and disaster planning training for the insurance industry, corporations, private businesses, university personnel, and government agencies across the United States and Canada.

Smith currently serves as chairman of the non-profit Honor Flight San Diego and has served on the Board of Directors of various corporate, marketing and other charitable organizations. Smith’s corporate experience and expertise has been combined with PWI’s professionals including backgrounds in psychology, psychiatry, legal, law enforcement and education to develop PWI training and consultative programs.

Workshop Session 3

BCP’s Strategic Alliance with HR and HR Lessons Learned from Real Disasters


Sue Kerr, Continuity First

Ralph Petti, RP Risk Advisors

speakers-079speakers-080This interactive workshop will focus on the strategic partnership between the business continuity and human resources professionals. We will address how HR functions as a strategic partner during the planning and the response to a disaster and how to get your HR representative engaged in this strategic process early and actively. Additionally, HR policies and procedures will be identified and discussed within the group. Lessons learned from actual disasters will be reviewed and discussed including provisions, policies, and roles and responsibilities. We will also include thoughts and ideas related to business continuity from the Society of Human Resource Managers (SHRM) – the world’s largest human resources organization with more than 260,000 members in more than100 countries.

Sue Kerr, CBCP, is the president of Continuity First, Inc. in Richmond, VA, and the Chairman and CEO of the Association of Contingency Planners (ACP). Kerr was instrumental in the development and implementation of plans for all industries including financial, insurance, manufacturing, health care, education and government. She has lead Fortune 100 companies in the response to disasters including pandemics, hurricanes, wildfires, internal fires etc. and has presented to audiences nationally and is a published author in books and periodicals.

Ralph Petti, CBCP, MBCI, is the president of RP Risk Advisors, LLC, in Basking Ridge, NJ, and is executive chair of operations of the Contingency Planning Exchange (CPE), Director of Public Relations for the Association of Contingency Planners (ACP) Connecticut Chapter and Society of Human Resource Managers (SHRM) in Central New Jersey.

Workshop Session 4

Ready, Set, Exercise! How to Develop and Conduct a Successful BCP/DRP Exercise


Steve Goldman, Goldman Mgmt. Consultants

speakers-085The DRJ attendee favorite and a long running workshop! Successful crisis management and disaster recovery takes more than a plan: it requires realistic testing and validation. How do you do that properly? Are your exercises smoke and mirrors or do they provide as-close-to-real situations as possible? How does your program compare? How can you improve? During this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to set up and conduct a successful BCP/DRP exercise. Students will master the aspects of effective exercise preparation and execution, including:

  • Types of drills and exercises
  • Elements of a successful exercise
  • Scope, objectives, and extent of play
  • Scheduling and coordination
  • The scenario development team
  • Scenario ideas and events you can use
  • Resources and props
  • How to conduct, evaluate, and critique
  • Imagination, creativity, and leadership
  • Goldman’s Exercise Planning Checklist.

You will learn how to avoid common pitfalls during the development process and how to anticipate and resolve potential problems. Exercise conduct, evaluation, and critiquing strategies will be discussed. With his lively style and real-life examples, Steve will lead the class through interactive discussions of successful exercise development.

Dr. Steve Goldman is a leading crisis management and BCP consultant and former global BCP manager for a Fortune 500 company. Over his long career Goldman has developed, conducted, and evaluated drills and exercises ranging from one-hour tabletops to massive three-day exercises involving hundreds of responders from dozens of companies and government agencies.

Workshop Session 5

Birds of a Feather


DrjCircleLogo-Final2008Engage in dialogue with others in your industry or who have similar areas of expertise or interest. In this structured but flexible BC roundtable forum led by experienced business continuity professionals, you will be able to explore solutions, address your concerns, ask pressing questions, and dialogue about planning activities. This is a great opportunity to build relationships with other planners in similar situations. Don’t forget to bring your business cards.

Potential Topics are:

  • Most significant Risk / BC Issues
  • Crisis Management Planning
  • BC Governance Risk Assessment/BIA 
  • BC / DR Planning
  • Metrics, Measurement and Reporting
  • BCM Exercises and Testing
  • Other Topics Selected by Groups


Randall Till, MBCP, Till Continuity Group

Round Table Facilitators:

  • Robbie Atabaigi, MBCP, KPMG
  • Mike Gifford, CBCP, The Capital Group Companies
  • Scott Johnson, CBCP, AG L Resources
  • Frank Lady, CBCP, CISSP, CRISC, PMP, ITIL Bank of America
  • Martin Myers, MBCP, Bank of America
  • Thomas Phelan, Emergency  & Disaster Management & Fire Science
  • Barney Pelant, MBCP, Barney F. Pelant & Associates, LLC
  • Bobby Williams, CBCP, Emdeon
  • David Ziev, MBCP, Business Continuity Professionals

Workshop Session 6

BCP/EM: A Complete Curriculum


Kevin Schaller, American Public Univ.

Thomas Phelan, American Public Univ.

speakers-025speakers-084The ultimate take-home curriculum for your organization!

Private and public-sector organizations must incorporate continuity practices for survival. Increasingly complex inter-dependencies among organizations dictate the importance of a robust implementation of organizational continuity.

This curriculum provides the learner a comprehensive foundation of the principles and practices associated with developing and implementing a business continuity program.

Case studies will be included.

Kevin Schaller, a graduate student with American Public University System, has more than 20 years financial services marketing management experience coupled with a graduate degree in emergency and disaster management, emphasizing organizational crisis management and continuity.

Tom Phelan, Ed.D is president of Strategic Teaching Associates, Inc.

He has prepared and presented training in risk communication, emergency management, the Incident Command System (NIMS ICS), private-sector Incident Management Teams, and crisis communication and mitigation planning for businesses, universities, and municipalities.

He is professor and program director, emergency and disaster management and fire science, at American Public University’s School of Public Safety and Health.