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Final Plans Set For Fall World 2012!

The final plans are underway to make Fall World 2012 the best conference ever offered by Disaster Recovery Journal. We are putting our decades of experience to work, building a conference that offers unparalleled education, as well as endless networking opportunities.

Hundreds of contingency planners from around the globe will converge on beautiful San Diego for this three-day event. It's not too late to reserve your spot at this outstanding conference. Discover hundreds of ways to boost your career, your program and your organization!

Attendees choose from more than 44 sessions. In addition, there's a comprehensive exhibition hall located onsite, allowing you a look at the industry's best vendors and their services.

For one low fee, attendees receive entrance to all the sessions, the exhibition hall, hospitalities, receptions, and also receive six meals, snacks, beverages and complete conference materials. It is the best deal in the industry!

Don't miss your chance to attend DRJ's 47th conference. Sign up today! Sessions are filling fast.

Last Chance! Early Bird Registration Extended for Fall World 2012

Due to overwhelming response, we are extending our early bird registration. Register by Thursday, Aug. 16, 2012 and save $100 off the low registration fee. Don't miss your chance to gain education, networking and product information all for one low fee.

The conference is set in beautiful San Diego, Calif. Make your reservations now and stay onsite at the Sheraton San Diego. We are located bayside, offering fantastic views and the perfect spot for enriching your career.

Our sessions are loaded with useful information and solutions you can implement immediately in your organization. Learn money-saving tips, better methodologies and explore some of the most cutting edge topics!

You will find sessions on:

  • Preparedness business resiliency

  • social media

  • ISO 22301 and other standards

  • communication

  • emergency response

  • governance

  • public and private sectors

  • data backup

  • disaster recovery

  • crisis management

  • case studies

  • business impact analysis

  • certification

  • workplace violence

  • incident management team

  • and much more!

Register now for Fall World 2012! Browse all the conference sessions and find registration information at www.drj.com/fallworld

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Discover Information on Disaster Recovery and Cloud Computing at Fall World 2012

DRJ has lined up industry experts to lead these sessions in our Technical Track. Attendees can choose one session from each track. Browse the full agenda at DRJ.com/FallWorld and make your selections before your favorite session fills. Register by August 9, 2012 to qualify for the last early registration discount!

TS 2: DDoS from the DR Perspective
Jason Stradley, BT Global Services
In recent months there have been numerous high-profile Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks launched against very well-known organizations. This session will focus on some high level approaches to defending against DDoS type attacks and some approaches to leveraging traditional DR response / recovery and restoration techniques as a part of the defensive framework.

TS 3: Business Resiliency in the Cloud - Reality or Hype?
Karen Jaworski, EVault
Can you truly achieve business resiliency in the cloud? With today's broadly distributed IT environments, and the business demanding always on, fast access to data from anywhere, the cloud has emerged as a viable alternative for backup and disaster recovery services. But does it pass the test on speed, security and reliability?

TS 4: Backing Up Your Big Data
Jeremy Suratt, Iron Mountain; Fred Moore, Horison Info.
The big data phase is underway and in the next few years will give way to the era of colossal content approaching annual data storage growth rates of 100% or more. Learn how this unprecedented volume of meaningful data will demand new backup and recovery strategies and drive traditional storage solutions to new levels of functionality and availability.

Conference Workshops Offer In depth Learning Opportunity

Fall World 2012 features a variety a in depth workshops that allow attendees to explore numerous cutting edge topics. The following workshops are offered on Tuesday afternoon for 2 1/2 hours. The instructors are industry experts who will provide intense interaction with attendees and allow for hands-on learning experiences.


Develop a Top-Notch Incident Management Team - w/ Regina Phelps, EMSS

Regina-17RT1Do you have an incident management team (what in the old days was called a crisis management team)? Are you developing one or retooling the one you have? Then this is the workshop for you. The goal of this workshop is to assist you in developing a topnotch team and process to manage incidents, large and small. We will look at who should be on the team and their roles and responsibilities.


Build an ISO 22301 Management System to Capture Executive Attention w/ Rob Giffin, Avalution & Brian Zawada, Avalution

ZAWADA-Brianrobert_giffin_avalution_high_resManagement Systems “concepts” have been included in nearly every business continuity standard written in the last four years – including ISO 22301 – but remain relatively unknown in our profession. This workshop will introduce management systems processes and their unique benefit of forcing alignment with your executive’s expectations.


Violence a Preventable Disaster: Understanding and Reducing the Risk w/ David Smith, Prof. Workplace Interaction

David-A-Smith-300dpiFar too often, there is misunderstanding about what organizations can or should do to reduce and manage the risk of violence in the workplace. The good news is that much can be done to reduce the risk. Research on workplace violence has shown that warning signs and detectable inappropriate behaviors usually precede acts of violence. This workshop will prepare participants to recognize the basic danger signals, enabling them to provide intervention or seek assistance before problems escalate.


From BIA to Resiliency: How to Align IT with the Goals of your BC/DR Program w/ Sudhir Gadepalli, Ohio State Univ.

So you completed the BIA. You identified critical business processes and determined recovery priorities. Are you confident that your technology recovery capabilities are fully aligned with the recovery requirements of you BC/DR program? Technology recovery is a critical part of BC/DR planning, and a comprehensive IT service continuity management strategy facilitates the evolution of business resiliency. This two-part workshop will examine the importance of technology recovery within the context of BC/DR planning, and will explore various strategies and tactics to achieve infrastructure resiliency. Key takeaways include:


Ready, Set, Exercise! How to Develop and Conduct a Successful BCP/DRP Exercise w/ Dr. Steve Goldman, Goldman Mgmt. Consultants

Steve-GoldmanSuccessful crisis management and disaster recovery takes more than a plan: it requires realistic testing and validation.How do you do that properly? Are your exercises smoke and mirrors or do they provide as-close-to-real situations as possible?How does your program compare? How can you improve? During this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to set up and conduct a successful BCP/DRP exercise.Students will master the aspects of effective exercise preparation and execution.


The ABCs of Operational Resilience w/ Dr. Nader Mehravari, IT Cadre

Nader-MehravariOrganizations, large or small, public or private, civilian or federal, continue to invest in a variety of independent preparedness planning activities including IT Disaster Recovery (DR), Business Continuity (BC), Crisis Management (CM), Pandemic Planning (PP), and Emergency Management (EM). However, given the extreme complexity of today’s business processes, and the global socio-economical challenges faced by organizations, a traditional disjointed stovepipe approach to preparedness planning is no longer viable; neither operationally nor financially. Successful protection of one’s enterprise now requires a fully integrated approach that incorporates unification, standardization, automation, and training while balancing affordability and risk management. Such an integrated approach to protection and sustainment of business operations is being referred to as “Operational Resilience.”

Discover Money-Saving Tips for Attending Fall World 2012

In today's economy, budgets are tight. But attending Fall World 2012 does not have to be out of reach. Don't miss your chance to attend this conference. The education, skills and strategies you will learn at Fall World 2012 are well worth the low admission fee. In addition to having the lowest registration fee in the industry, we have several other money-saving features:

  • Our conference is held at the beautiful San Diego Sheraton, located bayside, and offering several restaurants onsite as well as many more within walking distance.

  • All attendees receive 6 meals included with the registration fee. And, we're not talking a sandwich in a bag. Hot, delicious breakfasts and lunches are served Monday through Wednesday. And, on Sunday night, food is provided at the Welcome Reception. Snacks, sodas and coffee are also provided. This is a huge savings to your budget!

  • Free entertainment is provided onsite at two receptions in the evenings. In addition there's networking in the exhibition hall, private hospitalities and numerous product demonstrations to attend. There's no need to travel offsite for anything!

  • The hotel offers free shuttle service to and from the airport. This combined with the entertainment onsite and restaurants within walking distance eliminates the need for a rental car. That's another huge savings for your budget.

  • We also have several travel discounts available for airfare and rental cars, if you decide you would like to explore the area.

  • Download a free Justification Kit from our website to aid you even further in getting the funds to attend.

Join us in San Diego and discover how you can get a great education, become a more marketable employee and find solutions and skills you need! The return on investment is incredibly high at Fall World 2012 - and these money-saving features make it an even better deal.

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Discover New Solutions in Our Strategic Sessions

Breakout Sessions at Fall World 2012 are a great way to delve into a subject to improve knowledge and skills. Find the best information from around the globe in these one-hour sessions. Each is led by an industry expert eager to share solutions and strategies.

SS1: The State of Business Continuity Preparedness

Stephanie-Balaouras.jpg Stephanie Balaouras, Forrester Research
Learn the current state of enterprise business continuity preparedness and how much progress we've made since our BC preparedness survey in 2008. The results will reveal how company practices regarding business impact analysis, risk assessment, BC planning, maintenance, exercising and communication have changed over the years. It will also examine how the scope of BC is expanding to address third party risks as well as cybersecurity risks. The conclusion will provide an overall assessment of current BC preparedness efforts and provide recommendations & suggestions for improving.

SS2: Achieving Disaster Tolerance in Data Centers

tom_clark_ver3.jpg Tom Clark, Liberty Mutual Insurance
Data centers have become a significant focus during the last 20 years as technology has dramatically evolved. Companies are getting more applications, more operating systems, more platforms, more hardware, and more IT stuff. It has become critically important to simplify the complexity of the infrastructure so the effective management of the IT infrastructure is possible. This session will cover the different phases required to achieve better disaster tolerance including how to best determine what the threats and risks are to your data center.

SS3: All About Business Continuity Metrics

frank_perlmutterhead_shot-100.jpg Frank Perlmutter, Strategic BCP
Are you constantly seeking more executive buy-in for your BC program? Do you have difficulty presenting to your true effectiveness beyond generating plans? Learn metrics that will “wow” your executives, strengthen your risk management skills, and increase your value to your organization. This session takes you from data collection through delivery. We are even taking it a step further and sharing metrics that our colleagues have used to extend value beyond the traditional BC job description. Don’t miss this expert discussion about how to use them to your full advantage as a valuable member of your organization.

SS4: Implementing BCM standards for Organizational Certification and Program Sustainability

Katwla-Tejas-CONTINUITY-LINK.jpg Tejas Katwala, Continuity Logic
This presentation will review and compare new and most common BCM standards and best practices for organization certification and program sustainability. Attendees will walk through an implementation framework to understand how to initiate the program, gain organization wide adoption, incorporate certification criteria, and promote continuous program improvement and maturity.

Register soon to reserve your spot in your favorite sessions. Browse the full agenda and find registration details at www.drj.com/fallworld

Fall World 2012 Features Cutting-Edge Topics!

Find the solutions for the toughest challenges at Fall World 2012. Our speakers are industry experts who will deliver solid, unbiased methods to conquer all the challenges facing business continuity practitioners today. Our General Sessions are held each morning and are targeted to all attendees. Join us to learn about exciting topics!

GS-1: We Need to Talk: Building Trust When Communicating Gets Critical

Learn vital communication skills and key strategies to help build better working relationships and sidestep common minefields when communicating gets critical.

GS-2: A View from the Trenches: Why BC Best Practices are Vital for Continued Resilience

Explore best practices that can be leveraged to build a resilient organization that can keep its doors open despite the chaos.

GS-3: The Evolution of Emergency Responder Performance Challenges and Solutions

Learn the physical and psychological impacts of emergency and crisis contexts. Discover recommendations for more effective management and response.

GS-4: State of the Industry: Dare to Dream, Prepare to Execute

Hear a compelling vision for the future touching on implications for our industry, the people, the services and technologies we rely on, and the fundamental shift in how we manage operational risk.

GS-5: Confidence and Control

Discover why mass notification systems may fail you or help you succeed when it matters most. Learn about changing technology and the need to design communication plans that ensure you are able to confidently manage the disaster and stay in control.

GS-6: Reputational Risk: Safeguard Your Most Valuable Corporate Asset

Learn the value of understanding how unplanned downtime, security breaches and even a simple maintenance update can impact the reputation of your company. Discover how IT managers and C-level executives are looking to IT strategy and infrastructure to safeguard reputational risk.

GS-7: ISO 22301 Arrived - Now What?

Learn the purpose, content and concepts of ISO 22301 as well as recommended uses of this standard, as well as specific strategies to implement ISO 22301 to add the most value.

GS-8: Community Resilience

With the announcement of Presidential Policy Directive 8 there has been significant activity to encourage innovative and motivational community resilience programs. Learn the continuing trends and impacts.

GS-9: Can You C-C-Connect with the “C” Level?

Discover why your preparation to connect with “C” level executives has been all wrong. Gain a roadmap for your long-term direct connect, plus three points to help you successfully connect with any chief officer in your next meeting.

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Looking For A Boost to Your Career This Summer?

Register now and save $200 off the low registration fee at Fall World 2012. Save your company dollars and be able to get the best training in the industry at the lowest cost.

Attendance at the world's #1 conference dedicated to business continuity is a priceless experience! You will receive hundreds of hours of training through our sessions, workshops, exhibition hall and much more. And, there are endless networking opportunities, including receptions and the fantastic Monday Night Hospitality, sponsored by Send Word Now.

The conference theme is The Evolution of Business Resiliency. Discover how the responsibilities and demands on industry personnel have evolved - and how you can be a more productive, powerful employee. Gain the skills and techniques you need to succeed.

The conference is held onsite at the beautiful San Diego Sheraton, located on the bay and showcasing a marina and beautiful views. Several pre- and post-conference courses are available for an additional fee. These courses offer in-depth study of subjects and several offer individual certification awards. Register now and start enjoying your savings! You will not be disappointed in the price or offerings of Fall World 2012.

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PPBI Hosts DRJ Mock Disaster

DRJ selected PPBI to host the DRJ Mock Disaster in Fall World 2012 conference in San Diego.

Limited to 200 participants, this exercise will prove really different. PPBI will be examining the use (and mis-use) of social media during a disaster. Focusing on Twitter and Facebook, we will look at some of the pitfalls of using these media as internal communications channels, presenting the participants with a challenging scenario specifically designed to encourage thinking about social media as it applies to the office environment.

The scenario will bring a challenge to the participants. They will be thrown into the use of ICS to manage the crisis. Part instructional, part practice, part challenging, and all of it guaranteed to be fun. Most importantly of all, the event will let participants learn from their peers. Even the new practitioners will find the thought-provoking environment exciting.

This will be one session where you can use cell-phones, notebooks, tweeting, facebook--just like in real life. Our goal is to show the good, the bad, and the ugly side of social media during a crisis.

PPBI Widget Corporation is starting their annual management retreat, motiviational event, and corporate planning session. It kicks off at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, Sep 9th. The surprises start even before the participants enter the meeting hall. There are only two hundred seats available. The CEO promises the event will have some real excitement for everyone.

More information about PPBI Widgets can be found on their website: ppbiwidgets.wordpress.com

Huge Registration Discounts Available Now at Fall World 2012!

Register now to secure the lowest price for this outstanding conference. Fall World will be held in beautiful San Diego at the San Diego Sheraton Hotel. Enjoy all the amenities onsite and in the city while gaining valuable education and information from industry experts.

The deadline is July 9 to receive the lowest price available! Don't miss your chance to participate for the lowest fee.

All attendees receive an excellent return on investment at Fall World 2012. The low conference fee includes:

  • Complete conference materials.

  • Admission to all hospitalities and receptions.

  • Entry to the exhibition hall, held onsite and featuring hundreds of industry vendors

  • Networking breakfasts and lunches, plus snack, dessert and drink breaks

  • Interaction with hundreds of industry experts, including speakers, vendors and practitioners

  • Product demonstrations and a mock disaster exercise

  • Cyber City area

  • A customized agenda. Select from more than 45 sessions.

  • Complete conference materials to all attendees.

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