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Fall Journal

Volume 30, Issue 3

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Breakout Track 1

Monday 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.

Strategic Session 1

The State of Business Continuity Preparedness


Stephanie Balaouras, Forrester Research

Stephanie-BalaourasLearn the current state of enterprise  business continuity preparedness and how much progress we've made since our BC preparedness survey in 2008. The results will reveal  how company practices regarding business impact analysis, risk assessment, BC planning, maintenance, exercising and communication have changed over the years. It will also examine how the scope of BC is expanding to address third party risks as well as cybersecurity risks.  The conclusion will provide an overall assessment of current BC preparedness efforts and provide recommendations & suggestions for improving.

Stephanie Balaouras, vice president, covering business continuity for Forrester Research, is also the research director of Forrester's Security & Risk research team.

Managerial Session 1

Business Resiliency at Visa: An Integrated Approach


Liz Granger, Visa Inc

Rob Sinclaire, Visa Inc.

Randall Till, Visa Inc.

Liz-Photo-Enhanced-v2SINCLAIRE_ROB_VISATill11Building enterprise resiliency is a challenging concept to sell and implement within an organization. Learn the integrated approach being adopted at Visa, Inc to help the business manage risks and build stronger business continuity capabilities. This holistic approach bridges the gap between the three key industry disciplines: Business Continuity (BC), Crisis Management (CM) and IT Disaster Recovery (ITDR).

Liz Granger, senior business leader, CBCP, provides leadership and direction for Visa's Crisis Management Program.

Rob Sinclaire, MSc in business continuity, CBCP, MBCI, CRP, CBRA, provides leadership and direction for Visa's Business Continuity Management program. 

Randall Till, MBCI, MBCP, provides leadership and direction for Visa's Global Business Continuity Program.

Technical Session 1

Trends in Disaster Recovery: The Past, Today and the Future


Martin Myers, CBCP, Bank of America

Glen Curole, CBCP, Category 5 Services

scott-bisiglia_pictures scott-bisiglia_picturesHow have disaster recovery and systems availability changed? This presentation will provide three views of systems recovery and the required hardware components that are needed to support each recovery method. The presenter will provide a look back on the old days of recovery, a current look into today and the future vision. Systems recovery for disasters and/or single event outages must change and evolve to support higher systems availability by using prevailing and advanced hardware and software techniques that support our customers' needs for 24 X 7 systems availability.

Martin Myers, MBCP, is currently a VP in the Banking Technology & Operations, Business Control, Monitoring, and Readiness department at a Fortune 20 Bank, with more than 24 years experience in the business continuity/crisis management/disaster recovery field.

Glen Curole, CBCP, is president of Category 5 Services with more than 25 years experience in the business continuity/disaster recovery field.

Emergency Response Session 1

Reputational Resiliency Plan: Design, Exercise and Measurements


Tommy Lewis, Emdeon

Bobby Williams, Emdeon

Lewis,-TommyWilliams,-BobbyAs corporate reputational failures become headlines, how can companies develop business continuity plans that have defined metrics and exercise methods? Is it realistic to think that reputational resilience can be part of a business continuity program? The answer is yes. Presenters will discuss how to create such a plan and how to develop metrics used to measure the plan's success.

Tommy Lewis, MBA, CPHIMS, is the senior vice president of corporate communications, which includes marketing, investor relations and public relations, for Emdeon.

Bobby Williams, MBCP, serves as the business continuity manager for Emdeon in Nashville, TN.

Advanced Session 1

The Role of the ISACs In Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience


Denise Anderson, Nat'l Council of ISACs

_denise_anderson_photo_smallInformation Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs) provide a trusted forum for participating members to share threat and incident information within critical infrastructure sectors. Yet, the role and capability of ISACs remain poorly understood. This session will provide an overview of what an ISAC is and will use case studies to demonstrate specifically how ISACs contribute to critical infrastructure security and resilience. These include specific examples from incidents and examples of collaboration. Finally, the session will also detail how the ISACs fit within the NIPP Partnership model, and how companies and organizations can leverage the capabilities of the ISACs

Denise Anderson is vice president at the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) and is chair of the National Council of ISACs.

Information Session 1

Governance, Risk, and Compliance – Tying It All Together!


Samuel Pierre- Louis, U.T. MD Anderson

sampierrelouisThe Risk Management Program at U.T. MD Anderson Cancer Center covers a wide variety, including Unified Controls Matrix based on regulatory requirements; information security policy; application risk assessment; automated risk assessment process; disaster recovery
and more. Attendees will learn a comprehensive approach to understanding how one organization has addressed the challenges of application security risk management in a very complex and ever changing environment.

Samuel Pierre-Louis is the director of information security at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (MD Anderson). He is responsible for leading the development and execution of the organization's security strategy and operational security management.