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Volume 31, Issue 2

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Breakout Track 3

Monday 4:15 - 5:15 p.m.

Strategic Session 3

All About Business Continuity Metrics


Frank Perlmutter, Strategic BCP

frank_perlmutterhead_shot-100Are you constantly seeking more executive buy-in for your BC program? Do you have difficulty presenting to your true effectiveness beyond generating plans? Learn metrics that will “wow” your executives, strengthen your risk management skills, and increase your value to your organization. This session takes you from data collection through delivery. We are even taking it a step further and sharing metrics that our colleagues have used to extend value beyond the traditional BC job description. Don’t miss this expert discussion about how to use them to your full advantage as a valuable member of your organization.

Frank Perlmutter, CBCP, has more than 15 years experience in BC planning. He is the president of Strategic BCP, Inc.

Managerial Session 3

Reality TV: A Photojournalistic Review of Real Disasters to Help You Plan Better


Tom Serio, Verizon

SERIO-TOM---14Have you ever experienced a disaster?  Were you thrust into the reality of executing plans or accounting for employees with the devastation of an event all around?  How about supporting customers during a sustained situation?  Step into reality with a first-hand accounting from real events such as direct hits from Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma, as well as supporting customers and emergency responders during the California Station Fire in 2009 and others.  Learn the real-life lessons gained from front-line access to the impact areas.  Understand roles that can be played for community support and local relief.  Apply best practices to enhance plans and procedures.

Tom Serio, currently with Verizon Wireless, has more than 25 years of experience in business and Information Technology, with a focus on DR preparedness, BC planning and crisis management throughout his career.

Technical Session 3

Business Resiliency in the Cloud – Reality or Hype?


Karen Jaworski, EVault

Karen-Jaworski-PhotoCan you truly achieve business resiliency in the cloud? With today’s broadly distributed IT environments, and the business demanding always on, fast access to data from anywhere, the cloud has emerged as a viable alternative for backup and disaster recovery services. But does it pass the test on speed, security and reliability? Join us for an exploration of reality versus hype.

Karen Jaworski is senior director of product marketing for EVault, a Seagate Company. She collaborates with EVault’s customers and partners to deliver the industry-leading EVault cloud-connected solutions. Jaworski has 20 years experience managing and developing award-winning technology applications.

Emergency Response Session 3

Planning – It’s About Information (Not Just Documents)


Michael A. Herrera, CBCP, CEO, MHA Consulting Inc.

If you subscribe to the theory that BCM is all about creating plans, you’re missing the most valuable contribution your BCM program can make to your organization: effective incident response. Your organization’s capability to respond to any disruption of its operations depends on access to critical information. If your planning process produces that critical information (in addition to plans), your organization vastly improves its ability to respond to disruptions. Learn how your current planning processes can produce the information – not just raw data – that incident managers will need to assure they can respond effectively and efficiently.

Michael Herrera is the President and CEO of MHA Consulting, a leading business continuity and disaster recovery planning consulting firm servicing today’s leading private and public sector organizations. He brings a wealth of real world, executable experience.

Advanced Session 3

Tips and Tricks for Performing a BIA


Ann Pickren, MIR3

Pickren,-Ann1The BIA has become more important than ever in BC planning, guiding your team in properly establishing strategies, implementing reasonable, appropriate plans and securing executive support for your program. If you haven’t done one yet, you’ve probably heard that a BIA can be complex, time-consuming and resource-intensive. But does it have to be? Anyone who has performed a BIA has faced similar challenges and dealt with the same unnecessary complications and frustrations. If you’re thinking of performing a BIA, you won’t want to miss the hindsight and tips from those who have charted the course that you’re about to undertake.

Ann Pickren is vice president, solutions, for MIR3. Her experience spans the BC/DR, crisis management and supply chain management sectors, providing strategic counsel for many Fortune 500 companies. Pickren focuses on evangelizing MIR3 solutions to the BC/DR market.

Information Session 3

An Overview of the BCI


BCIJoin BCI Board Member, Kathleen Lucey and BCI-US Chapter President, Doug Weldon as they discuss the BCI framework and membership requirements. Discussion will include alternative route to membership overview (charges and fees, time frame) as well as a presentation on why certification is beneficial and how it can be achieved. Time will be allowed for a question and answer period. Find out everything you’ve always wanted to know about the BCI program and the certification process.

The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) was established in 1994 to enable individual members to obtain guidance and support from fellow business continuity practitioners.