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Volume 31, Issue 2

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Breakout Track 4

Tuesday 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.

Strategic Session 4

Implementing BCM standards for Organizational Certification and Program Sustainability


Tejas Katwala, Continuity Logic

Katwla-Tejas-CONTINUITY-LINKThis presentation will review and compare new and most common BCM standards  and best practices for organization certification and program sustainability.  Attendees will walk through an implementation framework to understand how to initiate the program, gain organization wide adoption, incorporate certification criteria, and promote continuous program improvement and maturity.

Tejas Katwala is the CEO and co-founder of Continuity Logic. He has more than 20 years experience with business process automation and improvement, technology management, and more specifically over the last 10 years in helping organizations establish, automate, and transform their business continuity programs.

Managerial Session 4

How Does an International Airport Effectively Communicate to Everyone in an Emergency?


Deneen Stone, Denver Intl. Airport

deneen-stone-Office-PicHow do you get the right notification to the right people?  This case study will show you how a major airport can now successfully send over 2700 notifications per month.  Learn how Denver International Airport (DIA) sends over 14,000 notifications in just seconds, instantly notifying crew members in times of severe weather, snow removal and and all major crises.  DIA is one of the busiest International Airports in North America. servicing  more than 53 million travelers a year.  DIA averages more than 1700 flights/day; employs more than 33,000 employees; servicing 63 Aircraft Divisions across six runways and 34,000 acres.

Deneen Stone is an associate information technology administrator in the technologies division at the Denver International Airport.

Technical Session 4

Backing up Your Big Data


Jeremy Suratt, Iron Mountain

Fred Moore, Horison Info.

jeremy-surattMooreF1The big data phase is underway and in the next few years will give way to the era of colossal content approaching annual data storage growth rates of 100% or more. Learn how this unprecedented volume of meaningful data will demand new backup and recovery strategies and drive traditional storage solutions to new levels of functionality and availability.

The first 100 attendees to this session will receive a free copy of “Disaster Recovery Testing, Exercising Your Contingency Plan” by Philip Jan Rothstein (please note that Rothstein is not a contributor to the session)

Fred Moore, president, founded Horison Information Strategies in 1998, a data storage industry analyst and consulting firm that specializes in executive briefings, market strategy development, and identifying key and emerging trends for end-users and storage industry suppliers.

Jeremy Suratt is the solutions marketing manager for data backup and recovery services at Iron Mountain. In this role, he is responsible for evangelizing the need for secure and reliable offsite data protection.

Emergency Response Session 4

It’s Not Going Away … Making Friends with Social Media!


Regina Phelps, EMSS

Regina-17RT1Social media … is a tool that has only been around for a few years, but it is already pervasive in our society. This fast-paced session explores how you and your company can engage this new media in powerful and productive ways. Learn ways to establish a leadership position and learn the basic rules of engagement in this new media. We will also explore what you should do and not do when someone “out-there” says something about you that you don’t like. We will focus on basic guidelines on the uses of social media, how to effectively participate and touch on some basic rules.

Regina Phelps, founder of Emergency Management & Safety Solutions, is skilled in incident management team development, pandemic planning, EOC design, and the development of emergency exercises for large global companies.

Advanced Session 4

Implementing a BCMP in a Company-Wide Change Context: The Desjardins Financial Group Experience


Marc Lapointe, Desjardins

Eve- Marie, Cormier Plante & Assc.

MarcLapointeEveMarieCormierIn 2010, the Autorité des Marché Financiers (AMF) published a business continuity guideline requiring from all financial and banking institutions under its govern in Québec to follow established standards. To comply with AMF standards, Desjardins put in place a new BC department with the mandate to implement a company-wide business continuity management program. Hear the lessons-learned, by comparing their experience with the methods suggested to fortify organizations’ aptitude for change.

Marc Lapointe is the director, business continuity at Desjardins Financial Group. He leads the team responsible for the corporate BC program and crisis management.

Eve-Marie Cormier, CBCI (Merit), MPM, is vice-president at Plante & Associates, a consulting firm specialized in BC, crisis management and DR.

Information Session 4

Recording the Disaster


John Kain, Montana & Assc.

john-Kain-photo12Though no one invites disaster, there is high confidence that the challenge of any mishap will be met with the needed expertise. Yet there is often not much thought given to managing the records and information of the disaster itself. That is, the records and information created throughout the recovery (and often cleanup) process. As we all know, how companies react to disasters are sometimes more important than the initial cause, particularly in cases of natural disasters or plain bad luck. This session explores the need for a records and information governance disaster plan as part and parcel of any disaster recovery program.

John Kain, M.A. specializes in RIM disaster preparedness, retention scheduling, records and information policies and procedures as well as international and domestic records law research.