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Fall Journal

Volume 30, Issue 3

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Sunday Workshop Sessions

1:30 - 4:30 p.m.

Sunday Workshop Session 1

Birds of a Feather - Business Continuity Roundtable Discussions


drj-circleFacilitated discussions on business continuity trends and key topics of interest coordinated within Industry roundtables.

Participate in dynamic dialogue with fellow conference participants having similar backgrounds and expertise.

Experienced business continuity professionals will lead these structured, yet flexible BC roundtable discussions. You will gain solutions, while having the opportunity to build relationships and solve problems among BC planners in similar situations.

This session will enable you to explore solutions, address concerns, ask questions, and dialogue about BC planning strategies and practices being used at other organizations.

Potential Topics:

  • Recent Events – Planning and Response Crisis Management Planning
  • BC / DR Planning Risk Assessment and BIA
  • BC Governance and Commitment BCM Exercises and Testing
  • Supply Chain Management  Other Topics Selected by Participants

Moderator: Randall Till, MBCP, Visa

Industry Roundtable Facilitators:

  • Robbie Atabaigi, MBCP, KPMG
  • Mike Gifford, CBCP, The Capital Group Companies
  • Frank Lady, CBCP, Bank of America
  • Martin Myers, MBCP, Bank of America
  • Barney Pelant, MBCP, Barney F. Pelant & Associates, LLC

Sunday Workshop Session 2

Turning Data into Decisions


Ian Long, Safeway

ian_longIn today’s world of continuity, critical decisions need to be made and enacted upon immediately to protect our companies and our customers.

Unfortunately all too often we have limited access and opportunity to discuss these critical issues with the executives who drive these decisions.

This session will not only discuss how to create effective and informative score cards, metrics and presentations. It will also discuss how to socialize them to drive discussion and decisions in your organization.

Gone are the days where fear of impending doom is an acceptable strategy to drive decisions in the continuity world.

Today we are much more effective if we let the data tell the underlining story and lead the decision makers toward their own conclusions.

Ian Long is an enterprise systems engineer, responsible for DR design within Safeway, Inc. His experience includes managing all aspects of IT continuity, disaster recovery, high availability and data center strategies for numerous large and small organizations including Accenture, IBM and Safeway and smaller ASP companies.

His background is in developing disaster recovery and IT continuance programs, managing those programs within IT and also designing disaster recovery and high availability offerings as a service.

In his current role Long is responsible for developing the program to ensuring the recoverability and business continuance of 40+ mission critical applications hosted at internal Safeway Data Centers.

This also includes project management of all DR initiatives and effort, test coordination and execution as well as all VP/CIO level communication and reporting

Most recently he has been focusing on how to drive out the business decisions necessary to mature average DR/BC programs to the next level. Long holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Colorado School of Mines.

Sunday Workshop Session 3

ColourSpectrums: Stress Management and Disaster Recovery


Rob Chubb, Colour- Spectrums

Rob'-PhotoDisasters affect people in diverse ways and their recoveries are vastly different too. Organizations only recover as fast as their people do. In this dynamic session you will learn how to help people respond and recover in diverse ways. You will use the ColourSpectrums personality styles system to quickly identify and engage personality strengths. You will easily identify personality challenges and stressors with a view to facilitating resiliency, healing and organizational recovery.

ColourSpectrums uses four colors to represent the four dimensions of personality: BLUE emotional, GREEN intellectual, RED physical and YELLOW organizational functioning.

During the first hour you will sort the four colorfully illustrated ColourSpectrums cards to reveal your ColourSpectrums personality; a unique spectrum of strengths and challenges. Group discussions and activities provide insights (ah-ha! learning) and humor (ha-ha! learning). Preview and sort the cards at http://www.colourspectrums.com/sort/cards/

In the second hour you will see documentary footage and live news coverage of an overwhelming community disaster in the making with a focus on the human experience. You will work in brightest color groups to identify bright color esteem needs, stressors, fight responses and bright shadow characteristics. In the third hour you will work in pale color groups to identify pale color challenges, stressors, flight responses and pale shadow characteristics. Ultimately you will identify eight sources of stress people experience in various combinations.

Video footage of actual on-site recovery events will demonstrate how you can use ColourSpectrums to help people recover from a disaster. You will be able to maximize solutions for stress management and disaster recovery. This session is conducted in a positive atmosphere of respect, fun and education.

Rob Chubb is the author, founder and director of ColourSpectrums; promoting human development and self-empowerment through education, interaction and fun.

Sunday Workshop Session 4

Societel Security and the ISO 223 Series of Standards


Lynnda Nelson, ICOR

Jim Nelson, ICOR

lynnda_nelsonNelson-JimAs the world has become smaller, much has been written about increasing the resilience of communities. Now there are standards being adopted and implemented world-wide with a focus on societal security.

The focus of the series of ISO 223 standards is on working towards international standardization to provide protection from and response to risks that cause crises and disasters on societal functions with an emphasis on developing deliverables that will contribute to improving the resilience of society. Attend this workshop to get an inside look at these standards from two members of the ISO 223 committee.

Lynnda Nelson is the president of The International Consortium for Organizational Resilience (ICOR – www.theicor.org), a non-profit 501c3 education and credentialing organization in the disciplines that support resilience.

She manages the day to day operations of ICOR University. ICOR University offers education and certification in business continuity management, crisis management & communications, data center management, emergency management, organizational resilience, risk management, social resilience, and supply chain risk management globally.

Jim Nelson is chairman of the board of ICOR. He serves as a volunteer board member responsible for the strategic decision making of ICOR.

He is also the president of Business Continuity Services, Inc., (BCS) a consulting company providing business continuity, disaster recovery, crisis management, and emergency management consulting.

As the president of BCS, Nelson has developed dozens of BCM programs for organizations around the world ranging from conducting the business impact analysis, building awareness and training programs, writing plans, and running exercises

Sunday Workshop Session 5

Business Continuity in a Box


Ron LaPedis, SunGard

Laura Mosley, ADT, NA

ron-lapedis-head_rectMallet-Laura-CITRIXThis workshop is designed to take attendees through all of the steps and considerations needed to write their own business continuity and incident response plans. Whether a beginner or a seasoned pro, attendees will learn enough to make this session worth every minute.

Topics covered:

  • A self-assessment of where your organization is today
  • The six phases of building a business continuity plan
  • RTO, RPO, and risk analysis
  • The six phases of BC plan deployment evacuation through normalization
  • An introduction to the Incident Command System used by first responders all around the world
  • What needs to happen when you activate your BC plan
  • Communications – the key to successful deployment
  • The incident response process
  • Examples and exercises to hone existing and new skills

Ron LaPedis is workforce continuity strategist for SunGard Availability Services, and an author, blogger, and trainer with more than 21 years information security and IT disaster recovery implementation and more than three years of emergency response. He is former chair of the San Bruno Citizens Preparedness Committee, and is on the board of the San Francisco chapters of InfraGard and the Association of Contingency Planners (ACP).

Laura Mosley is a BC Program Manager at ADT. She is a proven professional leader with 26 years information technology experience including more than 10 years disaster recovery program management and three years Continuity of Operations (COOP) and emergency management experience. She is ITIL, CRP, MBCP, CBCLA, MBCI certified.

Sunday Workshop Session 6

Mock Disaster – Civil Unrest


Registration limited to 200

ppbiWhen PPBI asked one of its alumni this question: “What type of events does your organization prepare for?” Without missing a beat this continuity expert rattled, back “Civil Unrest”. When it comes to the impact on your business, community, home and family, that impact is always local. How well will you be prepared to respond?

PPBI or Private and Public Businesses, Inc. with its Board of Directors and Advisory Board is in a unique position, as a not-for-profit co-sponsor of the Disaster Recovery Journal’s conference, to conduct this fast paced, highly interactive mock exercise. Several of PPBI’s local partners from law enforcement, fire protection and corporate membership will join PPBI to facilitate an exercise that demonstrates “Partnerships that make a difference”.

Managing or trying to manage social media presents Jekyll and Hyde situations where participants will get the good and the rest… Expect to be entertained, to become a part of the problem and the solution, and to become challenged by the scenario.

Once again, in this highly realistic exercise, DRJ Fall World participants will respond to a scenario affecting all aspects of society. Please join us for this opportunity to be part of a realistic exercise, exploring the social media aspects of command and control.

If you are still reading, we know you want to know more about the alumnus quoted in the opening sentence. We can tell you that he was from Indonesia and his backup facilities were in Singapore; that is all.

Private & Public Businesses, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization engaged in promoting public/private partnerships for business continuity and emergency management.

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