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Summer Journal

Volume 31, Issue 2

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Breakout Track one

Monday 1:30 - 2:30 pm

Strategic Session 1

A Practical Framework for Assessing Emerging Risks


John Bowman, BMO Financial Group

Participants will learn a methodology to assess the current level of BC in their organizations and consider the factors (“drivers”) that will change the level of risk. Discover a hazard identification and risk assessment model to identify the likelihood and impact of hazards. Identify the drivers that influence the likelihood or the severity of each hazard. Drivers include forces like: social and technological drivers; environmental drivers like climate change; economic and political influences, and more. Discussion will also include how the drivers affect the rate of change to risk over time.

John Bowman, senior specialist, enterprise business continuity management, has more than 30 years experience in business continuity, business operations, risk management and strategic planning.

Managerial Session 1

Are you Insane? It’s Time to Think Differently Before Doing Any BIAs!


Michael Gifford, U S Bank

Stacie Herzog, U S Bank

Although it might be tempting to build your business continuity program and company risk profile by asking a few common questions found in a traditional BIA, have you considered all of the ramifications by not taking the time to understand the footprint of your organization and ultimately what is the goal of your BIA? This session will explore why it is important to take a different look at BIAs, including the key decisions that need to be made before asking a question, why it matters to fully understand the organization’s hierarchy, and the risks associated with taking short-cuts.

Michael Gifford, MBCI, CBCP is a director within enterprise readiness services for U.S. Bancorp.

Stacie Herzog, CBCP is a business continuity manager for U.S. Bancorp, responsible for managing the business readiness services team.

Technical Session 1

Recovery Solutions for Applications Running in the Cloud


Stephen Weber, McKesson

Are you considering running applications in either a public or private cloud? If so, will your applications be recoverable? Are your applications dependent on some systems running in a cloud and other systems or applications running in a data center or another location? This session will cover key areas to consider when exploring recovery options for systems or applications running in a cloud. The session will conclude with a demonstration of a multi-tiered application being provisioned in a cloud, followed by a technique to protect that environment to an alternative location, and finally a demonstration of the application being failed over into an isolated test environment.

Stephen Weber is an architect and BC/DR program manager for McKesson.

Emergency Response Session 1

Bringing Your Business Continuity Plan to the Next Level


Tracy Hall, Wolf & Co, P.C.

Natural disasters and terrorist events in recent years have led to increased scrutiny to ensure that businesses are prepared to sufficiently recover from interruptions. Companies are required to provide more detailed information and are called to prove their recovery strategy. Regulators and others are demanding evidence of preparedness that has been tested and proven. Learn areas of a BC program that may require enhancement based on recent audit feedback, revisions to regulatory guidelines, and lessons learned. Attendees will learn what examiners are analyzing and where other institutions have fallen short.

Tracy Hall, IT assurance manager for Wolf & Company, P.C., is one of the leading business continuity planning experts in the country with more than 15 years of experience and expertise.

Advanced Session 1

Supply Chain Resilience or Organizational Resilience? A Scenario Based Interactive Session


Dr. Arash Azadegan, Rutgers Univ.

This session is designed to share recent research efforts being conducted at the Rutgers Business School Supply Chain Disruption Research Laboratory. In one part, results of two ongoing research studies at SCDrl will be shared. In the first study, results highlight how organizational resilience and supply chain resilience can affect recovery efforts during supply chain disruptions. In the second study, insights on the type of system and management styles that are effective depending on the type of disruption are shared. The second part involves audience participation in a written scenarios based experiment. Rutgers Business School researchers will tally the results for a discussion in real time.>

Arash Azadegan, PhD, is an assistant professor at Rutgers Business School and the Director of Supply Chain Disruption Research Laboratory.

Information Session 1

Certification is Just the Beginning...


Deborah Higgins, BCI


Discover a complete understanding of the globally recognized CBCI certification and the professional levels of BCI membership. Designed for those just beginning a career in the field of business continuity or related discipline, and for experienced professionals in business continuity or a related field, BCI certification and membership demonstrates a level of competency in the subject that is known around the world. Attending this session will be useful for everyone, even if you already hold a certification from other awarding bodies. We welcome all BC professionals to become members of the BCI and enjoy the benefits. >

Deborah Higgins head of learning and development, is responsible for delivering the global training and education program and for delivery of the BCI’s global event program.

Brian Zawada, MBCI, MBCP, is the director of consulting for Avalution and the vice president and executive director of the USA Chapter of the Business Continuity Institute.

Over the past 18 years, Zawada has consulted with organizations of all sizes, in nearly all industries, to build business continuity programs that are credible, pragmatic, and long lasting.

Active in developing standards, and a strong proponent of using standards and management systems to improve organizational performance, Zawada serves as the Head of the United States delegation to Technical Committee 223, the group responsible for the development of ISO 22301.