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Volume 31, Issue 2

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Breakout Track Three

Monday 4:15 - 5:15 pm

Strategic Session 3

Mission Impossible: ADP’s Global Business Resiliency Program



Rhonda Russell, ADP

Zona Walton, ADP

Learn how ADP developed and implemented a centralized global business resiliency program aligned to all divisions and business units across the enterprise. This session will explore the good, the bad, and the ugly of global program development in a multi-national corporation. We will discuss how ADP built a global business resiliency organization and their unique approach to global business resiliency planning.

Rhonda Russell, CBCP, MBCI, is a business resiliency manager within the global business resiliency organization for the Automatic Data Processing.

Zona Walton, CBCP, MBCI, is the director of global business resiliency within the global business resiliency organization for Automatic Data Processing.

Managerial Session 3

Crowdsourcing during Disaster Operations


Dr. Mark Riccardi, AMU

Crowdsourcing, or using the power of the Internet and social media to “virtually” bring together large groups of people in support of a cause or event, has successfully been used to help emergency responders during disaster management. A recent example includes the 2012 Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado and the 2013 tornados that struck Oklahoma. In both of these incidents, crowdsourcing techniques were used to help responders identify and pinpoint destroyed structures. The purpose of this research is to explore the use of crowdsourcing during a disaster as a way of mobilizing resources in support of recovery operations. How can crowdsourcing methods be used in support of the incident commander during response operations? In exploring the use of crowdsourcing what could be used in future disaster operations?

Dr. Mark Riccardi is an associate professor and program director for Homeland Security Studies at American Military University.

Technical Session 3

Talking Shop: How to Get What You Need Out of IT


Kevin Finch, FCStone, Inc.

We’ve all been there, because we all need help from IT. Whether it’s getting a server built, some information about backups, or participation in an exercise, it’s always hard to get what you need out of the IT staff. It doesn’t have to be. Learn a unique perspective on how to communicate with IT staff and find common ground to get things done. The presenter will draw on real life experiences to provide attendees with strategies, techniques and inside tricks to getting what you need out of IT.

Kevin Finch, global head of IT business continuity and disaster recovery at INTL FCStone, Inc., started in IT as a programmer and lead system configuration engineer on a payroll software project.

Emergency Response Session 3

Incident Readiness is the New BCM


Ramesh Warrier, Director, eBRP

With our experience implementing BCM programs for many global enterprises, State and Federal Agencies, eBRP is fortunate to have a bird’s eye-view into BCM Program’s trends.

As organizations mature in their BCM programs, the program objectives constantly evolve and change. Some of the program objective changes are driven by the regulators & auditors who are looking for assurance that your BCM program is viable, can withstand stress and is sustainable.

During this informational session, eBRP will showcase the trends & approaches in Planning, Exercising, Incident Response and Incident Management.

Ramesh M. Warrier, director, is the chief visionary and conceptualist behind the eBRP brand.

Advanced Session 3

Bridging the Great Divide: How Enterprise Architecture Links Business Continuity and IT


Suzanna Hall, Qualcomm

Donna Greenspan, Qualcomm

The business continuity department partnered with the enterprise architecture department to build a portal for business continuity planning on the Troux Tool. As a global operation, Qualcomm wanted to better understand dependencies and its impact in any situation. This partnership of business continuity, enterprise architecture and Troux will demonstrate how the tool was implemented and used to mature the business continuity program.

Suzanna Ryan Hall is the senior manager of global business continuity at Qualcomm. She provides oversight and development of the BCM and emergency management programs.

Donna Greenspan is a Senior Business Continuity Specialist at Qualcomm. Prior to Qualcomm, she was a contractor for the U.S. Centers for Disease and Control for 9 years.

Information Session 3

What does the NIST Cyber Security Framework Mean to Industry?


John DiMaria, BSI

President Obama’s Executive Order - Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity - has been the hottest topic in the security space since it was issued last year. It will have a definite impact on the private sector and the supply-chain that currently services the nation’s critical infrastructure. Since the final draft was first released, there has been controversy regarding the impact on the country and the private sector. While called “voluntary,” there are concerns that legislation is looming and the framework will not meet privacy concerns of the EU.

John DiMaria; CSSBB, HISP, MHISP, AMBCI, is the ISO product manager for BSI Group America Inc with 30 years of experience.