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Summer Journal

Volume 31, Issue 2

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Breakout Track Two

Monday 2:45 - 3:45 pm

Strategic Session 2



Stephani Balaouras, Forrester

Learn the current state of enterprise disaster recovery preparedness and technology adoption and how much progress we’ve made over the past few years. The results from the Disaster Recovery Journal and Forrester’s Annual BC/DR Market Study will be reviewed in this session and compared to the results of the last time this survey was run. Coverage will include: Company practices regarding DR planning, plan maintenance and testing; The percentages of companies that have alternate recovery sites and how they provision them (i.e., in-house, traditional outsource, cloud, etc); Current recovery tiers and technology selection; Company confidence in their DR preparations and more. The conclusion will provide an overall assessment of current DR preparedness efforts and provide recommendations and suggestions for improving preparedness.

Stephanie Balaouras leads a team of analysts at Forrester who provide research and advisory services.

Managerial Session 2

From Samba to Waltz: Choreographing Disparate Activities to Create A Holistic, Top-Notch Enterprise Continuity Program


Marc Kantor, Voya Financial

Many firms have relied on a legacy ‘network’ of individuals, processes, tooling and documentation that may have organically evolved to fit needs present at a given time. These disparate activities are often not centrally organized, managed, or sometimes not universally known, and have a tendency to become outmoded and ineffectual. Using a defined methodology that extends itself to virtually any organization, firms can create a holistic and centrally managed continuity program. Learn how drawing on available enterprise IT resources, leveraging the tools readily available, creative use of human capital, along with refined data collection and aggregation, and well defined messaging, you can effectively create a resilient firm-wide continuity program.

Marc Kantor is the head of business resilience (business continuity and crisis management activities) for Voya Financial.

Technical Session 2

IT Disaster Recovery Orchestration


Bob Sibik, Fusion

Discovering how to ensure comprehensive recovery capabilities within defined RTO/RPO’s remains challenging in IT environments large and small. Typically, IT DR tests are narrow in scope and large-scale testing has proven too difficult and time consuming to fully evaluate the IT DR strategy and plans, leaving many IT organizations at significant risk of recovery failure. Discussion will include approaches and methodologies for large organizations to significantly advance and mature their ability to conduct large-scale testing and IT recoveries.

Bob Sibik, senior vice president, field engagements for Fusion, has more than 30 years experience in the IT and IT risk management fields.

Emergency Response Session 2

Want a Great Incident (Crisis) Management Team? It Only Requires Three Things


Regina Phelps, EMSS

Do you have an incident management team (formerly referred to as a crisis management team)? Are you developing one? Are you retooling the one you have? If so, plan to attend this critical session to learn the top three things you need to have to have a great team. The goal of this session is to help you create both a great team and a great process in order to manage incidents large and small. There are three key things that we often find missing in company teams and plans: Clearly identified roles and responsibilities, a formal assessment process, and how to develop an Incident Action Plan (IAP). This session touches on those three critical aspects of the successful incident management team. Attend this fast-paced session to learn how to build a great team.

Regina Phelps’ niche includes incident management team development, pandemic planning, EOC design, and development of emergency exercises.

Advanced Session 2

Aligning your BCM and SEC 10-K for Sustainability


Barney Pelant, BFP & Assc.

The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 requires most publicly held companies to file an annual report with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Form 10-K. Does your SEC Form 10-K filing accurately portray the goals and objectives, support and deliverables of your business continuity management and risk management programs? Learn who is responsible for filing a SEC Form 10-K including Item 1 (Risk Factors) and Item 7 (Management’s Discussion and Analysis) and their importance to your programs. Explore the opportunities that exist and learn how your 10-K filing can provide you with new opportunities for support, improvement and sustainability.

Barney Pelant, owner and director of Barney F. Pelant & Associates, LLC, has more than 35 years focusing on BC planning, disaster prevention and recovery.

Information Session 2

International Enterprise BCM Strategy Review


Ginna Rodriguez, Global Payments

Has your BCM program been around a while? If so, it may be time to take a second look at how you will recover the business in the case of an event. Learn how to do an international organization review for a mid to large-sized company. There are many options in today’s environment including moving work between sites, hot site work space, telecommuting, halting non critical functions, business process outsourcing, etc. How do organizations go about choosing the right options and who should be involved in the process? While doing a business continuity strategy review you may also be able to find cost savings and add significant resiliency.

Ginna Rodriguez is the vice president of resource management and business continuity planning for Global Payments Inc.