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Volume 31, Issue 2

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Sunday Workshops

September 7, 2014

1:00 - 3:30 p.m.

Sunday Workshop Session 1

Birds of a Feather - BC Management Roundtable Discussions


Moderator: Robbie Atabaigi, MBCI, MBCP, CISA , ITIL Foundation - KPMG LLP

Robbie Atabaigi, KPMGBCI Certified SpeakerDo you want to be on the fast track for networking at the DRJ conference? The Birds of a Feather session is structured to provide you an opportunity to discuss your issues and concerns with your peers and share lessons learned. This facilitated session focuses on business continuity trends and key topics of interest coordinated within industry roundtables. Experienced BC professionals will lead these structured, yet flexible BC roundtable discussions.

This session will enable you to explore solutions, address concerns, ask questions, and dialogue about BC planning strategies and practices being used at other organizations.

Potential Topics:

Potential Industry Roundtable Facilitators could include:

  • Martin Myers, MBCP, HP

  • Barney Pelant, MBCP, Barney F. Pelant & Associates


Sunday Workshop Session 2

Rebuilding the Road Towards Continuity: Using Merged Media Strategies to Enhance Crisis Communication Efforts


Stan Polit, Firestorm Solutions

Dillon White, Axiom Marketing and Communications

Robbie Atabaigi, KPMGBCI Certified SpeakerCommunicating during a crisis is crucial. Effective communication can eliminate the harmful effects of a crisis before they manifest. Ignoring these signals can damage corporate reputations and interrupt even the most well-designed business continuity plan

This workshop aims to provide DRJ participants with the opportunity to learn about crisis communication best practices through an interactive case study environment.

Participants will be presented with a hypothetical scenario about an industrial accident that has created significant environmental harm and interrupted a company’s continuity strategy.

With each stage of the crisis, the presenters will engage the participants to think critically about the kinds of messages that need to be shared, the audiences that need to be included, and the best mediums to use. Such mediums will include press conferences, social media, conventional press releases, website strategy, and various PR efforts.

Participants will then work in teams to craft messages using these different platforms and present them to the group for feedback and commentary. To close the workshop, the presenters will discuss how the best practices discussed during the session could have been applied to actual examples of ineffective crisis communication efforts.

Stan Polit, Firestorm Solutions Expert Counsel member, is a nationally recognized speaker, communication coach and crisis communication scholar.

Dillon White, New Media and Digital Policy Manager for Axiom Marketing and Communications, is a specialist in crisis communication in the digital age and global branding for international companies.

Sunday Workshop Session 3

ColourSpectrums Stress Management and Disaster Recovery


Rob Chubb, ColourSpectrums

Rose Meir, CBCP, CISA, ITIL v3 Foundation

BCI Certified SpeakerDisasters affect people in different ways and their recoveries are vastly different too. Organizations only recover as fast as people do.

In this dynamic, interactive session participants will learn an innovative way to quickly identify how different personalities react to stress and how to respond to facilitate fast recovery and business continuity. Attendees will use the ColourSpectrums personality styles system to quickly identify and engage personality strengths and recovery solutions. They will easily identify personality challenges and stressors with a view to facilitating resiliency, healing and complete organizational recovery.

Attendees will use four colors to identify the four dimensions of personality: BLUE emotional, GREEN intellectual, RED physical and YELLOW organizational functioning.

They will sort the four colorfully illustrated ColourSpectrums cards to reveal their ColourSpectrums personality; a unique spectrum of bright colour strengths and pale colour challenges. Sort cards at http://www.colourspectrums.com/sort/cards/

Participants will respond to on location news coverage and documentary footage of a major disaster in the making and will work in brightest color groups first and then will work in pale color groups. Ultimately, you will identify eight sources of stress people experience in various combinations.

Rob Chubb is the author, founder and director of ColourSpectrums; inspiring human development and team empowerment through education, interaction and fun.

Rose Meir, CBCP, CISA, ITIL v3 Foundation, is an IT systems analyst with Williams. She holds a Computer Science degree from the University of Maryland.

Sunday Workshop Session 4

Continuity Awareness and Training: The Right Way


Phil Lambert, Ripcord

BCI Certified Speaker industry for years has promoted continuity in such a way as to minimize our importance and our ability to establish significance. This has got to stop.

A new paradigm is upon us that demonstrate clearly the value a continuity program brings to an organization.

Having plans on-the-shelf do not save lives or minimize impacts. Successful continuity planning and disaster management boils down to two primary assets: “simple, accurate and viable plans” and “knowledgeable, trained and ready people.” Both are required to achieve a resilient organization.

Training is the building block of preparedness. Education is the shoulders that hold an organization up when rapid change is needed.

Join us in this hands-on workshop and be armed with a well-organized approach to the diversity of training types and delivery models for an effective and efficient training strategy

Learn what a training strategy looks like, how content will drive what type of training works best and learn to make training stick by delivering engaging content with just the right balance of information, instruction and entertainment.

Phil Lambert is the president and founder of Ripcord. He has more than 20 years of experience with management positions at two Fortune 500 companies. Lambert excels at bridging silos within organizations by engaging team leaders to develop an enterprise-wide “continuity culture” that strengthens and conditions organizations to rapidly respond to changing conditions. Lambert is a well-regarded advocate and thought-leader in the disaster planning community. He holds two certified designations, MBCI and CBCP.

Sunday Workshop Session 5

Hands-on-Workshop to Build and Exercise Cyber Contingency Examples


Susan Rogers, CEO of Cyberwise CP

BCI Certified SpeakerIn this workshop, participants will review components of the NIST Cyber Security risk framework to protect critical infrastructure. Experience business continuity activities that can be leveraged and included to strengthen cyber framework controls and impact reduction. The NIST framework is important and provides a vehicle for BC leaders to engage with Information Security colleagues to increase an organization’s cyber and physical response capability. The ramification of a significant cyber event exceed the current capability of “all hazardscontingency planning approach because of the combination of impact to physical and critical technology. BC leaders and teams work with all business and functional areas of an organization and are well positioned to guide the organization’s cyber response planning. The workshop will provide content to begin this effort.

Participants will engage in the following: (a) Break into teams and be presented with a crisis scenario, (b) debate the ramifications of a cyber-event, (c) identify areas of BC plan enhancement and (d) identify function based contingency activities to consider when faced with the complexity of a physical & cyber disruption.

The teams will then join together to share their contingency activities and discuss next steps to add cyber risk impact into BC mitigation planning.

Susan Rogers, principal consultant and CEO of Cyberwise CP, is a seasoned technology and risk management expert with more than 30 years of experience in the banking and finance industries. Rogers is leading a talent pool of experienced risk consultants providing: regulatory risk management support, gap assessment for technology risk, cyber response planning, impact reduction BC planning, vendor risk control development and operation risk program enhancement.

Sunday Workshop Session 6

Multiple Event MOCK EXERCISE!


Steve Goldman, Goldman Mgmt. Consult.

Session Limited to 200 Participants

BCI Certified SpeakerThis mock exercise is different! We will simulate several events concurrently at three different organizations:

  • ACME, a large multi-national corporation

  • Pixel University

  • Buckley, a small local company

Participants will divide into organization responders or exercise facilitators. The exercise will first deal with a workplace violence event. Police representatives will respond and advise each organization’s crisis team. Following resolution of that event, each organization will develop a recovery strategy based upon initial response and, yes, additional events.

Finally we will conduct a media briefing on the response. Everyone will participate in the media briefing because YOU are the reporters! The simulation will conclude with videos of:

  • Media coverage of an actual workplace violence event

  • Dept of Homeland Security guidance on workplace violence events

  • A good fire drill gone bad

During this fast-paced and highly interactive event, you will exercise the principles of workplace violence response, business continuity, disaster recovery, and crisis communications. Under Goldman’s experienced guidance, participants will develop response strategies, and then learn if they work. Test your knowledge, compare your company’s response plans, and have some fun while learning.

Dr. Steve Goldman is an internationally recognized expert in BCP, crisis management, crisis communications, and disaster recovery.

These interactive sessions allow attendees to explore topics in-depth. Choose one session. Sessions are rated according to experience levels.