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Volume 30, Issue 4

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Breakout Session - Track 1
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Monday, March 31, 2008 - 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.

Strategic Session 1

Bringing Your DR Program Into the 21st Century

Robert Goodman CBCP
Fla. Hospital

Information systems have evolved over the years. Business operations are often completely dependent on their on-line real-time information systems. All too often their disaster recovery processes have not kept up. Are you running 21st century applications but recovering using 20th century technology? This session will trace the journey of one of the largest hospitals in the US as they migrated into a high availability disaster recovery program. Learn what to expect, critical factors and pitfalls, and what life is like at the end of the recovery rainbow.
Robert Goodman, CBCP, is an information systems and business continuity professional. He initiated a DR program at Florida Hospital, which has grown into the high availability DR program supporting the largest privately owned hospital.

Managerial Session 1

Managing DR Planning in a Global, Multi-Supplier, Outsourced Environment

Tony Deady CBCP
Kelly Hogg, CBCP
Alan Burke, ABCP

Learn how the GM team has moved from many different vendor driven independent DR processes to a global common DR planning process based on the IT Infrastructure Library Methodology (ITIL) Service Continuity Management model. The team will share how they leveraged the best practices of several unique suppliers into a new integrated global cross supplier operational model. The GM challenge includes integrating the crisis management, BC planning and the DR planning for engineering, manufacturing, finance, sales, service and marketing.
Tony Deady, global manager for service continuity management at General Motors, has 23 years experience within the automotive arena.
Kelly Hogg, senior program manager for IBM, is on assignment as a global service continuity manager overseeing the ITIL SCM Processes.
Alan Burke is employed by CDI Corporation as an IT consultant. He is on assignment to IBM for the global service CM team.

Technical Session 1

Managing Business Critical Data in a High Pressure Environment

Philip Talamas
Skadden & Partners

Learn tips for implementing and improving data protection and disaster recovery for ‘always-on’ environments. Learn the importance of developing a rapid recovery solution via the use of snapshots to eliminate backup windows. Learn how to integrate this feature throughout the entire enterprise environment. Learn how Skadden recovers from any day-to-day interruptions that might occur as well as protect the corporation from major disasters. Additionally, he’ll share insights and best practices around implementing data protection, BC and DR storage infrastructures with attendees who also have 24x7, high data environments. Attendees will also learn how they can develop zero slow-down (for backup) environments at their companies.
Philip Talamas is the manager of global technology operations at Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom. He ensures the systems and telecommunications are always available at one of the world’s leading corporate global law firms.

Emergency Response Session 1

What We Have Here Is a Failure to Communicate

Bill Lang CBCP

How can we communicate when there’s no assured method or technology? The northeast power outage and other disasters have shown that there are no assured forms of communication in a disaster. This session discusses the options and pitfalls of communicating over distance in an emergency. Satellite, cell, POTS, radio, smoke signals…. What has the best chance of working and under what circumstances?
Bill Lang, CBCP, leads all business continuity management activities as the disaster recovery and business continuity coordinator for Virtual Care Provider (VCPI). He is a contributor to many online continuity and emergency management forums as well as industry and government conferences.

Advanced Session 1

Enhancing Recovery Capabilities Through The Use Of The Resiliency Risk Index (RRI)

David Cass
JP Morgan Chase

Zachary Jasnoff

Every large commercial organization must successfully deal with the challenges of business resiliency including planning, testing, and retesting their ability to recover from a wide variety of risks. Established frameworks such as Val IT, CobiT, and ITIL can be extended by the use of the resiliency risk index. We will introduce the risk resiliency index as a high level framework that incorporates the use of probability and cost impact to give a more objective measure of recovery capability. In addition, we will also show how this framework can be further extended to a wide variety of industries to address values at risk.
David Cass, vice president, GTI risk and resiliency for JP Morgan Chase & Co., is part of a team responsible for managing risk in global technology infrastructure.
Zachary Jasnoff is director of development projects, PRICE Systems, LLC. He has executive responsibility for all external software product development .

Information Session 1

How To Evaluate, Select, Implement and Manage Your Investment In BCP Software Tools!

David Sarabacha

Peter Taylor

For a brief period last year, painful memories of 9/11 were relived by the explosion of an underground steam pipe in Midtown Manhattan. With this tragedy as a strong motivator, Pfizer Inc. initiated a focused program to enhance their overall BCM readiness. This session will share the “best practices” of the world’s largest pharmaceutical company – Pfizer – as they conducted their software evaluation and selection. Learn how the most appropriate BCM technology, including BCP software tools, can work for you; not against you – provided you select it, implement it, and utilize it most effectively!
David Sarabacha is a leader in Deloitte’s BCM services function, serving clients throughout the country from our offices in Portland, Oregon.
Peter Taylor is senior analyst in the worldwide business continuity management Group at Pfizer.