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Fall Journal

Volume 30, Issue 3

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Breakout Session - Track 2
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Monday, March 31, 2008 - 2:45 - 3:45 p.m.

Strategic Session 2

DRJ and Forrester BC/DR Market Study: The State of DR Preparedness

Stephanie Balaouras

Learn the current state of enterprise disaster recovery preparedness. The results from the Disaster Recovery Journal and Forrester’s First Annual BC/DR Market Study will be reviewed in this session. Coverage will include: Company practices regarding DR planning, plan maintenance and testing; The percentages of companies that have alternate recovery sites; Current recovery tiers and technology selection; Company confidence in their DR preparations and more. The conclusion will provide an overall assessment of current DR preparedness efforts and provide recommendations and suggestions for improving preparedness.
Stephanie Balaouras primarily contributes to Forrester’s offerings for IT infrastructure and operations professionals. She is a leading expert in how companies build resilient IT infrastructures to support key business initiatives.

Managerial Session 2

Helping Others Along The Way: Creating Partnerships

Regina Phelps
EMS Solutions

Jeff Fish
United Way

Your company has a good BC program, but is that enough? What happens to a community during a significant and/or widespread event? If government agencies are overwhelmed, who comes to the aid of the average citizen or business? Hurricane Katrina was a great example of how our not-for-profit community is critical to the recovery of an impacted region. What are not-for-profit organizations doing to prepare? What can the private sector do to reach out and make a real difference? Are there opportunities for partnerships to make our entire society more resilient? This innovative session will share trends in BCP to partner with this sector, and discuss how your company can help!
Regina Phelps has more than 26 years of experience. She is founder of Emergency Management & Safety Solutions, a consulting and training firm.
Jeff Fish has more than 15 years experience in operations management, and is vice president of executive office at United Way of the Bay Area in San Francisco.

Technical Session 2

Winning with a Secure Network and Data Storage Environment

Mark Steinberg
Hill Assc.

Businesses today are facing ever increasing amounts of data generation. IT departments are feeling challenged to ensure it is available when needed, and at the same time are pressured by budgetary constraints. Remote access is becoming more of a norm. As a result, more and more business are considering on-line backup to secure and protect their most important data. Managed storage and data protection will be top 10 picks for storage in 2008. But with so many choices, it is hard to know exactly what can and should be done to prepare for the inevitable. This session will enable you to be on top of what you need to do to ensure your organization is prepared.
Mark Steinberg is director of business development, senior member of the technical staff for Hill Associates, Inc. He has spent more than 25 years in the business of technology as it continues to undergo profound and dramatic changes.

Emergency Response Session 2

Maximizing the Table-Top Experience with “Serious Games”

Kevin Haslag

“Serious games” are being used to train war-fighters, first responders, and incident response teams. They are the perfect training tool for high intensity, hands-on-action situations. These tools are so effective because they are totally engaging. The brain’s learning capacity peaks when a strong attitude of caring fuels the effort. This session will show what the FBI has been doing recently to apply serious game technology to continuity of operations.
Kevin Haslag is the IT COOP program manager in the FBI’s Office of the CIO. He has had a long career in the FBI IT organization, and has been leading the IT COOP program since its beginning.

Advanced Session 2

Partnering for Continuity: From Process to Plan to Program

John McCarthy
Learning Advantages

Marilyn Almanza
Ultimate Software

Betty Boudreaux
Chubb Group

Establishing a BC program can be a daunting task. This case study describes a successful partnering approach to formalizing existing processes, defining enterprise and department BC plans, and creating an organizational emergency management program. Ultimate Software completed a multi-phase EM project and partnered with external resources to help achieve their goals. Learn the phases of the project and highlight key elements. Also examined will be the existing foundation within the organization and how the project was managed, from the original vision statement to the ongoing maintenance of the EM program. In addition, we’ll review the key steps, critical milestones and evolution of how the BC/DR activities were developed, documented, and tested.
John K. McCarthy is a process management consultant at Learning Advantages.
Marilyn Almanza is the PMO enterprise director at Ultimate Software.
Betty L. Boudreaux, CSP, is a loss control department manager at Chubb Group of Insurance Companies.

Information Session 2

H5N1 Influenza: It’s Not Just For The Birds. Medical Management of an Influenza Pandemic

Stuart Weiss
MedPrep Consulting

An influenza pandemic is perhaps the biggest public health threat that we face in the coming decade yet many people tell me that they are fed up hearing about it. Public attention on this has faded over time and businesses have moved onto other problems. The problem is that the virus hasn’t gotten tired nor has it slowed its rate of mutation or spread. We will review the latest developments of the H5N1 influenza virus and discuss the major medical issues you will face during a pandemic. We will review government guidance, discuss anti-viral and vaccine strategies and explore workplace infection control methods that can help reduce the impact of this disease on your business
Stuart Weiss is a nationally recognized expert in the field of disaster preparedness and the medical consequences of manmade and natural disasters. He is a founding partner of MedPrep Consulting Group.